Update on Injury and Training

So, we all know I have a stress fracture so I thought I'd just tell you everything that I got told and what that means for me. Honestly, people keep saying I'm being positive when really I think i just haven't let myself think about it. That's how I deal with things that I know are stressful but really don't need allowance of my attention...I just don't think about them. I'll deal with whatever happens and we will go with that. I never sign up for races until I'm done with the last one just in case, so I hadn't signed up for Charleston. Mostly, I'm bummed because so many friends are doing it and I wanted to run with them. 

I will stop for a minute and tell about this whole "pushing things out of my mind" thing. I would DEFINITELY say that I'm born an anxious person. I have been on anti anxiety meds in the past, and I got really worked up about the smallest things. I am this huge believer in self work. I didn't want to live my life that way. I have seen my dad struggle with that and depression for my entire life, and I just couldn't envision my life like that. I am not trying to feed you bull here, but I can honestly say that when I grew in my faith, it all started to fade in the background. I'm just able to reason with myself now and maybe that's just growth and maturity. I am able to take a step back, think of things outside of myself, and realize what something actually means. I always ask myself what's the worst case scenario, and normally I'm like "eh that's not that serous." It has literally transformed me from someone who freaked out all the time to a very chill person (but forgetful which is really annoying). 

For example, my iPad. In the past, I think I would still be upset over that. I used to get this sinking feeling in my chest about things that I could not control. It was like overwhelming angina from stress. My heart rate would rise, and I would get emotional. It is legit the EXACT opposite now. I thought of the worst case scenario and was like "Okay, so now I don't have an iPad. What does that mean for my life?...Oh yea nothing. Dry your tears. Buck up." and I did! HAHA!

So, same goes for my injury. There's other things that I can do. It's not that serious. I'm still an athlete. I'm going to be until I die. This is like a month out and then I'll slowly rehab back, so I really just don't think it's a big deal. Do I miss running? ABSOLUTELY! Do I wish I could run? Of course. But, it's not worth my chest pain angina so I just forget about it. LOL 

When I was getting my X-ray, I just knew it was a waste of time. I even told the doctor that. I said "I know this won't show anything" and he said "yea you're probably right" as I'm sure people come in all the time with stuff. And he said "UH WELL IT DOES" and there was two little white lines with a separation in the middle of them across my fifth right metatarsal which is indicative of a stress fracture. As the bone heals back, this line will become more pronounced so he wants me to come back in three weeks and have another X-ray to make sure that it's completely healed. He also said that this other pain that I was feeling was most likely tendonitis and then I have classic plantar fasciitis symptoms which I knew prior. I have a lot of pain in my heel upon waking but once the fascia gets moving, the pain subsides. 

He described a stress fracture so well. Basically think of it like a paper clip. If you try to bend a paper clip to break it, it's not going to break. However if you keep going back and forth back and forth back and forth on the paper clip, it's eventually going to break that metal. That's exactly what my bone did during the marathon.

Moving on to what I CAN do versus what I cannot! :) 

I can squat. I can deadlift. Time to get dat booty ;) ... that I will not be showing to instagram! Haha! 

Let me tell you a luxury that I wish I had always had...programming from someone else. Because, at the end of the day, I can program my workouts. It's so much work though!!! I know coaching can be expensive, but how nice to just say "okay tell me what my workout is for the next week" and it's all laid out for me. My coach told me that I just need to be a cyclist for the next month with a little swimming so that's what we are going to do. 

Funny story- my doctor told me I can't clip in because that will force more pressure on the ball of my foot! Y'all, I don't make this up. I was TOLD to not clip in so I guess I have to go by doctors orders right!? ;) But really, I'm going to try to learn to clip in during this time. 

Today, just now, I did a squat and deadlift assessment. I started with lower weights and did 12 reps. Each set, I add 10 pounds and do 12 more reps until failure. I ended up with 89 reps on squats and 83 reps on deadlifts (which I could have done so much more if not from squat exhaustion!!) After this blog, I'm doing a recovery spin for an hour. 

I'm also flying out to NYC tonight, so my coach tailors my stuff based on where I'm going to be.  Tomorrow is just going to be an upper body lift that I'll do at Planet Fitness. I keep that membership mostly for when I travel, but I'm thinking of canceling it because I don't want to pay $20/month just to have a gym when I travel when I could just pay a gym like $15 for a one time fee when I go. 

Saturday, I have a 2.5 hour cycle. Because I'm going to be away, I'm going to wake up really early to get this done. I never want to have my training inconvenience my friends or my fun times, so I just like to get it over with while everyone else is asleep. 


Monday-Bike intervals for an hour with a lower body workout 

Tuesday-45 swim intervals with a 45 min recovery ride and upper body workout 

Wednesday- Long bike intervals for 1:10

Thursday-Steady state biking and lower body 

Friday-long swim 

As you can see, I'm a cyclist right now and that's okay. It's my weakness so it's an area that I could definitely use more time. There are two things of note, this is 8 hours worth of working out. That is a little more than an hour per day even though some days look long. In the hybrid world, it's somewhat unrealistic to think that you are going to be keeping muscle, lifting and getting stronger all while doing endurance training and not training for multiple hours per day. 

Many ironman athletes have schedules on their peak weeks that are about 20-25 hours in those weeks. Training for events and being an athlete takes more than just the minimal amount of time sometimes. I'm very busy so I totally get it. Sometimes when you want things, you just have to prioritize, wake up a little earlier, go to bed a little later and it all works out! :) 

What are you guys training this week?

Any injuries from y'all? 

I wanna get to know y'all better? I have so many readers with no comments so I want this to become more of a dialogue! :) :) 

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