What My Work Day Looks Like

I know there are many people who have asked what it looks like to work a day in the life! :) I am very fortunate with the job that I have, but that also means working A LOT to be able to support a full time income! 

Every morning, I wake up at 6-6:30. I immediately go downstairs for my coffee, and quiet time. My quite time normally lasts about 30 minutes, and after that 30 minutes is up, I immediately get to work. 

I start with emails. Emailing is primarily what my job consists of. I am a coach. That is what I do as I have to be in contact with girls that want to reach their goals. Woot woot. I have been told all these different ways to get out of my inbox, but the truth is, I'm a coach. I talk to the people that email. The people that don't talk to those that email them are not very nice people. LOL! 

After I get done emailing, I write my blog (that's what I'm doing now-haha duh). The blog on Monday's comes before the emails. On Mondays, I do check ins. Check ins are a form that I send out to all of my clients and they respond to me individually with how the week went and how I can help them with moving forward to reach their goals whatever that may be. This is a lot of work, but that's okay. I actually prefer that people do the weekly check ins with me as I've found that those are the most successful clients. They communicate with me, and I'm able to tweek things. If it's Monday though, I write my blog before so that I don't end up never writing it. I spend like 10 hours normally doing check ins #reallife and then on Tuesdays, I normally have more second responses coming through or just late check ins. So, tuesdays I normally write the blog first as well. Every other day, I do the emails that I have in my inbox then blog. 

After I blog, I post this to all social medias (facebook, pinterest, instagram are my main platforms), and I go to my favorite bloggers pages and read their posts for the day and comment on their blogs. I spend about an hour every day networking, commenting on blogs, commenting on instagrams or face book pages. It's time consuming, for sure, but it does help growth. I can't shout this from the rooftops enough but it needs to be genuine networking, not "let me comment that you look beautiful with emoji eyes so that I get followers" networking. 

In between all of this, I'm normally eating and have ate about 2 meals then lunch. After lunch (which is normally my pre workout), I workout. My workouts typically take 2 hours with the whole scheme of things-maybe driving to the Y, lifting, biking/swimming/running or whatever my coach has planned for me that day. If it's cycling, I watch scandal on Netflix while I ride indoors right now. People hate the trainer, but I don't mind getting to catch up on shows. 

After my workouts, I go back to emails (2pm) because either I have new ones, or the ones that I responded to earlier have responded back. I do all new programs if I have any at this time. I also work each day a little bit on the new programs that I'm going to be releasing. Right now, that program is my newest challenge coming out in January. It is A LOT of work to put together any sort of program on my end because I want it to look good. I don't want it to just be a word document, but something of value that people can really learn something from. This next program will have new workouts as well as 4 weeks of meals written out for you. 

Normally at around 4pm, I try to go out in town or out to my home gym and capture some good photography. The lighting is right during this part of the day. If I have a recipe that I'm wanting to post later in the week, then I try to make it around 2-3pm so that I can photograph it around this time as well once the sun has somewhat went down and that golden hour is upon us ;) 

Normally this has me working until 6pm, at which point I catch up on different social medias. I comment back to people who have commented on my facebook fitness page, my blog, or my instagram. I make sure that I answer all of my facebook inbox messages, which I tend to get really behind sometimes. After this, I normally have more emails...I try to answer those. I really work all day every day unless we have plans for the night. I try to wrap up at around 7:30-8 though so that Tanner and I can have dinner together and the night together, but in all honesty I end up on social media. 

I network with people in the community trying to grow here as well. I chat with people that want to collaborate with me, or work with me. I work on recipes that I want to do, ebooks that I want to release. I work on tax paperwork and keeping up with all of my information so that everything is organized when it's that time. I also feel that it's a part of my job to be knowledgeable on the subject matter that I'm coaching others in so I have to be educated, and that means reading. At night, I try to read literature and keep up to date on all current health and fitness events. I try to make sure that I answer all the questions that my clients may have in my facebook groups (challenge groups & team group). I try to think ahead to what I'm going to post on instagram so that it's something that people are actually interested in. 

I love what I do. I do. It's so fun, and I get to come up with new ideas that I have. However, I'm not a creative. I'm just fit(ha), so it can be really tough for me at times to come up with pictures, and make programs pretty. I know I can hire someone for this, but that's expensive. I will say my only complaint is just myself...wearing my heart on my sleeve. As if I don't say it enough but just wanting people to like me for me but feeling like I don't fit in...feeling like I don't get that many likes on photos unless I like win marathons or something. LOL! And I know it's relative, but statistically speaking, I have 60,400 followers on instagram, and I don't break 1000 on most pictures. That's between 1-2% engagement and that kind of makes my heart sink a little....not because of business...not because of "fame"...but just because I wear my heart on my sleeve, and it's something I constantly work on :) (And I promise I'm not fishing for compliments here-just being honest with you guys!)

Many times at night, we do have events though and so I work hard to get everything done by 5-6pm. We might have something for church or a dinner with friends, and I try to wrap it up early. 

So, now it's your turn!!! I got so many comments on my injury post and then you guys stopped talking to me hehe! COME BACK!

What do you do for work? 

Want to share something that you struggle with at work? I'm all ears!


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