I took the plunge today. Ironman posted at the beginning of this week that they had bought Beach to Battleship. My feelings on this are mixed, but it makes for an easy choice when deciding what race to do. 

Ironman reminds me of Walmart. When you move to a small town and there are only local grocery stores, that's awesome but Walmart is nice to have around too. When Walmart buys out the local grocery store, it makes you sad and angry for the little grocery store, but then you shop at Walmart because it's right here in your town. 

THAT'S BEACH TO BATTLESHIP! I'm sad they got bought out, but it's good for the growing organization of Ironman, and I wanted to run through and for them to say "Katie Ringley, you are an ironman" YAYYYY!!! 

So, on October 22, 2016, God willing, I'll start AND FINISH that race, preferably with no bike crash!!! Like, can a sista just have a race without a story? I mean really. LOL! Always something right ;) 

I did a youtube in commemoration of this day! :) 

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