NYC Friends Weekend and Final Long Run

It's me again! I think that everyone can tell the rotation of my blog is most of the time Monday through Friday with a  Monday post about the fun on the weekend! Andrew who is one of our best friends is still here, so we are working together today. He is currently playing Christian music across the house and singing. I love this kid forreal. The cool thing about city jobs is that many of them can be done remotely some of the time. In Shelby, that would basically never be the case unless you have a unique job like mine. He is hoping to go to Crossfit Shelby this morning. I'd love to do the WOD with him, but I just have my marathon next weekend, and my wrist is not entirely healed up yet. 

Someone at church said "I see Tanner's friends are in town" and I just said Yea! ... but really they are just as much mine. haha! We had such a close knit community group in NYC that we are all just like brother's and sister's now. It was a very low key weekend and so wonderful!

Andrew got a super early flight and arrived at 8:30am Friday morning with the sign below. He is a riot, and is constantly making jokes so I was not surprised to see this. He saw me, but was like walking around holding up the sign as if looking for "Katiesfitscript" HAHA! He had to work and so did I so that's what we did. Tanner took a half day so we grabbed some lunch (at Chickfila duh ha). At around 3, our friend Peter drove in from Atlanta. He was in NYC with us, but he took a job change to Atlanta. Tanner and Andrew had just planned on working out so they drug poor Peter into it. He was sore the rest of the weekend. HAHA!! 

Legit, Tanner was out there with them for like over an hour and made them do sprints at the end. I was like DUDE THIS ISN'T BOOT CAMP! COME INSIDE! haha! As you can see, my non existent social media husband is also very into fitness ;) 

After that, we cleaned up and went to dinner in downtown Shelby with my friends Erica and Justin. If you follow my blog for any amount of time, you'll recognize the same names of places come up. Erica's sister was playing guitar and singing at Newt's (a burger joint) but it was so crowded, so we headed to dinner at Pleasant City (the wood fire pizza place, fun fact, Shelby is called "The City of Pleasant Living" lol). After dinner, we went to the brewery that had a bluegrass band. They were SO GOOD! ... there was also guys dancing hilariously to which Andrew was flipping out because Shelby is just so small town southern. HAA!

Saturday morning, I woke up at 5:30am, per the usual, to get my long run in. My routine is always to give myself an hour to wake up. I read my bible over coffee and then eat breakfast and get mentally prepared normally with an inspirational youtube video. It was pouring rain and I was like "okay katie you got this" followed by "Katie, is this really what you want your life to look like? This is so insane." I was meeting someone so that helped. Justin is a friend I met through running, and has been a competitive runner for 11 years throughout college. He of course slowed down for me, but I was so thankful for someone who is very used to running through weather. We headed out for 12 miles. I was still so sore and it was stressing me out. We chatted about all things running so I just tried to forget about it. He also just did a half ironman too so we talked about triathlons. I'm so thankful for fit running friends! I'm also thankful for being able to live a fit life while also that being such a small part of who I am.

 I headed back home to the boys just waking up of course, and we got ready and went to Shelby Cafe for breakfast. Their breakfast is the BOMB! While the boys paid, I ran over to see my girl Molly at her boutique. I told her she needs to sell online because I'm just obsessed with her stuff! SO CUTE! SHELBY PEOPLE-She just got her new winter stuff in!! 

Garbage Plater = 2 biscuits, eggs, bacon, hash browns topped with gravy! I wish I could say it was mine, but I'm not this crazy-this was Tanner's but of course I ate some. haha!

Garbage Plater = 2 biscuits, eggs, bacon, hash browns topped with gravy! I wish I could say it was mine, but I'm not this crazy-this was Tanner's but of course I ate some. haha!

