World Hunger & Giving up Meat

So this came about somewhat serendipitously, so forgive me for the random detour. I won't give a lot of details but you'll find reasons in here that Tanner and I are giving up meat. That is by no means a political stance, nor is that a viewpoint we wish to push on others, and I really don't even want it to be a thing. It's just what I feel is right for us at this time for reasons that you'll find in this video.

I also ask that I am not labeled. "Katie's vegetarian. Katie's vegan. Katie's plant based." There's too much judgement, politics and viewpoints that go along with those terms. I never want some label placed on me. It reminds me of some verse in the bible where Paul talks about how his soul purpose is bringing people to Jesus therefore if someone is vegetarian, well then he didn't eat meat with them. If they weren't vegetarian, well then he ate meat because those things are insignificant in the light of the REAL things that matter. Amen brother. It's not that serious of an issue. The final reason is something that almost feels like divine intervention when I get an email from one of my incredible friends in NYC who serves the Lord WELL. She was asking me to participate in the Daniel Fast with her. Truly, I'm not a fasting type of girl. I know that sounds quite selfish but really, I get hungry, grumpy and it just isn't in anyone's best interest and I didn't see the utility. 

This is only a 21 day fast. This is not a JUICE CLEANSE OR A DETOX DANG IT! This has NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with diets or losing weight. I'm just giving up animal products of any kind. I'm also not a quack I promise ;) hahaha! But I do think that it's important to challenge ourselves, moving out of our comfort zones, and into the unknown to discover things about ourselves and for me right now, that means giving up meat and any other animal products for the 21 days of this starting Jan 4. It's called the Daniel fast (as some of you might be familiar) so I'll be sharing more of that as I go. [[Sooj, if you are reading this, I had already wrote this blog and was planning on doing this anyway and then got your email and read so much stuff on the Daniel fast last night so I dove right in]]

I think it's convenient that 21 days also is the amount of time it takes to break a habit so there's that. I'll be doing full days of eating on the bloggy blog of what that looks like. I'll be following a macro breakdown but a little different. I might gain weight because I'm normally very structured. WHO CARES? I SURE DON'T. But, just putting all nutritional data out there. :) 

I also legit never intended on telling all of this and was just going to do it, but then the stars have all aligned and here I am spewing my words on the blog. LOL! Today is also the final day of finishing the bible. WHAT A YEAR! WOW. Here is how I feel about that, and how it changed my life. I have gotten a lot of emails from people asking about my faith and how I share it and how that affects my business, and the truth is that it probably does in good and bad ways. No matter your religious affiliation, I want everyone to just be passionate in the things that they believe with their full hearts. When I sat down and thought about whether I would include faith in what I do, it kind of seemed pointless to not. It felt on purpose and unnatural to not, and I couldn't have that.

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