NYC-dramatic bus ride and surprise trip

This thanksgiving was different than one that I've ever had before. I think that I'm finally to that stage in life where holidays will finally look the same. For years and years, I was in college (8 years to be exact). Finals were always the week after thanksgiving so I spent every thanksgiving in coffee shops at home studying or in pharmacy school, I just didn't even go home because it stressed me out too much. I didn't go black friday shopping unless my mom met me 4 hours away for just a few hours of fun and back to studying. I was one of "those" students. LoL! 

Last year, we were in NYC. It was wonderful but again, we didn't go home because of Tanner's job and I wanted to stay with him. We had a friendsgiving in our house, and it was wonderful. I absolutely loved hosting an event where people that couldn't go home could come into our home. 

This year, I was finally "home for the holidays". So thanksgiving was so nice this year spent with family. I decided as you all know to surprise my best friend in New York City last weekend though and I was able to make it for the friendsgiving that someone else hosted at their house this time. 

So, if you've never rode on a megabus...think about it real hard. It's ROUGH. It's run by people in Chinatown and they can't speak English. They have no regards for your safety or your well being, and they are always ALWAYS very late. They can drive really well, but they are really confident in their driving so it's very scary how fast they go through very small spaces with a large charter bus. The bus has been rode by so many people, it's DISGUSTING. It smells so bad, and the seats are worn. The bus was supposed to arrive at 6:30pm and drive through the night and arrive at 5:40am. I got there and non chalantly got told by the only person that can speak english that a bus would be there at 9:30pm. So, here I am in charlotte that's an hour away from my home ready to leave and can't for 3 hours. So, we went to Wendys. The bus did not in fact arrive at 9:30. I ended up waiting until 11pm. ELEVEN. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS LATE.

But, they brush it off. No big deal. HAHA! I was so emotional getting on that bus knowing I had 12 hours to go. The seats were full. It comes from Atlanta, and I got the very back seat. It was beside the bathroom and smelled so bad, I wanted to vomit. I started tearing up not believing what I was doing. HAHAH! Like seriously, it was nuts. I immediately bought a flight home which I'm thankful that I can afford to do. 

Because I was in the very back, the air was coming down right on me which I was weirdly thankful for because heat would have amplified the smell, but I did not have enough clothes on. I tried to go to sleep and couldn't because I was like shaking cold. The guy in front of me somehow noticed and offered to switch with me. He was my saving grace, and I think he felt bad for me. It doesn't end here... 

I read my iPad kindle for awhile, and finally was able to nod off to sleep (still FREEZING). At 3am, we stop at this big place with lots of restaurants and coffee and all that. I got out leaving my stuff on this locked bus. OF COURSE, I come back and my iPad is gone. I start freaking out...frantic. I ask all the men around me, and of course everyone says they haven't seen it. I run to the front of the bus and I say "I know if someone stole my iPad they are not going to speak up but PLEASE, PLEASE, give it back. I won't be mad." and of course everyone just stares at me in 3am confusion. I tell the bus driver (who can't speak english) that I'm going to look inside and ask if someone turned it in (I know-long shot). He doesn't understand and so someone tells him in Chinese (I think). He starts yelling at me in Chinese (again, it's 3am). I was crying and so mad at this point that I stepped back on the bus and pointed my finger at him and said "I waited FIVE HOURS for you to pick me up at the bus stop. You can wait for me for FIVE MINUTES!" I felt so good like YEA GO KATIE YOU STOOD UP FOR YOURSELF FOR ONCE!!! Then realized he doesn't speak English! HAHAHA!

Of course they didn't have it. I got back on the bus in tears. The men sitting around me were so so nice saying how sorry they were. It was very nice but also felt weird because I knew someone had it, and I felt I was falling asleep with people who were criminals. I was scared, and I couldn't sleep. 

I stayed awake until like 5am and finally exhaustion wore me out enough. I woke up around 8:30am when we made our next stop. I took all of my bags with me to go get breakfast at Starbucks. I walk back outside, and all of the people I was with are gone and so is the bus. I was like "OH MY GOSH THEY HAVE LEFT ME!" but turns out they were just around the corner. I found out that this scared a lot of people thinking they got left. 

