Healthy Potluck Thanksgiving

So, I know that thanksgiving is that time of year where there are a million awful things on the plate, and this is not the time to be counting macros. However, in true Katiesfitscript fashion, I also don't think this is a time to gorge either. I spent way too many years of my life dreading the holidays where I knew I would stuff my face until i could hardly breathe but knowing that I'd restrict for the next 2 weeks. What an awful way to approach the holidays. I love going into the holidays now not caring a bit really about the food, other than excitement about it, and just enjoying time with friends and family. There is always going to be turkey, and what a great source of lean protein. 

I really encourage everyone to just eat intuitively and stop when you're full. I know this is a learned art, but you can really tap into it if you just are consciously aware. I wanted to share two items that just are a little better for you because my annual friends giving is tonight. I honestly normally do "naughty" foods, but this year I'm just gonna be proud to be that girl bringing the veggie dish ;) 

Today is crazy busy so I just want to share them super quick! This morning I cooked up onions, tomatoes, zucchini and squash. I sprinkled Cavenders seasoning (Greek seasoning from Walmart) all over the veggies. I then made quinoa over the stove top, and added just enough to the veggies not to make this a carb heavy dish but rather just to cook the veggies with that quinoa. I then put this over salad (mixture of spinach and romaine). I put this together for a picture, but in all honesty, I would keep the veggies coated in quinoa separate in the fridge, and then I'm going to add to the salad closer to the dinner tonight. I don't want the leaves to get soggy!

Second, I wanted to share a little hack I did to deviled eggs. We all know that yolks carry a lot of nutrients, and are great for you but they also carry a lot of fat. Therefore, I took half of the yolks and made the inner portion of the egg versus using the entire thing. At the end, I saw that I needed about 2 more whole yolks to finish off the eggs. I had 18 eggs to fill and used 11 yolks instead of 18. If you did this all together I added 6 tablespoons of light miracle whip, 1 tablespoon mustard, and a tablespoon of sweet relish! 

This is my first time making deviled eggs, but I made sure to taste the filler before I put it into the egg, and it tastes great. It's a fluffier lighter version, and fun fact... the southern way of deviled eggs is with mayo. The classic way is actually with miracle whip so I didn't feel bad using it. At first, I was nervous it would taste yucky but it didn't! :) HORRAY! It's all about experimenting and finding your favs! 

I hope you guys are going to have the best holiday with all of your families! 

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