We had planned on going hiking, but it was raining (because apparently Shelby is now Seattle).  We hung out at the house for most of the day catching up, watching Netflix, and it was perfect! :) At 3, we decided to go see the new James Bond movie. I hate boy movies, and want to like them. I ENJOYED IT! YAY!! The cinema is on the way to Charlotte, so we left from there to go to dinner in downtown Charlotte. We went to Cowbell. Y'all, if you live in Charlotte, you HAVE to go to this place. It's a gourmet burger place...and now I have told my whole family I have to take them back. I took a selfie in the bathroom. See below hahaha! 

Booties or wedges with skinny jeans is like my all time jam this year! LOVING it! 

Booties or wedges with skinny jeans is like my all time jam this year! LOVING it! 

From there we went to the Epicenter which could almost be compared to an outlet mall that goes up and the stores are bars and clubs. It's hard to explain unless you've been, but it's really cool. Unfortunately the entire world though it was cool. It was so insanely crowded at every bar so it was kinda a big WHOMP! We ended up at a pub with a 90s band which was awesome but we left pretty quickly. I wanted froyo at the place next door, and it was not closing for 10 more minutes, and she wouldn't let me in. I was very genuinely actually upset and mad. I was internally coaching myself "Katie, this is not a big deal. It's froyo." hahahaha! 

We got home at midnight which is like perfect for this early bird (I CANNOT do the 3am outing junk). I'd actually prefer 10pm, but I won't be that guy. I woke up Sunday morning so proud of myself for getting that run in the Saturday rain, and could enjoy my Sunday. 

Andrews snap chat-haha! I can wife up sometimes ;) 

Andrews snap chat-haha! I can wife up sometimes ;) 

I made breakfast (bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits with hash browns), and then we headed to church. Our church here is so similar to my church in NYC, I knew they would love it. They are such good guys they would tell us they loved it regardless, but they got in the car and immediately started complimenting it. It just always makes you feel so good when you have friends who can build you up. I, too frequently, desperately miss NYC. We moved back so soon mostly because of Tanner's job, and that makes me feel guilty that I sometimes don't tell Tanner how much I miss it. I can't even let myself think about it really. And that does NOT mean I don't love Shelby and North Carolina. I do. I really do. I just feel I'm in my final location at 26, and I'm very much a wanderer so it just doesn't sit with me right....which is why we travel and will be going back frequently!! :) (And yes, Tanner applied to about 47,000 different positions but with the union, it wasn't happening and he was very depressed with his current situation there.) Who else is like me? I would rather buy ZERO new clothes or things, and spend every time on experiences! I've had the same car since I was 16 and Tanner like begs me to get a new one, and I'm like NOPE! She runs great! 

After church, we headed out to my brothers for the Panther's game, grilling, and shooting guns. We ended up not shooting but Andrew at least got to hold him a gun, which he was so cute about. What a game for those Panther's fans! THANK GOODNESS we won! My husband and brother were seriously about to lose their freaking minds, and I can't handle that mess over a football game. Yes, huge fan. But even when I play the sport, I'm like "okay calm down it's not that serious" lol! I got to love on my sweet nephew too of course. He is talking more and more! I love watching his little mind form language and think things through! Babies rock! (but I'll still hold off on my own).


Peter had to leave to get back to Atlanta at that point, so we headed back home and to tell him bye. It was somewhat of an emotional goodbye, but he is coming up to NYC in December so we can all be reunited again! Then our other friends are getting married in Nashville on New Years and we are all going! The rest of the evening was me cooking and cleaning and watching Kevin Hart! We laughed our butts off to the point of tears. Laughter is so good for the soul. 

Friends are so good for the soul. 

Weekends are so good for the soul. 

However, I've realized for me, structure is also so good for the soul. I love jumping into a routine. I love needing to get things done. I don't like to be bored. I like to accomplish things. So, we are off to another week and I wrote out some goals for the week this morning! Tapering is upon me now, so I hope I handle it well as tapering always makes you a little crazy. I have a HUGE volume ahead of me in preparation for my first 50K so I'm going to embrace this taper FULLY! 

What did you do this weekend? Anyone racing next weekend also?

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