Cinnamon Apple Protein Waffles

You know what, yesterday was awesome! So many people were so encouraging on my real life post... :) That was really cool for me, and sometimes this social media thing can really beat me down. If I'm 100% honest, I probably don't have the tough skin for it. I get my feelings hurt very often and I still get so nervous about people "liking me". I have gotten better though and most of the time I laugh when people say negative things because I'm just like "oh here we go again.."

I share this because can't be all relate even into adulthood? As humans, or girls, or maybe just me (HA!), we want people to like us and we always fear they want. We crave that. Everyone wants to be famous on instagram, everyone wants to make it in blogging and youtubing. We crave FAME just to know people like us. I was thinking today how instagram is like the adult middle school popularity contest. There's the "famous" that are the "popular kids" and there is like this hierarchy that is determined by followers. Y'all, it cracks me up, and I think sometimes I just have to check myself to come back to reality because I'm on it all day every day.

ORRRRR COME TO THINK OF IT ... I analyze the poop out of society...too much! Tanner makes fun of me so bad, and laughs that I should have majored in sociology because I do that all the time. HAHA!!! I'm like "you know when that person talks, they do this face, and that means that they were really trying to say this..." and he's over there in man land like "What in the WORLD are you talking about?"

Remember that 30 minute sprint I talked about yesterday....well I got 4.95 miles. SO CLOSE!! I'm counting it as 5 ;) I totally underestimated myself and will spare you all the details of that crazy treadmill run where everyone was looking at me like I'd lost my ever lovin mind.


At any point, I'll get back to waffles! It really is my basic recipe that I just use for everything, tweek it and turn it into something else. It can't be beat. I do feel like the pumpkin spice has been OVER DONE this year. Y'all know I'm obsessed, but like some things have been taken too far. hahah! So, I tried to give another fall classic that's equally as delicious! So here we go: 


  • 20g apple cinnamon packaged oats 

This is the ones that come in a box and each little packet is 35g!-weigh out 20g or you can do 1/4 cup which is about the same

  • 2 tablespoons Caramel Apple Pie 80 calorie greek yogurt 

**found in the seasonal section of fall stuff at Walmart

  • 3 egg whites 
  • 1 Sweet N Low 
  • 1/2 tablespoon coconut flour 
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder 


  • Let waffle iron heat up 
  • Mix all ingredients in food processor or blender 
  • Spray waffle iron and cook! :) 

It is of note that the flavor of the batter is very strong, but don't be alarmed. The waffles weren't as strong and made for a better flavor. When I tasted the batter, I was like EW! haha! I will say though that if you are one that doesn't like super sweet things then I would leave out the sweet n low (or stevia) because it definitely has flavor without because of the sugar in the yogurt and the oats. The fun thing is you could switch out any oats to make this flavoring. Yes they are higher in sugar, but for 20g, it's only about 2-3g carb more. 

It's time for me to make some waffles...but I'll probably stick with pumpkin! HAHA!

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