My 2015 Year in Review

I have probably spent approximately an entire extra day re writing blogs that get deleted because I forget everyday that squarespace is now shutting down on me. I have switched browsers, and it’s still deleting my posts therefore I’m going to be emailing them today **insert fake happy face because I’m about to go mad**

However, I always get really excited to do these posts. I always feel like I’m bursting at the seems when a new year starts with all of my new ideas and ways to improve and not just Katiesfitscript but just life in general. I like to look back on this blog and see what I’ve done throughout the year, and at my post from last year and see what I realistically did because I do like to actually do those things I say I will. HERE is that post if you are interested.

I find the most interesting the fact that I thought I was going to be able to do all of those races. I thought it was my last year in NYC and so I wanted to do as many as I could but come to find out, we were going to be moving much sooner, so that didn’t happen. With the Boston Marathon and my full ironman this year, it’s a little unrealistic of me to think I’m going to do a ton of races, but I do hope to do an ultra this year as well but not sure which one yet.

This post is going to just be about how 2015 panned out and tomorrow I’ll do my goals so that this post isn’t 20 pages long! ;) The thing I did above all of my races that I'm most proud of is that I read the Bible from start to finish this year! It has absolutely transformed my life from the inside out, and set in place a quiet time in the mornings that I hope to hold onto forever and ever.


We went to Hunter Ski Mountain with a huge group of friends-I personally haven’t been on a trip like this so I found it to be really fun. I’ll have a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) when they go this year, but so thankful I got to go and plan last year’s. 


We went to Norway, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Berlin. I think that it takes getting on the outside of a trip like this, and remembering it that you realize just how amazing it was. We went somewhat spontaneously, and just looked up things to do in each city on the train on the way. We slept in two train stations not knowing that there would be no heat in the middle of the night in Europe. It made for THE BEST memories with Tanner that I’ll never forget. If you’d like to see how we did it $2500, HERE’s that. But of course, it is of note, that’s because we slept in train stations.

One night we found a hotel across the street, and went and asked how much it would be because we would only be there like 2am to 6am, and they said $100 and we were like “NAAAA we’re good” HAHAHA ;) So, we froze.


NYC Half Marathon-PR’d with a 1:33 and got to run through Times Square and the rest of the city which I absolutely loved! Do that half marathon if you get the chance, and I’m hoping to qualify for the full soon!! You need a 3:12:53!


We announced our move and had to sleep on friend’s couches because our lease was up and there is basically nowhere in the city that you can go for that short of time. I was honestly REALLY stressed out during this time because I lived in a constant state of guilt of having to ask people for help. I didn’t like that AT ALL but I’m forever grateful to the friends that were so gracious to us in this time when we didn’t know what to do. 


We moved back to North Carolina on the 11th. I’ll never forget it.

I did the Over the Mountain Tri also, and this is the course that my bike broke down halfway. Honestly, I was trying to ride like a Walmart cruiser on the hardest bike course on the east coast and just thought my endurance would carry me through. I hadn’t even rode a bike outside at all I don’t think at that point. Legit, just signed up because I wanted to know what an open water swim felt like, so at least I got out of it what I came for ;) I found out that OWS does not bother me at all so that was good.


We started the process of buying our first home which we are in now. Super exciting stuff! I was studying like mad to take the licensure exam for NC at this point. BUSY BUSY.


I (FINALLY) became a licensed pharmacist in North Carolina which is something that I’m so incredibly proud of.

I also ran Grandfather MountainMarathon and somehow got first place in my age group. I found that I absolutely love running through the mountains and on trails which leads me to believe that I would love ultramarathons, so I’m hoping to be able to do one this year. It’s a marathon up a mountain so it’s pretty intense (aka crazy lunatic) stuff.


Katiesfitscript became incorporated which was a huge deal to me! I keep telling people that I’m going to keep doing this as long as it’s the Lord’s will and it keeps providing, and as of right now it just continues to grow so for that, I’m grateful!


Beach to Battleship Half Ironman

I think back on that race, and after my crash, I thought maybe tris just weren’t for me. Maybe I just wasn’t meant for it, and then when I crossed that finish line, every moment was worth it. I’ve never been so proud of myself…ever. It changes you. I also hired a coach


Thunder Road Marathon where I PR’d with my 3:15:20 and was the third female overall winner. I still absolutely CANNOT believe that.

I also took an overnight 12 hour bus to surprise my BFF, Brandy so that was an adventure.

Now, here we are. December was a blur full of memories and laughter, and we leave on thursday for our last trip of the year to Nashville for New Years! 

I always am so mushy but when I think about how much this life has to offer, I’m just in awe. When I sit back and think about the rest of the world, and how incredibly LUCKY we are to be in the positions that we are in. Just let that sink in.

Are you reading this? That means that you have the capacity to have internet, and most likely a computer. If not a computer, then that means that you have a phone. I don’t know why but the world poverty and all of the needs in the world have been HEAVY HEAVY on my heart this week.

Even before I spoke with the family from Haiti, I just felt like I was being called to help more in my community and far beyond that. I think it started when our church took food to needy families in Shelby. I’m not going to go into full details here, and I’m going to save that for tomorrow’s YouTube to explain my emotions lately with food and world hungry and poverty. So, if you haven’t subscribed, now is the time ;) 

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