New Training & Post Marathon Weekend Fun

About 30 minutes to an hour after I finished my marathon, I thought to myself “I’m so excited to see what time I can bring to the Charleston Marathon because it’s flat.” Thunder Road Marathon is incredibly hilly. I think that many times when people complete a marathon they think to themselves that they are done for a while, and I’m like the opposite. It makes me want more and more. I talk about this a lot but every single time I go through an endurance event, it like awakens some part of me that I didn’t know was there. I think that 5K’s, 10K’s, and halfs are all WONDERFUL but there is just something about a full and beyond. Your body can only realistically go about 20 miles before you really start feeling it, and that’s where the true memories begin. That’s when you truly begin to search yourself for that ounce of effort you have to bring forward. You chant to yourself to just take one step forward..just one step forward. It searches the deepest parts of you. MOVING ON… lol!

Thunder Road Elevation Map-that hill at the end like to have killed me

Thunder Road Elevation Map-that hill at the end like to have killed me

After the awards ceremony, we had to hurry and go to my cousin’s birthday party. I couldn’t eat for a few hours after but was hungry on the way home and so I choose Zaxby’s! Every single post marathon, fast food is all I want. I’m such a junkie. Crinkle fries had me at hello. My cousin’s 7th birthday party was at an obstacle course at a university close to Shelby (Gardner Webb University) and I would have totally been on that thing the whole time if my body didn’t feel broken at that point. LOL! My aunt told me she was disappointed that I couldn’t do it because she knew it was totally my thing. 

How is he 7? We decided to re create this from when he was a baby! Love this kid!

How is he 7? We decided to re create this from when he was a baby! Love this kid!

Everyone congratulated me, and also told me I was crazy but that’s nothing new. I will admit that my family does think that I’m insane, but respect it I guess is the right way to put it. I tend to just not bring up running or fitness or anything around them unless someone asks. I’m glad I have this blog to share my passions with you guys because I never talk about my heart really in person unless it’s a runner and then I spill my guts. Haha! 

After the birthday party, we headed home for showers and naps. I took a really long hot shower, and then laid (layed? Lied? Lyed?) down to nap. I ended up replaying the events of the day through my brain. Am I the only one that can never nap? Eventually, I got up and answered some emails (typical)! It was pretty late in the afternoon by that point, and Tanner headed out to my aunt and uncles for dinner.

I wasn’t ready yet, so I told him to come back and get me later as we were planning on going out. I knew I needed rest too. I got ready, and I put on heels. GENIUS PLAN KATIE! And not just like wedges, but like actual spiked heels. I’m actually insane.

Our favorite band, Big Daddy Love, was playing at the brewery. Scott Moss is a family friend, and he is an INCREDIBLY talented musician (look him up, you won’t regret it). Their music is like bluegrass rock. Shelby is so interesting because if you decide to go out, the entire bars and brewery will be filled with people that you know. I have always just been used to this, but when I think about it, that’s very odd. It’s really cool because it’s always going to be a big party with the whole town (or at least the ones that regularly come out). Tanner has never experienced that, so he thought it was cool. All the girls that had run the marathon were there, and it was so so fun getting to chat with them more. I’ve been friends with Lori for a while, but kind of just know the other girls through Lori so I loved getting to talk with them more. No one else wore heels like this big dummie.  LOL!

At around 11:30, I of course was DONE. I love Big Daddy Love so I made it longer than I even thought that I would. My aunt, uncle, cousins, and friends were all there so we said our goodbyes and headed home (1.2 miles down the road-I LOVE MY SMALL TOWN LOL). 

On Sunday morning, I woke up and realized I was a Boston qualifier. I don’t know why that didn’t click until then. My body also felt DESTROYED! I could hardly walk HAHA! I was behind on my bible reading’s so I caught up on Sunday morning. We got ready and headed off to church. I knew the afternoon and evening were already full. We had plans to go to my brother’s for the Panther’s game, and then my grandmother’s for dinner. We stay busy if you can’t tell but I think we all do to some extent, right? Haha! I also did an active recovery cycle. I set up my bike trainer and just did about 30 minutes super duper easy (I legit stayed in my church clothes for this lol). I foam rolled and stretched to work all of the incredible aches and pains out.

We had sloppy joe’s at my Mawmaw’s and my mom’s recipe is SO good. It’s not the yucky manwich out of the can, but homemade with lean beef and ketchup and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t know. We do dinner there all the time, but it was really fun this Sunday. We did however do this quiz on politics. It asks you questions and matches you up with acandidate. Let me tell you how DUMB that is in this setting. We do NOT talk politics in the family because we have a STAUNCH DEMOCRAT (my grandmother which makes no sense for most of her views but whatever), a STAUNCH REPUBLICAN (my stepdad who I won’t go into his opinions), really really liberal cousins with parents that are conservative, and Tanner and I who are libertarian because DUH THAT MAKES THE MOST SENSE ! ;) 

Of course I hung up my new medal too which is the far one on the right!

Of course I hung up my new medal too which is the far one on the right!

Anyway, moving on into Monday’s which are my crazy days. I worked all day and then two of our friends from NYC needed a place to crash for the night between Florida and New York. We made dinner for them last night (fajitas) and then stayed up chatting because it’s been since May that we have been able to catch up. They are getting married on New Year’s this year, so we are stoked to go to their wedding in Nashville!!! YAY!

Tonight, I’m going to a packing party for boxes that our church is doing for hungry kids in need. It’s such a huge need in Shelby, and so many kids go home with no food after school. One of our members headed up this backpack program, and you send the kids home with a backpack full of food so I’m helping to prepare all of that. It will be fun getting to spend time with everyone from church too. We have formed such a community with them here, and I’m so so glad we fell into that easier than I could have EVER dreamed. It’s also my best friend in the whole wide world’s 25th birthday. Man, I’m so sad I can’t be in NYC today. I miss her like crazy!

Last but not least, my new training! I got quite a few comments from my marathon that getting a coach must have helped me a lot, and while I think they are the greatest coaches in the whole wide world, I was only with them for 2 weeks before my marathon. I did MONTHS and MONTHS of training on my own, so that kinda stung a little. LOL! However, I’m SO STOKED as I feel we are just beginning. Today is my first day back. I’m doing a recovery 3.5 miles, and I’m so excited to see how that feels. I’m going to obviously take that very easy. The rest of my training this week is as follows:

Wednesday- 5.63 miles (45 minutes @ 8:00 min/mile testing heart rate post marathon)

Thursday- 6 miles @ 7:30 pace & easing into strength work

Friday- 3.5 miles

Saturday- 13 miles @ 8:05

I’m actually going out of town this weekend. The location is a surprise so stay tuned! EEK! I’m about to jump for joy about it, but either way I’m meeting up with some people for that Saturday run and it should be a good time! The week afer this one, we will go back up to a 55 mile week. WOAH! I’m going to have to see how my body handles this, but I’m 9 weeks out from Charleston and like 12 weeks out from my first 50K so we will see what happens! I will of course rest when I need to, but I love this life! 

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