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So, yesterday definitely got crazy and I didn't get to do the blog that I planned, but today I wanted to talk about the macro class that I had last night. The local YMCA in Shelby has been wanting to work with me for a really long time, and in 100% honesty, I've been so busy with all of my online coaching that we haven't made it happen but we were like "OKAY LETS DO THIS!" about a month ago and started planning. People could either sign up before or just sign up at the desk last night before the talk. It went super great because they have a board room that's attached to a kitchen.

Yesterday, I was trying to get all of my emails out for the day, get my workout done and prepare all the papers and food for the talk. The plan was to have hand outs for everyone but there was a technology glitch (are we shocked with me?) and it didn't transfer right from my mac to their Microsoft computers, so I wasn't able to give that to the girls. In some ways, I almost think this was better, because I think just like a teacher in school, if you are trying to teach something and people are just looking at their paper, they may not be listening to you. When explaining all the ends and outs of macros, it can be a lot of math and people's minds are just blown at first. Lol! So, it's cool to try out different methods of teaching it. I never thought I would be a teacher of anything, so that's also a new thing for me. I'm super comfortable with this topic now, so I really don't get nervous at all. 

Just so everyone knows how it goes and for those that may be interested in the future, this is something that I'm going to teach you EVERYTHING. I teach you how to do macros, how to reverse dieting, what to do if you aren't getting results, different ideas and tips and hacks of macro counting after doing it for so long, how to track alcohol, how to live life every day flexibly and easily, how to use myfitnesspal and adding recipes, how to read a nutritional label, high vs low glycemic index foods, and calculate the numbers for you. I also did a cooking demo of my protein waffles and spoke about actual scientific data and literature on these topics and calculations and how to change that to fit you personally. I think that people will pay ANYTHING for someone to sell them a supplement that has no data and doesn't work, but it seems to be harder to get people interested in actual nutrition which can be information that will last them for the rest of their lives. I promise it's worth the cost. So, the group was small which ended up being PERFECT and I was able to talk with each person individually. There were even two girls that follow me and are doing my programming that drove in from Charlotte, so that was awesome to be able to squeeze their necks :) 

I had also put out some chips and salsa, crackers and bean dip and some cookies! I used a lot of the food that I brought and the food that I had in my fridge to just give examples of things that were actually in my cabinets that I had grabbed that you would never expect that I eat (chocolate chip mini muffins, oreos, cookies, Reece's, etc) and talked about it's so easy to fit pizza, lasagna, or any of your favorite restaurants into your day while still reaching your goals. People think it's all a hoax and that it can't possibly work, but I loved having my mom there as well to be proof that it does! She shared a little bit of her story and tips and tricks that she has learned over the last 6 months of doing this.

After I taught the lesson which first starts with macros and then I go into reverse dieting and how all of this can work in your individual life and allergies, and food preferences and how to get started, we moved into the kitchen. I had put together the dry ingredients of my waffles (22g oats, 5g coconut flour, 1 sweetNLow packet, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder) and then I brought the wet (3 egg whites and 2 tablespoons plain greek yogurt). I mixed it up in the food processor, put it in the waffle maker and everyone got to taste it. Personally I have to have mine with salt and peanut butter! ;) 

After we had the cooking demo, we went back into the board room and I was able to sit down with each person, answer their individual questions (which is why it was nice to have a small group) and calculate their macros for them based on their specifics, and their goals. I also spoke on workouts, talked about resistance training and weight lifting, and what the best approach to weight loss is. I really hope that they are able to put it into practice, and most all of them said they were going to start in the new year. 

Just a sample of the powerpoint page of teaching about myfitnesspal

Just a sample of the powerpoint page of teaching about myfitnesspal

I always tell people to take the first week to just start tracking what they are already eating, and see where they land. From there, you can make adjustments to hit the numbers that I calculate for you, so that is what I think they are going to do. They are going to take the next few weeks to just start tracking and finding foods that fit the different macros (protein, fat, carb). I really love teaching this to every person I can get my hands on because it can be really life changing. 

Seeing the Charlotte girls made me realize that I've got to make a date for a dinner in Charlotte in January so I'm excited to get that going. In February, we are having a team retreat in Maggie Valley NC so that's going to be really cool too! We have girls from all over the US, so of course a lot of them are not able to make it but it's so fun to be able to meet the girls that I coach that are a little closer. 

I'm excited to continue to do public speaking events, and I am planning on doing another at a Christian conference in the new year. I'm willing to come to your location if you are interested in having me, so feel free to let me know! :) I love getting to interact with people more than just strictly staying online! 

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