Friday Favorites

I always feel like this sounds like the cheesiest thing, and maybe it is but there are some things that I just want to share with you because I think they are awesome and you should know. This isn't just filler space and like "oh I like lip balm this week" or something but genuine people and things that I've been crushing on this week. Also, it is of note, this is not an all inclusive list.

Let's start with my favorite Running bloggers: 


  • Sweat Once a Day

    • ultrarunner and beer drinker-she's so chill about it yet so inspiring to follow so it makes you feel like you can do anything
  • My Heart Races Blog
    • mom of 4 who just talks about everything running and i love it
  • Fit and Faithful
  • NYC Running Mama
    • Super well known so you may already follow her blog, but I love it and I'm super excited for our brunch date in NYC when I go in December!

Favorite Instagram Pages: 

  • @ahappypace - her photos are seriously so beautiful!

  • @runtrimom-She's 9 days away from her first Ironman!!!!

  • @babfitrunlife-duh she's my bestie-HA-but she just had a photography shoot and the pictures are so unreal, y'all have to go see them and she's got like 2 weeks worth so stick around
  • @alexis.belbel and @samanthabelbel-they went from fitfam to food/fashion bloggers and I'm obsessed with their pages now-all about a beautiful instagram!!!!
  • @kellykroberts-yall she's a HOOT! So fun to follow in the running world!

Favorite Books:

I have been a reading MACHINE lately! I read on the treadmill, and then I read before bed and I can't seem to stop every night for like an hour!

  • Life without Limits - Chrissie Wellington's autobiography in the ironman world as world champion 
  • Born to Run - there is a group of people called the Tarahumera tribe that live reclusively in Mexico. They are able to do like 400 mile races, and this man sets out on a quest to figure out how they do this - I just started this yesterday!
  • Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World - such a great read for really learning to rest in Jesus! It's so hard in our world, but I've always loved a peaceful, meek woman just not focused on herself at all but just seeking the Lord. I've always felt I'm too "loud" and so I always try to hone in my inner Mary! :) 
  • Running on Faith - Ultrarunner who moves away because he feels that his life's purpose is just to run all the time and spread Jesus's name through it. He has a "lab" in Hawaii where he is the experiment. I mean I would never, but I think it's cool and inspiring to hear his story!

Favorite Foods: 

  • Lean beef wraps (2 oz 93/7 beef, 50g sautéed onions and tomatoes, 1 tablespoon queso in an Ole Extreme wrap-every day this week lol)

  • 2 chocolate chip Mini Muffins with 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (with a stevia packet in the milk to sweeten it)-every single day I have this! SO good! Only 12g C 6g F 2g P 

  • Kemp's Cookies & Cream Froyo-yall have to try this brand, it's out of this world 
  • Wendy's chicken nuggets-they are all fat and no protein which means they are processed garbage and yet I can't stop! HAHAHA! 4 nuggets = 12g F 10g C 5g P 

Favorite Shows: 

I never watch TV but I've been really trying to now that I have more down time at night. It just feels really good to have a show, and then you can talk to girlfriends about your "shows". How ridiculous that I have to make myself have a show! HAHA!

  • Nashville OBSESSION! Did y'all see the most recent ones? Juliet is straight crazyyy y'all. 

  • Scandal- I'm just like hooked in and can't stop watching! Olivia is the bomb!
  • Friends-Tanner and I always have a running quick show we watch on Netflix. It was New Girl for a while, and now it's become Friends. Both are so good! 
  • NCIS- I love a good suspense story! Who used to read Nancy Drew like it was going out of style? ME!!! (and then it did go out of style haha)

Top Places to Travel Next: 

  • The UK-Tanner and I are trying to get some big trips in before we have kids; yes yes I know, kids don't stop life but they can make things harder! We are going to London, Dublin & Scotland in February! JACKED. UP! Of course we will be using Norwegian Air and sleeping airbnb style to make it as cheap as possible! 

  • The West Coast (Oregon)-hoping to go with Brandy (my best friend) sometime in the spring 

  • Puerto Rico-again Brandy and I are talking about a long weekend in March 
  • Chicago-I really just want to hop on a plane, and go visit my friend Steph (@runtrimom) and have been wanting to go to Chicago for quite some time now 
  • Miami-In January Tanner and I are going to go to a crossfit competition to watch those from Koda!! SURPRISE if anyone from Koda is reading!!! This is where I did the seminar a few months ago, loved everyone to pieces, and continue working with all of their clients on their nutrition. I also met Leila there and we have been the best of friends since so I can't wait to see her again!

Now, I'm off to pick up one of my best friends in the whole wide world from the airport from NYC! This should be a really fun weekend ahead! :) 

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