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The day has arrived! Happy dance! So, I thought I'd start by telling how this came into being, some FAQ, and then I will post the link for those that want to get your journey started.

When I moved home, we lived with my mom. I remember my mom saying "I really need you to get me on a diet" which now I don't think she would use that awful diet word ;) I remember thinking to myself "She will never do it." (just being honest hahaha) I especially remember thinking "My stepdad will never do it" .... boy was I wrong. 


My mom told me that she thought it would be silly of her when someone who has a really long waiting list online and I'm living in her house, and yet she is not utilizing that opportunity to learn. So I started to teach her. She has A LOT of the same views as me on food now because I probably just kept pounding them into her head. This isn't about obsession. This isn't about weight loss. This is about eating absolutely anything you want, taking it down to the fundamentals of nutrition, and seeing the beauty and liberation of losing weight while eating anything in moderation (specific moderations that we will explain). 

I am SO passionate about what I do, and this approach. I don't change up my programs that much because I would feel like a con. There's no new way to do it. This is nutrition. This is the basics. You learn it, and you live free from food for the rest of your life.

Here are some things I want you to know: 

  • My mom does not eat excessive amounts of protein. She aims for protein in every single meal, and sometimes she eats just egg whites with fat free cheese for a snack. That doesn't mean that she obsesses over it. Sometimes she eats a grilled chicken salad, but that's because she's planning on pizza for dinner. She always says "It's not a big deal. It's life. You can't expect to just eat extravagant amounts of everything. Duh. What is life?" ... If you know my mom, you know she's adorable and she really does say "What is life?" hahaha! 
  • She did not work out at all to lose this weight and neither did my step dad who has lost 50 pounds. 
  • She enjoys everything. If she doesn't like it, she doesn't eat it. 
  • She thinks this is really easy (because it is)
30 pounds down and still losing one pound her week!

30 pounds down and still losing one pound her week!

Here's what I want you to know about my stepdad: 

  • He didn't workout a single day to lose 50 pounds 
  • He hates all "healthy foods" (he's gotten better)
  • He weighs at 73 than he has since he was like 35 years old

I know there is always questions as I launch a new program so I thought I'd do my best to answer those: 

Do you have to be 50 to do this? 

Absolutely not. My mom is over 50 hence where the name came from, but the point is that it's a starter program. It's not going to have workouts to start, and it's something that is going to break it down for you word for word so that you can do this very easily.

How much does it cost? 

he program is going to be $150 for 12 weeks of coaching. I know that will seem expensive, and I'm not going to go into all the comparisons of what that could buy. I get it. I'm cheap. HAHA! But my promise to you is that your life is going to change and you'll wonder how you got this far without learning this.

How expensive is the food? Do I have to buy any supplements?

You buy the food that you want, and you will make it work to your goals. I don't take a single supplement and the only supplement you will ever see me recommend is a multi vitamin. If you like protein powder, then you can buy it but protein powder is NOT something you are forced to eat. I never eat protein shakes. I get my protein from other sources, and so does momfitscript!

What is macros and why do I want to do this? 

Macros are simply a breakdown of carbs, fats, and proteins! This program is going to customize those goals for you and teach you how to count them including all of your favorite foods to reach your goals. There will be check ins to make sure that the macros that you are using are working appropriately for you and adjustments will be made if needed. You are going to learn A LOT! You also will be in a facebook team group of women that are on the same journey as you. It's grown to be an INCREDIBLE group. There are ALL ages and all levels of fitness in this team.

Who will be my coach? 

Momfitscript will be who is your primary coach. Her wealth of knowledge after talking with me for months and months is HUGE. She will be mentored (probably with every email) from me, and we will discuss everything. You will get taken care of that's for sure. However, she will be your first in command ;) 

AND WITH THAT, here is the link! In 100% honesty, I expect to sell out today as there are only 10 spots. If you are wanting to take the leap then I just wanted to let you know that! :) If you want to read all of the details, the link is HERE! Click on customized programs and then click on Fit after 50 to see details!

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