First Annual Ringley Christmas Party

So, this party went better than I could have anticipated! :) When we were thinking about New Years, I told Tanner that maybe we could have a party at our house. He was like "Girl, you can't have a party at every holiday and call it yours and annual!" hahah! What can I say? I like to party! And by party, I mean putting on a Christmas onesie with one drink and everyone gone by 9pm!

Like I said in a previous blog, this party was planned VERY last minute. I realized on Sunday morning that I had a general idea of what I wanted to do but no real plans, and for that, I am proud of the way that it turned out. I always think that if there is something to actually do at a party then it ends up being a lot better, which is why I knew I wanted the kids to build the gingerbread houses and for the adults to have the photo booth to keep us entertained.

We have a space on our wall that we normally have the dog crate, and so I knew it would be the perfect spot. We put the dogs upstairs in our bedroom, and they did surprisingly well to be able to hear 20-25 people down below them and not tearing everything up. If they had been at the party though, it would have been crazy because there was 8 kids, and unfortunately Zoey my anxiety baby, does not do well with kids so we are going to have to work on that! Haha! 

texted my friend Leigh Ann on Monday morning and asked her if she had a rolling pin and parchment paper for the gingerbread houses. She so sweetly laughed at me and told me I was crazy for trying to have kids like actually make the gingerbread, and that she would bring all of the supplies (she’s a teacher and a life saver always). She’s super organized, so she comes in with this box. Yall, it was great! I wish I had a picture. It was stocked full of milk cartons and waffle cones and icing and candy for all of the kids to decorate with.


I had NO IDEA what was required for the making of gingerbread houses, but now I know and will be better prepared in the future. I didn’t have a table cloth and she brought one and suggested that I put trash bags over my white upholstered dining room table chairs. CLEARLY I DON’T HAVE CIHLDREN YET! Hahaha! 

I also was running crazy behind because as you all know, Mondays are my check in days. It all worked out though and I just worked 12 hours yesterday with an hour break for some Salvation Army bell ringing and singing (proof I am one track to hollywood with my voice in the video below #jokes) to make up for the time that I missed on Monday when I had to stop work at 3pm. I knew I had to at least stop then so that I could speed clean my house and get things at Ingles and pick up pizza. I had no time to change so I had to go to the grocery store in my onesie. Most people stared and laughed, and one rolled their eyes at me. COME ON SCROOGE! IT’S DECEMBER 21ST! I saw a friend and of course she was cracking up at me! I rushed out and went to grab the pizzas, which took forever of course. So, at 6:18pm I was walking out with the pizzas and my party started at 6:30pm and nothing had been set out. WHOMP!

I called Leigh Ann who had come early and asked her to start putting stuff out and preparing the chicken salad croissants! Hilarious how crazy this day was!

I knew I needed to get my hot cocoa bar set up, which when it was over and we were cleaning up, Tanner said that the only reason I have that is so that I can take a picture because no one uses it. HAHA! Unfortunately, my picture is not even pinterest worthy and he was right in that no one used it. So, that was expensive and I will not be doing that next year. Everyone opted for pizza, beer, wine, and spiked egg nog and of course all the other snacks. 

As the host, the night was a blur. With being so underprepared, I was running around just making sure that everyone had everything! I sat down with some of the kids and helped them do their gingerbread houses, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen this in action, and how fun is this activity for kids! This will DEFINITELY be a holiday tradition with my kids! 

Everyone filtered out starting at 8:30 and some of our good friends from church stuck around towards the end and we just chatted until around 9-9:30! They also helped me clean up everything. I’m always the person saying “No no no! I’ve got it” but they insisted and when I woke up on Tuesday morning with a clean kitchen, I could have hugged them.

Shoutout to Leigh Ann because she had NO idea that she was going to be such a huge person in making my party go well, but she is the reason it did! Haha! They have parties at their house literally all the time so I think that she is well versed in how it all goes. She’s the tiny one on the far right and was my babysitter when I was a little kid during the summers! 

Also, my brother is really inappropriate but hilarious. 


We had such a good time, and I think me and mom may make one at our party tonight because we had so much fun with the gingerbread houses! :) 

And look who has been doing a better job about Vlogging! Be impressed guys! BE. IMPRESSED! ;) I plan on keeping it up and this talks about my training for this week and moving into next at the end if you are curious just so you know what's included. I know videos are hard to watch, but I've really gotten into listening to YouTube videos while riding on my trainer instead of Netflix, and I thought this might be something fun for me to keep up with as well!

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