Body Acceptance Movement

I know that we all know about the movement that has been going on with accepting our bodies just as they are. I think that this is so great. I think that women are so beautiful, and I actually look at bodies all day long with client check ins. I know that sounds weird, but I find it so interesting how we are all made so different. We have this image of what our bodies are supposed to look like, and I wouldn't have a job to be honest if it wasn't for this ideal....which is kind of sad. The majority of women that I work with don't look anything like those models that we see in the magazines, and how beautiful is that. 

I've come to accept my own body more and more the more that I work with so many women and see how many different shapes and sizes that the Lord has formed in His image. I watch women every day beat themselves up and I work my hardest to convince them that they are beautiful just the way that they are, but that it's okay if they also want to work towards their goals. My goal with everyone is food peace. THATS the goal...not weight loss. Almost always when you have food peace, you are able to work towards your goals without all of the mental anguish that goes along with that. 

I'm a firm believer that there is nothing wrong with reaching for goals, and I feel like the body acceptance movement has made it not okay to work towards goals. I have women that email me that ask how they are supposed to eat when they go out to eat because when they order the healthier option when they go out to eat, they are put down for this. We all know the drill. If you are dieting, no matter your size, you are told that you are fine JUST the way that you are and that you need to stop. Little jokes are made to me all the time and I've gotten used to them. It's not okay to be an athlete, and eat well to support that. It's always seen as an obsession...always. That's because of the way that society has portrayed healthy eating. It's all about what we are grown up to think and it's almost impossible to get those thoughts out of people's heads unless they themselves are healthy eaters or runners. 

Amy Schumer released a picture this week that was absolutely beautiful, and such a movement for women and acceptance. It's spreading like wildfire, and what she put beside of it was this caption: "Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman"

LOOK AT THAT. LOOK AT THAT!!! haha! I just love it so much. 

But, but, of course there is a but, my mind immediately wondered if she has food peace. Does she love her body so much that she's able to eat balanced and enjoyable every single day with no anguish over that? Obviously that's my goal for everyone and so it makes me curious if she has found that. I really think that she has was my next thought and I think that's super cool.

Wanna know who else has found food peace? 

Jennifer Aniston! She talks about her goals, and how much she loves the way that healthy eating makes her feel! She loves the life of health and she is not disordered in any manner. She's maintained the same body for years and years, and works out religiously. 

It is O-KAY to have goals. It is okay to be skinny. It's okay to have muscle. It's okay to have fat in areas that aren't your favorite. Love yourself. YES, absolutely! I just hate that loving ourselves has become an excuse to not take care of ourselves. There is a balance between the two, and it's okay if you work towards goals. If someone says they are going to medical school, no one says "No no don't do that! Your brain is perfect JUST the way that it is! ACCEPT YOURSELF!" No! Because it's okay to have ambition. It's okay to have goals. But, somehow that's not okay when it comes to our bodies? It becomes not okay to love our bodies enough to work on them. It's okay to have diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and no one will say a thing to you. We have meds for that, right? But somehow it's not okay to be a runner. Now, THAT'S crazy talk. It's not okay to work out every day and eat healthy every day because THAT, now THAT is obsessive. I have a stress fracture and I can't tell you how many times people have said "that's your body's way of showing you that you were doing too much!" HAHAHA! No, actually, I just had a goal to run a fast marathon and accidents happen to athletes. Growing up when kids play sports, and little Johnny breaks his arm at the football game, does someone tell him that's God's way of showing him to slow down?! No..haha!!! Stuff happens! It's OKAYYYY to have goals as an adult.

I don't care if you are 300lbs, 100lbs, or 200lbs. Do you have food peace? Do you eat balanced, healthy, and workout? Do you take care of yourself? I wish that we could at least have someone mainstream that could talk about THAT...the mix between the two! No, we are not all going to look like the barbie doll VS models. It's their JOB to look that way. I think as a nutrition coach it's my job to look a certain way as well.  The comparison game is never  a game that you want to play. However, healthy living (mind, body, spirit)...that's a game that I want to always play and always be apart of.

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