A Change in Pace

Okay, so I have talked to a lot of bloggers and those that read blogs, and I really really really want to be able to share some of just my life and for you guys to still continue to be interested. I will say it's hard to come up with topics on the regular that are constantly giving you guys information and honestly I love reading blogs about those lives that I follow. Everyone always says that they are being a stalker, but I don't think so. I absolutely enjoy just being inspired by every day life of those around me. 

So, here is my attempt at that, and please let me know your thoughts in the comments or my emails if you enjoy this so that I'll have more courage as normally it makes the views PLUMMET. haha! But as one of my best friends, Leila, (after meeting in OKC and one of my clients) told me, everything takes time to build. Don't be discouraged if people don't want to read this at first, but maybe others will come that do! :) I do hope that y'all will enjoy some shift in pace every once in a while but of course that doesn't mean the info will stop either.


Do you ever feel like the weeks and the months of your life are just a whirlwind? I feel like I work real hard, and I play real hard and then I'm like OH HEY IT'S OCTOBER THE 29TH! How did that happen? We are almost done with 2015, and I have almost completely read through the Bible. I'm so proud of that, and I've come so much closer to the Lord through this year of committing to that. I always have all these huge plans of small business ideas, but as a single person, can I get an amen on how long stuff takes? haha! 

Tanner and I always giggle because if you say that you work from home people are just like "OH YOU HAVE IT MADE" like that I just drink coffee all day and watch Netflix! HAHA! However, it is SO fun!! I know this will sound awful to those in real life, but sometimes I look forward to not having any social engagements at night so that I can just plug away and work on things because it just really is so fun to me. 

trying to heal that thing up... YUCKY! 

trying to heal that thing up... YUCKY! 

Tonight, I have an engagement but this is one that I'm so happy to help with. My sister in law is opening up the very first 3D/4D ultrasound clinic in Shelby and has her first clients coming in tomorrow. The machine took a while to get here, so they are setting that up tonight, and I'm going to watch my little nephew while they set that up, which I'm sure there will be plenty of selfies to be had! 

Speaking of family, mine is super close, and I posted last year about my grandmother being really sick so I wanted to update you guys on everything to do with her. She has to have 24/7 round the clock care these days. It's hard because she's a very high maintenance old lady. God love her. We all love her to death, but she is hard. If you make her a drink, she has to have the ice filled to a certain point in the glass, the fizz to be to a certain point, and always a specific type of glass and straw. That's just an example of how everything goes. HAHA! So, caretakers that don't have the love like we do have a hard time with all those details. We have had  MANY different caretakers, and we have had good ones and very very bad ones. She just sits in the bed all day, so we try to make her life as enjoyable as possible. Her best friend since college (literally roommates and BFF since) passed last month, so she is just in a HARD state of life. So, prayers for Mawmaw always please?! :) 

We haven't been able to go on our shopping trips like we have always done (which she used to join us but obviously can't anymore), so we snuck away this past Sunday and enjoyed "Christmas in the South" in Charlotte. It's basically just a big convention center where a lot of vendors come out with different things. There is always a lot of cool stuff, but I'm cheap and it's pretty over priced so I always just enjoy time with family more than anything. I did get this fleece Panther's head wrap doe! lol!

Everyone in my family is doing macros these days so we went to Cracker Barrel and everyone had out their myfitnesspal. HAHA! But, I'm weird about that and don't like to talk too much about macros because I just feel like as women it can become an all encompassing conversation and there is much more important things in the world to talk about :) However, almost every single one of us got the egg beaters with bacon with biscuits and I got toast and made it into a sandwich for my second breakfast (of course I had waffles at home LOLZ).

Lastly, MILEAGE this week! 55 miles for the week! This is the highest mileage I've ever done, but I wanted it to be heavy going into my taper because I took last week light after my half ironman. I'm not lifting right now with my wrist. Everyone keeps asking, and it is basically back to normal other than weight bearing. I can do most everything but when I pick up heavy things, it just gives out and hurts really bad. My whip lash has been the worst thing. I still can't really look to the right side so swimming has been a no go. Also with my wrist, I don't want to ride the bike so it's all running for me right now but I love that. 

I'm going out with Tanner at 4pm today (when he gets off work) to try and get some really good fall running pictures. Most of the time I just take my iPhone with me, but I have my hair done and it's a beautiful day and perfect overcast weather with the beautiful leaves so why not do a little photoshoot! After that, I'm doing my first workout with my new coach. It's a 30 minute assessment. I'll warm up before I start and then for 30 minutes, I go as fast as I possibly can to see how many miles I can get in. My heart is going to be beating out of my chest, and I will update you guys on how far I get! I have talked a lot with my coach through email this week (his name is Alec Blevins and is an amazing runner if you want to look him up lol). It looks like the mileage and the intensity is about to increase, and I am so excited to hopefully get faster!!! (and also just because I geek out over this stuff) I officially have Garmin Connect set up with username : Katiesfitscript (are you shocked? ha) so if you want to follow along there you can! 

I could write for days about all that went on last week and this week with my cousin's senior night, peyton and zoey's vet visit, the young life banquet I went to, the dinner I had in Greenville with my best friend from Gardner Webb (I went there for one year), small group dinners with church, date nights, bon fires at my brothers, and the fact that my best friends from NYC are coming to visit next week!! So, I'm really thrilled for this change in pace every so often! :) 


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