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Growth on social media is so wonderful for a business, and I wanted to start sharing some tips for those that are wanting to grow on a social media outlet. 

Here's the truth: everyone wants success. That's not even a bad thing. The internet is a massive space, and we can all be successful. I'm not opposed to helping others be successful. I will go ahead and add in the disclaimer that there are going to be people that steal your work. There are going to be people that take what you are doing, they see it's a good thing and that it's successful and they try to make it their own. 

It's not uncommon for bloggers to talk about blogging topics. There are a couple of different ways, and I'm going to tell you what they are, but then I'm going to tell you the social media unwritten rules behind all of them. #NOSHAME #LEGGO 

The point of networking on social media should be to make genuine friendships with people that have similar interests. I find that to be the best part about it, however most of the time people do it for their own personal glory of growth. So whichever you chose, this will probably help you grow. 

Met Bridget through collaborating and now she's one of my best friends

Met Bridget through collaborating and now she's one of my best friends


HA! I put this one first because I just want to get it out of the way. It works, and it works well but everyone hates it. So, the unwritten rule on this one is if you are going to do this, then you should do it very minimally. It makes the engagement on your page go down. 

What is engagement you ask? Engagement is how many are actually interested in what you have to say on your page. This will show by how many likes that you get on pictures. In 100% honesty, I've had a lot of growth lately, but only about 200 more likes on pictures (yes I pay attention-it's my job ha). It doesn't make a ton of sense that I've grown by like 30,000 followers but only 200 likes and it bothers me. HA! I feel like I just have creepers. ANYWHO...

If you do these shout outs, then people think that you are greedy and just want followers. If you do it every once in a while, even if you do it once a week people just kinda ignore it and it does help growth. 

Rule #1: ask people that are your same size! If you have 3,000 followers, do not ask a page with 100,000. Like c'mon now! It's the hierachy of instagram so you just gotta learn your place! hahaha! No but really, it's quite comical. I'll comment on pages forever because I think they are awesome, and just recently, they have started responding(because my page has grown). Response to an instagram comment means a) they respond to everyone or b) You've "made it" or they think your following is substantial enough that you are in the cool kid club. I'm NOT even kidding right now. 

Rule #2: Be genuine. Don't say crap like "Follow so and so for inspirational workouts @katiesfitscript @katiesfitscript @katiesfitscript" It's so clearly annoyingly shoutout-y!!! If you don't even have something genuine and nice to say about the person then you shouldn't be shouting them out. 

Rule #3: Keep it consistent with your page. I'm not going to ask a fashion blogger to do one with me! And when I pick a fitness person, pick one with your similar photos or someone that has the same beliefs as you! Pick a photo of them that matches your page.


This is just me giving my opinion so I'm gonna throw it out there and you can throw it right back. If you are doing a shoutout, everyone knows that you are doing it for followers, and I think of it like a Wendy's commercial. Whatever, it's part of the game. Everyone has to advertise.

When people comment and spam my page, I just get ill. Like you are only being my friend right now with your emojis so that you can get followers ESPECIALLY when you just liked the same picture on facebook, and commented THEN you come to my instagram and comment there too. Then, you comment on 3 other pictures. This is not one person although there are a few I could name, but it's so dang obvious, and it makes me literally cut all ties. I don't want to be your friend when the only reason that you are my friend is for your success. BUH-BYE. But all of the people will grow on the inter-webs and everyone will think they are rays of beautiful sunshine bliss because they do emoji heart eyes and "YOU ARE SO INSPIRATION!!!!!" on every photo. 

Not only that, but they will be the first to say they hate shoutouts. HELLOOOOOOOO!!! I CAN'T EVEN!

But really, commenting on pages that are similar to yours is an EXCELLENT way to network. Please just be genuine. Read the caption, don't comment on every post. If you have nothing to say but fake mumbo gumbo then don't comment "Delish!" on their food every day. Just no! Same goes for commenting on blogs. It's great. It helps other people that are in the comments to see your name, and it leads them to your blog. That's wonderful and it helps you grow. But be genuine. If you are going to comment on the blog, you need to have READ THE BLOG POST FOR GOODNESS SAKE! 

