Goals for 2016

There's a trend this year that I've noticed where people aren't actually giving goals, but rather just saying that these leaves them feeling like they can't accomplish them and bad about themselves. Dude, I'm so the opposite! HAHA! I always have been though. I will set some goals in a skinny minute. I think it's so fun, and so what if I don't hit them....at least I gave it my best effort! :) 

I think that there is a difference in setting lofty goals and then getting down on yourself about what you didn't do. I think it's another to recognize that you had an incredible year full of fun, laughter, sweat, and tears and aiming to do an even better job in 2016! I honestly just wish there were more time in the day. We get 24 hours and we have to sleep like at leasttttt 6 of them (that's my minimum functioning window lol). That leaves us with 18 hours over the span of 100 years because I plan on living until then ;) (unless of course the good lord takes me before), so that's only 655,200 hours! I've already used up 170,352 of those hours!!!! I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH MORE FUN TO HAVE! lol! 

So here you have it! 


  • Continue my quiet time (with N.T. Wright commentaries)
  • Spend more time with Jackson (babies don't keep)
  • Go completely plant based (but never ever force this on anyone or expect anyone to make adjustments for me anywhere)
  • Pay off as much student loan debt as possible
    • Make a budget and stick with that and every dime over goes to debt
  • Be more thoughtful 
  • Send random gifts to people because I love them 
  • work on our house-we kind of moved in with the intro stuff and stopped
  • Have tons of parties (I love hosting!!)
  • Start a monthly meal at my house for women in fatih who just want to chat about what the Lord is doing in their life and how we can serve one another better in our communities 
  • Travel as much as possible!!! (but within that budget-I'd rather pay off my loan now and spend less because of interest and then be able to travel more later) --100% planning on going to the west coast this year (California and Colorado hopefully)---Start planning a trip to Haiti in the future for mission
  • Go on more dates with my husband (it legit just hasn't been realistic lately)
  • Watch more movies and TV (I know most people have the opposite goal lol)
  • Read dozens of books, articles, and anything I can get my hands on to learn about everything and anything
  • List of Books I want to read are: Thrive, Eat and Run, The china Study, How Not to Die, Skinny B****, Nutrition Action, The Daniel Fast, Ironwar, You are Ironman, Triathletes Training Bible, Wild, Perfect Match (Jodi Picoult)


  • Run my first Boston Marathon 
  • Continue striving towards a sub 3 marathon 
  • Hopefully qualify for New York City Marathon (3:12:53 needed) 
  • Run 2016 miles in 2016 (at least) 
  • Do my first full ironman 
  • Complete 2 half ironmans 
  • Run my first ultramarathon (50K~31 miles)
  • Go skiing, hiking, and just be outside as much as humanly possible 


  • Take better photography (always something to work on) 
  • Get my GoPro all set up and going 
  • More Vlogging and you tubing 
  • Organization of the blog so that you can navigate topics better 
  • MORE recipes 
  • More workout programs for different levels of athletes 
  • More videos 
  • Start customized running programs
  • Start writing a book 
  • Incorporate Medication Therapy Management in conjunction with health and fitness programming with Tanner
  • Look into packaging and selling my pancake recipe (it's a lot of ingredients so I'd love to have it bagged up for everyone) 
  • Start incorporating faith focused fitness (devotion with fitness challenge?)
  • Continue having more lifestyle on my blog

I think that's enough! HA! 

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