Halloween, App Game, Gift Galleria & Long Run

So, this weekend was a really fun one. It wasn't too busy but we did a lot of stuff so it just felt relaxing but productive at the same time. I find social life to be productive too. HAHA! I think I've talked about this, but sometimes I have to say "Katie, now it's time to go have fun!" because I'm a little slave driver. Ooopsies! But, I'm really diligent about doing that. 

I also have the craziest story to tell y'all with my long run (couldn't decide if I was actually going to tell it but what the heck!).... but I'll go in order of time ;) 

On Friday, my mom and I went to this gift galleria in Shelby. It's held by the Junior Charity league to help raise money for clothes for children of Cleveland County that can't afford them, and vendors come out. It's very similar to a "Southern Christmas Show" but it's all local vendors and honestly some really awesome stuff. I wasn't expecting to purchase anything because I never do at these events (sorry just being honest). I ended up with a Christmas wreath (so beautiful), 2 bottles of wine (Christmas gifts), some new leggings from Miss Molly's Boutique, a birthday gift for my BFF, and a christmas gift for my mother in law. Like holy cow...what in the world! Fun fact: the box to the wreath broke walking out. It was in my left wrist. I thought I had like sprained it over again in that moment! HA! #hurtsobad 

That night, Tanner and I met Molly (from Miss Molly's who is also on my team and one of my best friends lol) and her fiancĂ© Nick for dinner at the Mexican restaurant downtown then went to Pleasant City (which is a bar in Shelby). We had a lot of laughs like usual. It was a Friday night Costume Crawl, and we forgot the memo about the costumes. We legit might have been the only ones not dressed up. Oops again! I always say I'm going to get a cool costume but that never happens ...

On Saturday, I was planning on doing my long run. Wanna know why I didn't? My hair had only been done for the night before, and I didn't want to have to do it again to go to the game. So, I woke up at 5:30 only to push back my long run because of my hair... hahahah! I went outside, and spent some quality time in my Bible which always feels amazing. GUESS WHAT PSALM 26:2 IS? "Test me, Oh Lord and try me. Examine my heart and mind." You know like 26.2 miles? It really has nothing to do with running in the context of the Bible, but you know what, I'm gonna cherry pick that verse out and rock on. HAHAH! 

We drove up to meet his aunt and uncle in Hickory for lunch at Chili's (I got Southwest Chicken Soup and salad-it was great!). They actually were the ones that got us free tickets to the game, so that was fun catching up with them and always good to see Tanner's family. We drove from there up to Boone. The game was really fun. It wasn't like freezing cold, but as usual, I definitely didn't prepare well, and was very cold after sitting. We left during the third quarter because it started to rain, but it was a really cool game to watch because the offensive line of the other team was doing some crazy stuff I've never seen done in person (no huddle offense & other things y'all don't care about but I love football HAHA).

I know y'all don't know Tanner as well, but this is totally his "I'm so over selfies face" HAHA!

I know y'all don't know Tanner as well, but this is totally his "I'm so over selfies face" HAHA!

We stopped at Chickfila on the way out because I'm obsessed and I got the regular sandwich. I had brought food in the car too so of course I was eating all day on that. Just pro tip: that's what I always do. When eating out, finding things that are low in FAT is always going to be the problem. I pick things that I'm going to enjoy but that are also reasonable. I'm not going to get the fries with my sandwich. I actually got 6 grilled nuggets with my sandwich for later. I choose to eat food I have packed while enjoying the regular vs grilled sandwich. It's all about picking and choosing what you love but being reasonable. It's not that you have to get the grilled nuggets with the fruit cup. Let's be real, the fruit cup at Chickfila is not all that great. Don't hate your food, but also don't feel like you can't eat out for lunch and dinner and still stay on track with your goals. 

