Athlete Testimonial-LAURA HENSON

So, I absolutely LOVE working with athletes! It's a super fun nutrition profile to write up and really help these ladies to make progress not only in their aesthetic goals but in their training as well. Laura is such an incredible triathlete and I'm lucky that I get to call her my client! 

My background in sports is mostly in competitive swimming where I swam for the University of Houston, turned triathlete. My energy levels, speed, strength, endurance, and performance had not been consistent over the last few years in competitive swimming and running. Additionally, I had been lifting weight for years as well and felt I was not making any progress towards maintaining muscle mass nor achieving the desired body composition.


I found Katie Ringley on the facebook group page “ Women For Tri”, and  chose to work with her  because she is extremely inspirational, passionate, motivational, insightful, helpful, down to earth, talented, and intelligent. More importantly, her positive “can-do” attitude is contagious! Furthermore, I feel that her being a competitive athlete herself, she would be able to relate much more to my own personal goals.


Fortunately, Katie Ringley was my heroine! After a quick conversation  about what I wanted to accomplish and a brief history of my eating and exercise habits, she quickly determined I was caloric deficient and set me up on the reverse dieting/ metabolic plan and has been handling the entire process flawlessly over the last 2 months. I contacted  Katie because I  want to compete in half/ full  Ironmans and marathons  and came to the conclusion that I needed to get my body functioning properly inside and out  before I could attempt these goals where nutrition is important in completing these types of endurance events.



Katie’s expertise in the subject area and the ability to derive a unique customized program provided immediate results from Day 1.  Her approach and delivery of the program is adaptive to meet everyone’s needs, plus she is determined to make sure every person is successful in meeting their goals


I continue to learn about nutrition, fueling properly,   and its positive impact on training and races. It has been a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Katie Ringley to anyone and everyone at every fitness level.   I think everyone would be delightfully surprised at how well the process works.


Katie's Fit Script has helped me by taking me to new levels of athletic performance and continues to challenge me to set bigger goals for myself. I am consistently improving on a weekly basis, crushing my personal goals and having to re-asses new ones.  Also, I am lifting heavier and try to increase as suggested through her program.


 One thing I love is the flexibility in my food choices, and not worrying about gaining neither bad weight nor the amount of carbs, protein, or fat I take in.  I have found the experience refreshing, personable, reliable, and most of all fun. It has been extremely surprising and exciting to perform at higher levels with more energy and less exertion. Working with Katie has an amazing experience and look forward to working with her. I would recommend Katies Fit Script to people who need to improve upon their performance in their chosen sport or fitness level.


Thank you so much Laura!!! This was wonderful, and I can't wait to see all you accomplish in the tri world!!! :)


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