This weekend was so busy, and so fun! I just absolutely love the holidays, and the fun is definitely going to continue this week! Currently, I'm covered from head to toe in Christmas puppy chow because I woke at 5am to make it. You know your life is busy when you're making puppy chow at 5am! HAHA! Y'all, if you have ever wondered why that junk tastes so good, then all you have to do is make it and you'll know. Like, it's hilarious. It's cereal covered in chocolate, peanut butter, butter, and powdered sugar. And I'm not talking about a little bit. It's so much more of all of the above then you could ever imagine. And then, throw in some more chocolate pieces and pretzel M&M's! LOL! It has to look festive...duh! ;) 


We always never intend to do this, but our weekends seem to fill up before we know it. On Friday,  I did my longest run to date at that point which was 4 miles. The wind was INSANE, but it just felt so good to get some solid mileage under my feet. I woke up Friday morning and could not all. It is getting better every day but I definitely think I either have a virus or just strained my voice at my macro & cooking class. I got coffee at 2pm with a runner friend in Shelby to talk to her about how to PR at her next race. Tip for readers: You WILL NOT get faster if you don't train appropriately. You could stay the same speed for 10 years and then create an actual training program and get faster within 6 months. What I mean by that is speed and tempo workouts and easy workouts. It's not always fun but it's what you have to do! Honestly, Friday was work work work knowing that I was going to have a busy weekend but when Tanner got off, we headed to his work holiday Christmas party. 

It was very small but it was cool to see all the people that he works with on a daily basis. This was just the cancer institute so there were actually no other pharmacists, but just the other people that work in that facility but as of right now, he's the only pharmacist. The cool thing is that it will grow I'm sure and then he will have been the first so that's something to look forward to. 

On Saturday morning, I got my first long run with my running group again! YAY!YY!!Y!Y!Y! I missed my main runner friend, George!! We haven't run together since the marathon and he has actually hurt his hamstring, so he can't go very fast right now. So, we ran with two other friends (one of which was the one from Fridays coffee) and did 6.5 miles at a 9min/mile pace. This week I'm still easing back into things and doing any real workouts but getting some more mileage in and next week, we will kick it up again probably. I have my final X-ray today on my foot in an hour so I'm hoping my fracture has completely healed. I haven't had any pain from that (of course my plantar fasciitis still hurts UH) so I'm assuming it's healed. 

After we ran, I came home for a quick breakfast (I woke up too late before my run) and headed out to deliver backpacks with food for needy children in our community with my church franssss. It's so moving to see the homes in your own neighborhoods that genuinely need help, and it's so sad at the same time. We focus so much on foreign missions (at least I feel that's what most people do) or even traveling for mission trips within churches, and it is RIGHT IN YOUR BACKYARD! I have actually felt really convicted before about this because then I'm like "Okay, so did I just go on mission trips for I could pat my own self on the back?" 

{{Actually, while in Belize, I have to tell this story because I'll never forget it. We went to this place with a big (white) Christian community to eat and actually even served alcohol (I found that so weird). At this place, Belizian women served us. One of the leaders of a group stands up and gives a speech about how PROUD he was of us. He was so thankful for the time and the money and the energy that we put forth to come serve in Belize. He spoke about how much poverty was there, and how we had no idea how much we were touching lives. 

All I could think about were the women SERVING US and what they must be thinking! Uh!!!! We are there with our alcohol, patting ourselves on the back for doing these "INCREDIBLE" things while the people that we were there to serve were serving us. I'll never forget it, and it makes me look at things differently. Are you doing missions because you want to feel good about yourself and what you are "doing for the kingdom" or are you GENUINELY wanting to help others. And if you want to help others, why aren't you in your own neighborhoods? #OFFMYSOAPBOX}}

Tanner went hunting on Saturday morning and actually got a small spike, so he was excited about that. He actually had stopped by my uncles house on the way home on Friday and they decided to go hunting together. My husband is so dang sweet. I love that he loves my family, and he does love my uncle (and other uncle and aunts and cousins and grandparents) so he had a blast! He does everything himself in this process (actually for ethical reasons) and so he was going to be busy with that all day. So, I headed to get some more Christmas shopping done! I didn't complete it, but I was able to stop in an Organic Marketplace and grab some seitan, apple cider vinegar, buckwheat and other plant based fun things to add to my diet! Food is such a cool thing full of culture and experience and I just love it! I love cooking and I love food! :) I've really fallen in love with whole foods this week and experimenting with new kinds of fruits and veggies and grains I haven't ate before, and my body is loving it :) My digestive track has seriously never been happier (and I mean never ever in my life).

On Saturday night, we had a party with my dad's entire side of the family! It's always the same thing every year so we knew Bingo would be happening. HAHA! They are such a fun group and I love hearing my maw maw laugh with her family. If you know my Mawmaw (on my dads side), her laugh and her personality is INFECTIOUS!!!! She is 89 and still so healthy and I'm convinced it's because of her always relaxed attitude and happiness in life. I started feeling pretty under the weather so we came home from that and I went straight to bed. 

On Sunday, I got up and realized "I'm having a Christmas party on Monday and I have not planned literally one thing." So, I got on pinterest. I knew I wanted a Photo Booth because I had some Christmas props from Target, so I asked Tanner. If you follow me on facebook you saw the incredible backdrop that he actually created just going out with a machete in our backyard. Ever have one of those moments where you think your husband is absolutely insane and then he completes the task, and you're like DANG I LOVE YOU! haha! 

Before that though, I headed to Walmart for all the food and supplies for the party! I headed to church and then realized, I NEEDED MORE AT WALMART. BOO! I had to go BACK! haha! We came home and cleaned house and watched the Panthers game while he made the back drop! We had a party for our church last night so at 5 to help our friends set up and picked up pizzas as our "pick up" (true story-I cut Little Cesars into little slices to make it more of a "side dish" because who has time #AMIRIGHT!). This party was so fun and SO many people. We got to catch up with everyone, and then we all stood around and sang the Hallelujah chorus. Y'all, it was so fun with like 100 people singing super loud. haha!! It was also a tacky Christmas party and my pastor has like a pimp red hat and he was directing the music so that was quite comical. My church is so fun...I love making faith and living together in the kingdom fun! :) It's not about all the rigid rules like people make it. It's about living in freedom with a joy you can't explain with those around you every single day, not just on Sundays.

At the end, we made smores around the camp fire, and I got to catch up with my sweet friend Ali (she has 3 babies and a small business too so busy busy gal)! Tonight, I'm having a lot of the same people over to my house for our Christmas party. It's going to be ginger bread house making, and hopefully some champagne and Photo Booth fun! I'll of course post pictures ;) haha! 



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