We had plans to go to my cousin's bonfire when we got home from the game. We walked in at 8:30 and if you know me, I love my bed and I love it early. I knew I had a long run, and my cousin lives 30 minutes away. I was like NEGATIVEEEE. So, we made hot chocolate and snuggled up on the couch with our puppies and watched Friends. Most blissful Halloween I could ever ask for! We did feel like Scrooge though with our neighborhood having an event and the kids going house to house so we wish we had prepared for that, and will next year. Our neighborhood is one with HOA, and it is just adorable. They had a hay ride and a party at the club house and it's a super safe neighborhood for kids to walk around. That's one of the reasons we picked this neighborhood was because of all the fun our kids can have in the future! :) 

It was fall back so I went to bed at 10, got up at 5:30 but actually got 8.5 hours of sleep. SO WONDERFUL! I felt so good, then I looked outside and it was pouring rain. BOO!!! I thought "I'll just run my long run after church" then realized I was doing what I tend to do a lot. I keep pushing back long runs sometimes into Monday's and it ends up stressing me out more. So, I just went and luckily the rain let up for most of it. I was coming out of my neighborhood when I spotted the men from my town that always run Sunday mornings (Shelby is small clearly if I ran into them LOL). I yelled to them, and asked if I could join as I knew they have a similar pace to me, and they were so happy to have me tag along which is so nice. 


I talked with one of the men for almost the entire 10 miles I was with them about how he has done countless marathons, and 7 ironman events since he was 18 when he started "this fit thing" as he called it. More than anything, he just talked inspirational stuff and how running changes your life and endurance is something that can't really be explained but that it's a spiritual experience when we have those mornings together. How amazing! All three men are dads, and they all RAVE about their kids and how much they love them. If I split off with one, they talk about how awesome the other 2 are and we talk about our faith and about God EVERY run. It's so nice to meet such quality men right here in my hometown.

At 10 miles, they were going out to do 22, and so I headed back towards town. I think this was from Jesus himself for what happened at mile 11.5. I'm gonna keep it short and simple and to the point. My bowels let go, and Tanner had to come pick me up. HAHAHA! I've never had this happen, but it was literally NOT stoppable. AT ALL! I was in a neighborhood (on Marion St for those in Shelby) and was frantically trying to think of friends I knew in the area. Nope. HAHA! So, I was so mad and had to stop then. 

I went home, and had to clean myself up. Y'all, Tanner loves me for that car ride! We were cracking up but I was so upset and embarrassed at the time. Now I'm like YOLO... happens to us all right? hahah! 

We were signed up as greeters for church so I had to start getting ready then. So, I showered, and we went to church. The Lord presence was SO evident this Sunday. It was amazing, and we adore our church. With that being said, I was a little anxious because I wanted to finish. 

I set back out right when we got home for my final 6.5 miles. I did as my coach said and sped up at the end, and I felt awesome. BUT WHAT A MEMORY!!! lol! 

We went to my grandmother's at 6pm for our family dinner. Tanner and I were talking on the way home how much we love those nights. It's not a big deal. We all just meet for dinner, chat a little, and go home. But, it's so nice to see EVERYONE in my extended family and it keeps our family really super close because we are always having meals together. I actually did not eat because I had ran 18 and we were having chili. That is too much fiber and would fill me up, so I stopped and got fast food instead TBH (Bojangles lol). I need DENSE calories because I get full quickly but I need those calories as I burned 1500 on my run. Normally, I consume about 3000 on these days.


I totally took the above photo to send to Bethany to be funny but it's appropriate so whatever haha! I've started taking my basal calories (I know this from trial and error) and I add 0.66 per pound per mile. For example, I weigh 105 approximately so that's 0.66 x 105 x 18 miles which is 1247 EXTRA calories. I normally do an 75% carb 15% protein 10% fat type breakdown. This was my first week trying this, and going to see how it goes until I start incorporating this with my clients as well. Right now, my recommendation is a flat 50g/hour of running but it just is SO individual that it takes time to just figure out what works for each person. 

We got home, and I worked while Tanner watched the football game. I didn't include that but in between all the fun stuff, I always just work. Haha! Otherwise, I would get so incredibly behind and I like to be on top of it! :) 

It was a wonderful weekend, and this Friday two of our best friends from NYC are coming into town, so I'm more than excited to have them in our home. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to put together a youtube video of everything I eat today so that should be fun! 

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