A Ha Moment

I came to my blog today, and I looked at the traffic. I always do this, but I just was thinking this morning about goals (which I will update y'all on this week) and plans for the future of this blog. I've grown and matured over the past 3 years and so that leads me to do other things of course. I was looking at the referrals for the blog which just means where are you guys coming from, and every single day, week, month, the overwhelming place that you guys come to my blog is literally just typing in "www.katiesfitscript.com"

Why have I never realized this? This leads me realizing that people literally type in the name of my blog just to see if I've posted again. Wow. That's so cool to me. I always post on all these social channels, but the main people that are coming are just people that follow along and want to see what I've posted, what I'm up to and whether there is a new post. So, while normally I don't post on Sundays, and with the goal of posting even more than ever this year, with many fitness things but also very non fitness things, I just wanted to say Thank You! I hope all of you are having an awesome weekend, and I can't believe I'm wrapping up another wonderful year of this blog. It's grown to more than I could have ever dreamed. I can't wait to catch up with all of your comments from the "What My Work Day Looks Like" blog because I got so many and I love hearing what y'all are up to! :) 

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