I had a magazine thank goodness, and read that the rest of the way and just playing on my phone. I didn't have my books on kindle anymore so I was bored silly. We arrived at 12pm. And as I got off that bus this time, I KNEW it would be my last. I always say that, but I MEANT IT this time. My foot was in so much pain (this was the height of my injury). I don't know if the way I had to sit caused it, but it was awful. After another hour, I finally got to my friends apartment, and decided "I can do tough things. This is probably not a real injury. I'm gonna go for a job and see if the pain stays this dull ache." NOPE. That was when I realized the reality of it. 

So I took selfies

So I took selfies

I got about 0.25 of a mile before the pain had escalated so quickly I couldn't hardly walk. Of course, I turned my happy butt right around. Walking around NYC didn't help. I didn't realize I had a real injury until I was there, and the only shoes I had were wedges. Ironically, wedges made it feel much better. Walking flat footed is what hurt. I can now say it only hurts when I run...not every step like before. I tried to jog yesterday and same thing...escalating INTENSE pain. I'm getting an X-ray today just to figure out my game plan. 

I took a shower and got ready. I took a train up to the upper east side where I had got the address of the Walgreens that Brandy is the pharmacy manager of. I stopped at Starbucks on the way in and got her a latte. The way the pharmacy was set up, I was able to hide behind the shelves until her shift ended. She came out holding the trash and she saw me before I saw her.. She started screaming and dropped the trash and came and hugged me. She works in the wealthy part of the upper east and this old lady behind me was FURIOUS because we had scared her. LOL!! 

our attempt at not looking like we had too much wine at friendsgiving #nojudgement lol

our attempt at not looking like we had too much wine at friendsgiving #nojudgement lol

We headed back to her place where we prepared the food she was going to bring to Friendsgiving, and stopped on the way for some VINO. I'm such a white wine girl, and Brandy is a dry red. We can NEVER share wine. Unfortunate. 

Friendsgiving was wonderful. Twenty of us piled into Brittany and Robyn's tiny apartment. They had just got off work and were running around like crazy people. By the end of the night, red wine had been spilt on their italian leather couch and their white cushioned ottoman. Thank goodness that was NOT my doing, and using some tricks, this apparently came out. WOAH. I about died for them. We went around the table and all told what we were thankful for. Just about everyone said each other and we just all talked about what the Lord was doing in our lives. #LoveMyFriends Andrew is my brother basically, and he said he was thankful for getting to come to Shelby and see where I grew up. Don't you love when you have a true guy friend? It's the BEST! haha! 

the picture I sent to Tanner who was like "I love y'all but you're not allowed to send me these" because he was sad he wasn't there!! BOO!

the picture I sent to Tanner who was like "I love y'all but you're not allowed to send me these" because he was sad he wasn't there!! BOO!

Saturday, we spent the day celebrating Brandy. She loves to do things (just like me) and so we went to Brooklyn Boulder after breakfast. It was fun, but we tired of it quickly because none of us are real climbers. Lol! We were hungry and grumpy so we left and got Chipotle and headed back home to chill. We just hung out and had girl time until the night time festivities which included dinner in Tribeca at an authentic Mexican restaurant (that gave free chips which is rare in NYC) and then out to a club. We don't go to clubs, but we do for birthdays. Haha! It was guys and girls at dinner, but only girls at the club and it was SO SO FUN! We had a blast just dancing the night away. I was in wedges. You can imagine my foot pain. Ouch.

On Sunday, we had a thanksgiving dinner at our church after the service. For some reason, I decided to stand up and tell our thankful I was for the impact that church had on me. Y'all, my voice started shaking so bad people thought I was crying. I legit was SO embarrassed. Remind me not to speak feel-sy things looking into the eyes of peers, and just write them on my blog. HA!! I also worked while I was away too of course on Sunday and Monday. 

On Monday, we went to a yoga class and had lunch in the east village. I headed up to the upper east side again to have coffee with one of my good friends from last year and stopped at Ralph Lauren on the way. A friend who must not be named got me these adorable preppy Ralph Lauren trucker hats! After I had coffee, I went back to Brandy's apartment and we decided to go see the Hunger games and have dinner at Shake Shack (burgers and fries oh my goodness so good!)

They do in fact call this a trucker hat HA!

They do in fact call this a trucker hat HA!

This long weekend was seriously just the best, and made me miss NYC like crazy. The funny part is though, I'm going again on Thursday. I actually didn't plan this past weekend as it was a surprise, so this following weekend is when Tanner and I both are going up, so more fun to come! I'm so thankful for a job where I can do this and work in the interims of all of the fun! 

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