Do I comment? Absolutely! .... I comment to my friends on social media and I comment if I have something of worth to say on their picture. I don't comment on every picture! I don't comment every day. I don't comment every week. I comment if I have a freakin reason for a comment. Why is this even having to be explained in our world? #FIRSTWORLDPROBZ #STOPTHESPAM

Collaborated with Steph and now we are the best of friends and meeting up in NYC this December!

Collaborated with Steph and now we are the best of friends and meeting up in NYC this December!


This is pretty well accepted or at least I think so! There are many bloggers that even have a section on their blog where every so often, they feature someone and ask questions. I absolutely love that bloggers do this, and I know it's for growth but how would we find other wonderful bloggers if we didn't share with one another. There are far cooler people out there than me, and I want the world to know about it and get to know them. Again, you want to aim towards someone that you have a relationship with or that is a similar following. It's just normal etiquette of the internet. You can't expect Taylor Swift to feature you on her instagram unless you are Carlie Kloss #NOMSAYIN #KnowYourLevel 

When I say know your level, I say that in a joking way so no one get feisty. I mean that in a way like if I was single and in a club and looking at the hottest guy in the room thinking I'm gonna get him to ask me for my number.... KNOW YOUR LEVEL KATIE! hahaha! 

I've done multiple giveaways with! This is because I LOVE their product and love what they are about!!

I've done multiple giveaways with! This is because I LOVE their product and love what they are about!!


Normally, the only person that the giveaway benefits is going to be the person doing the giveaway. I have found, in my experience, that if I do a giveaway, I post their picture like "To enter this giveaway you must follow my page and their page" but the person doing the giveaway NEVER posts me. So, it's literally pointless (if you are doing it sheerly for followers) unless they say up front that they will also post your picture AND TAG YOU IN THE COMMENTS (not in the actual picture). ha!

Hint: Many companies will say that they will feature and then they will tag you in the picture. No one clicks on the picture. They need to put @KATIESFITSCRIPT USING OUR PRODUCT or it won't help you grow.

Hint #2: The fitness world LOVES to be sponsored. We all love to say we are a sponsored athlete, but the problem is that now companies know that there is nothing to gain from them teaming up with you because they have tons of huge pages that if they call them a sponsored athlete, give them an affiliate link, and some free protein powder, they get a free advertisement. I just don't want to be associated with that anymore. If someone truly values me as an athlete then I'd love to talk, and I'm not sponsored. I just don't want to be used if the relationship doesn't go both ways.


This is actually very successful, and I think it gives your followers a good chance to find other really great pages to follow. It will provide you with THOUSANDS of followers because every single person in the loop is doing a shoutout with one another, but then once the giveaway is over, there is a lot of drop off and loss of followers but I'm sure you still retain some. 

Stick with me here. I'm not obsessed with followers. I could care less, and it's quite exhausting but growth is important if I'm trying to make this my full time job so I play these games.

Normally with a loop giveaway, you want it to be something of HUGE value. For example, we did $500 to Lululemon! Everyone wants to participate in that! Mycharge was the company that actually provided the gift card which was wonderful, but many times bloggers will go in together (maybe $100 each) and do this. You are thinking "$100 for some followers?!!!!" No! $100 for hopefully the chance that you make ONE sale of a customized client that is $250 so you make $150 and get many more customers probably. You only need one (depending on your price, supply, and demand) and you make your money back.


This combines all of the above into one, but I just wanted to touch on it real quick. If you are a smaller page, you might be reading this and wondering how to grow. If you are bigger, you might be nosy and wonder what I have to say. Tanner and I talk about this a lot. There is so much talent in this world. There is so much that each individual person has to give. Don't be greedy, and think that your social media is a bubble all about you. If you have a platform, don't be afraid to give others credit along the way. Don't be afraid to tell others about amazing athletes. Don't be the person that is like "Um no, I do not want to collaborate!" Maybe I'm wrong here, but I just feel like it's a nice thing to do. Be genuine to people, and people will be genuine back to you. It doesn't have to be fake collaborations. Do it with people you love and think are great! You'll come across as a lot more authentic anyway! 

Lastly, be patient. Growth takes time. Don't spam people with networking. Just slowly grow over time.

We don't believe in spam but only in infrequent emails we think will help you!

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