Kindal signed up with me last black friday and I feel that life hasn't been the same since. It's hard to imagine life without this girl, and I even got to meet up with her and run with her when she came to NYC for one weekend! She is a true gem, and like she said, we truly have become great friends! She also has an instagram that you can follow: @runningwithstrength if you want to follow along with her journey as she does lots of fun things! :) Thank you for being such a light in my life Kindal <3

I have been Black Friday shopping since I was 2 years old but I don’t think I bought a more life changing gift for myself than the Fitness Prescription Plus from KatiesFitScript. I had been following her on Instagram for a few months when she released the special and I told my husband I wanted to try the whole “IIFYM” thing and that I thought she would understand me as we had a lot of things in common. My husband said well go ahead but you won’t stick with it for 2 weeks and it will be a waste – well one year later and I could say that went much differently than expected.

I would not say Katie and I have the prototypical client/coach relationship, I think we became friends right from the beginning (which to be honest I was hoping so). Katie has coached me through two cuts and two reverses as well as two marathon training cycles resulting in my most recent Boston Qualifying time. In 1 year Katie has taken me from an injured runner eating 1500 calories/day and barely running a 2 hour half marathon to a Boston Qualified Marathoner in 3:24:42 eating 2000+ calories per day. However, it is so much more than a body image or a number on the scale. Katie has given me the belief to DREAM BIG and the support system through Team KatiesFitScript to jump knowing I will never fall.

In one year I can honestly say Katie has changed my life for the good forever. I am more passionate and confident in every aspect of my life after completing one year with Katie and I am forever grateful. One year ago that Black Friday Special was the biggest blessing and gift I ever could have gave myself because I know now I would not be the woman I am today without her. So thank you Katie for being my coach but more importantly now my friend – I hope many other women will take the leap of faith with you and obtain the happiness and health that I have. 

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