Christmas Weekend Fun

I've been having this problem where my computer keeps shutting down Safari, and let me tell you...blogs don't save! BOO!! haha! So, this weekend has been really relaxing but also a little bit stressful as I evaluate what's going on in my business, and how I want to move forward and what that means for me and Katiesfitscript. There's so many different avenues and obviously so many things to improve on, but I know it's going to be a really cool year. I'm excited and thrilled and can't wait to share more of the plans. I'm going to do a blog on that later this week (maybe tomorrow). So, question, do you guys like the youtubes? Do you want to see more of that? 

So, moving on, this Friday we went to my brothers house for dinner and hanging out because it has been so long since we have done that with them and they were leaving on Saturday for Gatlinburg for their 3 year anniversary. I wanted to hang out with my sweet baby nephew, Jackson, and just catch up. It was actually Tanner's idea, and I think it's really sweet when he wants to go hang out with my family and when he says that he misses Jackson. So cute. LOL! TRUE STORY: Jackson says "Nanner" (Tanner) and WILL NOT say "Katie" or "Aunt K" or "Kay Kay". I've tried all of the above, and every time, I say "SAY KATIE!!" and he says "NANNER!" hahaha! We had homemade burgers and fries with them (basically like we always do haha), and as we were putting Jackson to bed, he had the biggest throw up party of his life I feel like. I have never in my life. I mean I know babies spit up but this was more. Projectile, all directions, okay you've had enough... hahah! Also, he has a cat that lets him do whatever with it. See picture below.

So, on Saturday I told Tanner I wanted to spend the whole day with him (a date day) and just have quality time decorating the house and getting the house cleaned. So, we both had things we wanted to do that morning and then the rest of the day was ours at home! I woke up at 6am to do my 2.5 hour cycle. *Death boring emoji* lol! It's not all THAT bad though when I get to catch up on my shows. I have officially made it through Scandal Season 4 because I have had to spend so much time on the bike indoors on the trainer, and have just started Season 1 of Friday Night Lights! This has a lot of seasons, so I'll probably be on this one for a while. haha! I also snuck in ONE MILE!!! YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!!!! I am back guys!!! Very very little mileage for now but I made it one mile with no pain so I am THRILLED!! I'm running 2 miles today!! YAY! After that, I showered super quick to head to a friends baby shower. Tanner went hunting that morning. I don't know about in y'alls part of the world, but it was SUPER foggy and warm on Saturday morning so he didn't see a thing. 

My friend having the baby is my best friend from Gardner Webb. We went to the same high school but didn't get close until college, and now I just adore her. I'm so happy that I get to spend more quality time with her being closer to home and I can't wait to love on her new baby boy in February. Her and her husband are the ones that we went to visit in Greenville a few months back! :) Her husband said this weekend that instagram is girls porn. hahaha! I would have to agree. ;) 

After her shower, I went to Walmart. I ended up having to go to Walmart THREE times, Lowes, Marshalls and Target (30 minutes away) just to get my tree and mantle decorated. Everyone is out of EVERYTHING!!! But, it is finally complete and I am a happy HAPPY camper. We wanted to do more with the outside of the house and up our stair case, but it's just too much to purchase in one year. I'm going to wait until things go on sale at the end of the season and start building my collection of Christmas stuff now! It's cool to finally be in a place in life to be able to do that as we don't plan on leaving the house we are in any time soon. We basically decorated all day. We turned on Christmas music, and it was so fun. We also cleaned our crazy messy house ;) It's a new years resolution to try to actively keep it cleaner (I think we all have those that never work right). Tanner really isn't a messy boy and I'm so thankful for that!! 

Other than decorating, we also took videos for my program releasing in just a week as I put the finishing touches on everything. This will have videos, pictures, and meal programing for an entire month and will be ran as a challenge. It will also have all macro information so that you can calculate your own if you don't want to follow the meal program and if you do follow macros, it will give you some ideas of food to eat and meals to plan. This is something that people have been asking about for a long time so it is a TON of work, but I have finally finished that. It will have all new workouts as well.

We went to dinner with my mom and stepdad last minute. We were going to order pizza, but then we realized we haven't seen them in a long time too with our trips to NYC, so we went to a place called "Joes Place" that Tanner has just been dying to go to since we moved home. HA! For those that live here, that's hilarious but he just really wanted to try their Thai food. And mom and I got fajitas. You know you are small town when you serve Thai food, mexican food, american food and italian food all on the same menu because you know that you won't make it if you don't do all of them. LOL! 

das my momma walking up to meet me haha!

das my momma walking up to meet me haha!

On Sunday, WE REST ;) We got up and continued doing things around the house. We went to church which normally is a three hour affair (10-1). I won't go into too much detail about our church but I just love it. It's small...not like too small, but small enough. But it's contemporary. And not contemporary like rock music. I feel it is one of the first churches that I can literally say that they are in it 100% (wish I could capitalize that number) on just worshiping the Lord. THAT IS IT.  Every single person on staff is voluntary. There is not one paid person and yet they are all phenomenal. It really blows my mind. That is something that I'm struggling with is giving up my time for the Lord, and every single week these people give up their time for NO PAY. It's so inspiring. Our pastor is so knowledge, our worship leader could seriously be on broadway with her voice, and everyone is around our age so we have made a lot of friends. I could not feel more blessed with our church. We went home and of course immediately turned on the Panthers game. 14-0!!! UNBELIEVABLE! SO FREAKIN COOL!!

Sunday is actually the day I went to Target because we needed new stockings. Our old ones just didn't match and they were like lime green and red (yuck lol). I'm a neutral girl (duh-you know this if you've seen my house pictures haha). I got fur ones!!! HOLLA! After that, we headed to my maw maws for our weekly family dinner. How cute is my family right? We all just had Mexican and hung out in the living room. My maw maw has a full time caretaker and is in a hospital bed in the living room so we all pack in there like sardines and just act like fools and laugh together. It makes for the sweetest memories over the years. 

We were supposed to go look at Christmas lights, and some of them did, but Tanner and I just decided to come on home because he had to be up by 5am for his job. For those curious about his job, it's going really well. He loves what he is doing now. It's stressful because the clinic just opened and they have SO much on their plate, but he knows that it will all settle down eventually! 

So, that was my weekend. How was yours? 

Did you go see lights? Did you decorate your house? 

What's your favorite Netflix series?

o you have any questions about the new program?


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