"I hate cardio" trend

So, I'm just gonna do it. I'm just going to get feisty on tha bloggggg. Sorry in advance.

There is this trend. Girls hashtag #teamnocardio #ihatecardio or "Don't sign me up for cardio"

I know what they are referring to. They are referring to the elliptical and the stair master and running on the treadmill. Yes, all of those things suck. Many girls will post their before and after from when they used to run to now when they are lifting weights and they have curves. 

The biggest thing of note in these pictures is almost always, girls start out with the typical Shape magazine diet where they are on the elliptical, no weights, and they aren't really eating much but they aren't eating properly. They never progress, and it's a hamster on a wheel thing. 

Then, they find weight lifting and almost always, they find high protein bodybuilder type diets. So their body's start transforming. Yes, it's from the weights, but if you took the variable of diet change out of it, there wouldn't be that huge of a difference. Girls don't magically get an hour glass over night from lifting. 

Second, I know they aren't hating on my sport but what if I was like #teamnocrossfit #teamihatebodybuilding hahaha! "Here is my transformation picture from when I was a bodybuilder and all muscly to now where I look perfectly toned and the ideal image of America from my running." It's comical because it really is one of those things that I have to stop myself and be like "Well I "do cardio" and I don't look like your before!" 

Third, I don't like the word cardio. The word cardio is used by those that are using cardiovascular exercise as a punishment. There is not one athlete or runner that you will ever here say that word as an activity that they do. Nope. We are athletes. We use our bodies for WORK SON! 

Why do people hate cardio and running? Because it's challenging. I know how to maintain my weight with just weight lifting and eating right. Heck, I know how to maintain my weight with just eating the right macronutrient breakdown and NO working out. But, that doesn't challenge me and it doesn't change me. It doesn't make me passionate. So, yes, it's difficult to run, but that's why you should do it. 

I'm just going to be honest. It makes me think that all these people care about is their image and that they aren't genuinely interested in the health and fitness industry! If you are into health and fitness, then it's not just about hitting your macros to maintain your shape. I don't look like a model in the gym....ever. If that's what you look like in your selfies, then we are not doing the same things in the gym. 

There is a huge movement of self acceptance, which I'm the BIGGEST fan. I just guess I'm passionate about helping others to love fitness and health and not to hate it. Cardio has this bad reputation of being something that you torture yourself with in order to lose weight, and it doesn't have to be that way. It can be your sport and what you live and love to do each day.

It's not that I'm putting pressure on people to excessively exercise. Absolutely not. I'm the number 1 person that will tell you that whatever you do, do it with passion and do it with joy. If that means that you never run a day in your life then that's fine. There is nothing wrong with that. It's just the people that turn around and say that they hate running that I'm like "Why?" Why do you hate running?

Well, maybe because it's hard and they can't hang. ;) 

With that, I'm going to take my cardio loving self out the door for a nice 8 mile run while I maintain my muscle, and I eat well, and I take care of myself and I don't put down others sports. #TEAMATHLETES 

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