So, I am SO excited about this. I really should just calm down because I must think I'm going to be like Chrissie Wellington or Paula Newby-Fraser (basically the two best iron(wo)man athletes EVA!). JK!! But, I do think that it's going to make me better because I'm going to be training more appropriately and for that I am happy. 

I made a post about this before, but up until now, I have winged a lot of things for lack of a better way of describing it. I never trained hills for the Grandfather Mountain Marathon. I didn't have running shoes until a month out from my first marathon (which I only agreed to buy because I had a stress fracture). I bought a bike that fell apart at my first Olympic because it was a POS. I will go out there and train my little heart out every day, but it's a special day if I can convince myself to actually do a workout vs just charting mileage. I've never done a swim workout. I just swim. For my second marathon, I only ran 3 days per week (8,6, long run, repeat). I ANNOY MYSELF!!! GET IT TOGETHER KATIESFITSCRIPT ;) 

So, my three reasons for getting a coach are probably the same as they would be for anyone 

  • Accountability 
  • Knowledge far beyond mine 
  • Programming my own stuff takes forever and I second guess myself 

I really didn't have to do much research to be honest. I knew who I was going to pick, but I also have known about Complete Human Performance for a long long time now. This company is the no frills kinda deal. In all honesty, I've never been so impressed with a company and that is before I even worked with him. Every single one of the coaches is so educated. They say they pride themselves on excellence and they aren't playing with that claim. Alex Viada is the founder (are you shocked I picked this team? LOL) who has ran a 100 miler and can squat 700lbs with a 4:15 min mile time. He's made a name for himself in hybrid training! Kelly Bruno is the co founder, and she's an MD! Like what? HAHA! She's currently in her residency. She had to have her leg amputated as a baby, but has complete many ironman triathlons, 100 mile ultra marathons, and world record holder in track. All the coaches stats seriously blow my mind. SOOO JUST TAKE MY MONEY... ALL OF IT!! ;) HAHA! There are about 16 coaches now that all specialize in different disciplines so you are paired up based on what your goals are. 

I have two coaches because I will have one for running, and one for tri. I think it's so cool because it's not like I paid for two coaches. They just want to make sure that I'm taken care of for my entire journey, and the two coaches have said they have discussed things about me. This is NOT a sponsored post, in fact, I'm paying THEM (haha) but I've already been so impressed. They have asked so many specifics about me down to what equipment I have, what gear I have, and asked about my wrist. They are even looking at my previous races, and logged miles to assess me individually. They are doing assessments the first week of course to see where I'm at, and every day I get a customized program from that. 

If you know me, you know I kinda fly by the seat of my pants, although very dedicated (it's a weird combo I know), and then grind it out on race day. I also hired a really bad coach before and so I vowed to never do so again. I have always said that people don't understand my schedule or whatever the (insert excuse) may be, but that I didn't want a coach. I see now that it may be apart of that whole control thing, and so it will be nice to give the reigns to someone else. 

My races next year will most likely be as follows:

  • Jan 16-Charleston Marathon
  • Feb 6-Mill Stone 50K in Rock Hill, SC 
  • April 18-Boston Marathon
  • May-Over the Mountain Olympic Tri
  • July-Raleigh 70.3 
  • Sept/Oct-Full Ironman (not sure which one yet) 

Like I said, I will have a running coach who is taking the reigns right now until my 50K then of course we will work on speed from there into Boston, and transition into working with my tri coach until my full ironman. I really would love to run another marathon also later in the year, but I haven't gotten that far. My tri coach actually competed in Beach to Battleship, and came in 9th place in the half with a time of 4:34. I'm not sure how much you know about half, but that's a freakin awesome time!!! 

They use a portal that has desktop and phone app capabilities and upload workouts for the week that are customized on my schedule that week and goals (obviously). 

Off to meet my mom at the coffee shop to work & then do my swim assessment! I can't wait to share with you guys as I start this journey! #ENDURANCEJUNKIE #ADDICTION 

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