Training with Injury

So, I don't know how many of my blogger followers follow me on instagram, but you might have seen yesterday that I'm for reals down for the count. I am so sad and confused by it, but either way I've got to heal up before I can do any running. When I finished my marathon, I felt great. I was sore the next day but nothing serious. I did cycling the day after to warm things up, and then I rested that Monday. On Tuesday, I went for a 3.5 mile run and I felt fantastic. I was so on top of the world with running. I felt a small pain in my foot but nothing major. The next day, I was to do 5.83 miles on the treadmill for a heart rate assessment, and at 0.75 mile, I felt a pretty severe pain but not unbearable and I thought that right now wasn't the week to push mileage so I was just gonna be smart, heal up and start back the following week. My coach told me to play it safe, and so the following day I did cycling as well. 

I thought that it was an extension of plantar fasciitis (which maybe it still is). I have been having a lot of pain upon waking in my heel but it subsides as the day goes on and I'm very easily able to run. However, it seems much worse. I got to NYC on Friday morning, and before I was to surprise Brandy at 4pm, I was going to go for a run. I made it 0.25 mile. What injuries get worse with time and rest? I'm so confused. It was something that I headed out thinking "I can do tough things" and I legit could not go any further. MY foot was like seizing up in pain. I normally will get minor tweeks and think I'll be fine, but this is something that I can't just run through....which is annoying and frustrating. We went indoor rock climbing/bouldering on Saturday and I had to stop very shortly after this photo. In bouldering, many times you fall on the crash pad or you kinda jump off. That impact on my foot was like all body encompassing sending waves up my leg.


I really don't care about taking rest. I'm not that person that's like obsessive and HAS to run because I'm in fear of what might happen. haha! Just not my style...I'm very much like "oh well, this will get better eventually and I'll be back" type attitude. So, I've been positive but I guess the only thing bothering me is that it's getting worse not better it seems. I've been in NYC so I'm having to walk everywhere. That's not helping matters at all. So, I'm hoping that upon the return to NC, I will be able to rest it more and get this healed up. The only reason that I do care is because in 100% transparency, my biological clock is ticking. HA! And I have goals before that point. 

I want to run Charleston super bad because it's a flat course, and my course PR is a super hilly course. I really want to run a 50K in February. The reason that those time lines are more set is because of Boston in April that I want to be prepared for. So, in order to be prepared for all of that, I just need to make sure I'm back within the next couple of weeks. If not, I may cancel Charleston (which I haven't paid for yet because I always make sure I'm not injured after marathons until I sign up for the next race lol-played in my favor this time). Again, I know it's not 100% necessary to do all of these races, but I was really excited about them so it's just always a little sad. I still have 8 weeks until Charleston so time is there.

Lastly, all of this is timed at the beginning of the year because then tri season kicks back up. I want to complete a full ironman at the end of the year next year. I can of course train for both as I did this year, and I probably will schedule a marathon but it does pan out a little easier this way. I know all of this sounds very intense and insane for most people, and I know it is however I feel like once you get a taste, it's so hard to stop. HAHA! It's just so wonderful. I think I've said this before, but I don't mind at all spending 2 hours per day on my training. I feel that in order to be a hybrid athlete, you have to put the time in. I've spent literally my entire life doing sports and practices were ALWAYS 2+ hours so I'm very used to that.

So, what am I doing in the meantime? I want to keep up my endurance, so my coach has switched everything to intense cycling and swimming. I feel you can do those activities leisurely, but if you do them with speed then you can keep up the same endurance. My training for the next week is as follows: 

Today-Easy spin 1:00 (1 hour) and doing some all over body lifts tailored to me just to get back into heavy lifting for legs (we want to utilize this time that my legs are not fatigued from running)

Wednesday-1 hour bike with 2 time trials for speed in the middle with different workouts for 10 minutes at a time

Thursday-squat assessment working up to heavy singles with a 1 hour recovery bike and 30 minute swim

Friday-swim assessment for speed with upper body assessment (bench press)

I have come to see that assessment basically means: let's see how hard you can go and how much you can do in a time frame. haha! That's not true at all, but these are always very tough

Saturday-2.5 hour bike ride

As you can see, I'm not stopping training at all, but just rather switching it up to work on other things in the meantime. I'm thankful for a coach that is so knowledgeable even on common injuries to be able to give me guidance as to what to do. I'm going to go to the doctor at the beginning of next week if nothing is better. Fun fact about me: it's not that I hate doctors but I hate going. I'm not afraid. I just think it's unnecessary. Just like with my wrist, it was not really that bad and it healed on it's own. Normally if you have a cold, you can suck it up and it will go away. A Z-pak is just furthering antibiotic resistance when you most likely have a virus. My poor kids. I'm gonna be like SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP ;) 

Lastly, I'm so thrilled to get back. I feel like I'm learning so much with every training cycle, and I can't wait to compile all of that into a race that I can perform at the absolute very best. I'm also really excited to see how I feel about ultra running. I honestly think that I'm going to love it! 

How do you guys handle injuries? 

What's on your training plans for this year?

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