SO, Wendi was so sweet to write a testimonial for me and she has been SUCH a great client and friend through this entire process. I'm so blessed to have gotten to know her during our time together, and sometimes I feel like a mom who misses her kids when they leave the nest! HAHA! I want to keep these girls in my email inbox forever, but it's so cool to be able to teach them things during our 12, 24, or 36 weeks together and to see them be able to carry that information with them for the rest of their lives! THAT's what I love! :) So, here's her story: 

Please let me tell you my "life changing" journey with KATIESFITSCRIPT...I'm 43 & I was tired of feeling defeated by diet & exercise. I started following Katie on Instagram about a year and a half ago because I was so inspired by her posts. She seemed honest, helpful, & supportive.

I reached out to Katie & inquired about which program would best suit me? She suggested the Fitness Prescription Plus.  I saw much success with that program even within the first month! Once I completed that we decided to do my first cut. I kept on Katie's program with the weekly check ins, followed her advice & completed my cut.  At this time I was now ready to reverse! I was nervous but excited at the thought of being able to eat more food!??  That journey was very successful as well! Not only physically but mostly my relationship with food. I finally found balance...hallelujah for IIFYM!!!

The journey continues...once my first reverse was complete we decided to keep reversing. I am currently over a 100grams of carbs higher then when I started with Katie.  I have maintained the same weight & I have become even more leaner, most definitely stronger & my energy is through the roof! As for my endurance...wow it has improved dramatically! I can go harder & longer.

It's just so crazy! If anyone is contemplating having Katie as their health coach I cannot stress enough that you should totally do it!! I consume so much yummy food. If you track your macros, follow Katie's guidance, her opinions & embrace her outlook you will change your life! I look forward to everyday! No more negative thoughts & days filled w stress of how I've fallen of the wagon & can't get back on.

Katie you rock! Please promise that you will take this journey of yours & your healthy approach on helping us understand the way our bodies & food can work together & run to the hills with it! You are so REAL. I would wear a shirt everyday with KATIESFITSCRIPTwritten all over it just to spread the freakin word about how awesome you are! You are by far the best Health Coach ever!!!

From your friend & one of your biggest supporters

Wendi has went from eating around 125g C to eating around 260g C from the last time that I checked in with her! She is an incredible person, and I'm just so happy she gets to eat in peace forever and ever! :) 

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