What Programs we have to offer & which one is right?

So, as we are going into the new year, there are tons of programs and I'm getting tons of emails about this so I wanted to explain the difference between everything and how you can choose what's best for you. 

The challenge group is starting tomorrow. A frequently asked question is whether you need to be signed up by tomorrow. In order to get into the January group, yes, you need to sign up by tomorrow. If you want to just purchase the challenge as an ebook without the facebook accountability then you can always do that, but the challenge will start on Jan 1st! This is The Blueprint challenge. 

The difference between the Blueprint and Relentless Resolutions is the workouts, and the meal programming. Relentless Resolutions has workouts and so does the blueprint. They are both gym focused workouts, but they are just different. I offer when you purchase that if you would like to do a different workout (such as home, lifting/running, hybrid training) then you can just email me and I will do that. 

I have an affiliate program through this where you can earn money yourself just by asking me for a code. If you have friends that sign up to do the challenge with you, then you can get 20% of every purchase ($10 for each person that signs up) so if you get 10 people, that's an easy $100 bucks for you ;) You just email me for your code. I AM going out of town today though Sunday, so I will be doing the best that I can to keep up with emails and being in a house full of friends. I am going to try to work some, as I don't believe in just taking time whenever I want it. I've been working 14 hour days the past 3 days to try and prepare to leave, so I'm sorry about that. I want to be available. 

The second program that I want to talk about is Fit after Fifty. It is a REALLY great program for those that are just beginners and want something that isn't focused on workouts at all, and want something very easy to understand and easy level. You do NOT have to be fifty to do this, but just want something that is going to be more slow paced. This will be coached by my mom, and she is fantastic. 

The other new program is my Advanced Endurance Athlete Coaching. This is something that I'm really excited to offer. This is targeted to Ironman athletes and marathon runners. I will be customizing your nutrition based on your workouts every single day. I will look at your workouts that you are doing, and I will give you specific recommendations for nutrition every day, and I will change this week to week as you get closer to race time as well as giving you race nutrition advice so that you can perform your best. I had someone text me this week and say they wanted to try this but didn't know of any endurance athletes that did this, and I honestly think that is so true but a little baffling. Following a macro breakdown for performance is like THE BEST WAY to make sure that you have targeted in on every little detail to do the best that you can. Nutrition is everything, and I know that people aren't putting in HOURS upon HOURS on the bike, swim, and runs to not have their nutrition right. I teach you all of that. 

I have the other programs that I always offer as well which are the Fitness Prescription and the Fitness Prescription Plus. These are more general weight loss programs. The difference between the two is the plus has weekly check ins. The regular CAN have adjustments and you can email me anytime but it just won't be the accountability and the changes that come week to week with the plus. If you have ever been a client of mine before, you will always get first come first serve basis, and you can do the Team Renewal. Many times the plus program leads into reverse dieting after we do an initial cut, and that is totally fine. If you are wanting to cut with weekly check ins then this program is for you. Cutting means leaning out, losing weight, toning up...all of those things.

The Metabolic Adaptation Program is for those mostly coming right off competition prep or who have dieted down and want to learn how to reverse diet properly. I will take you step by step with a spreadsheet that will outline every single week with increases so that you are able to do this appropriately with the most minimal amount of weight gain. Of course, this doesn't have to be post competition but that's most frequently who does this. 

The Koda packages are specific to a crossfit gym in Oklahoma that I have an affiliation with who gets discounts for my programs :) 

The marathon hybrid training program is an 18 week program (that I have to admit is a good one haha). There is a chart that will have 18 weeks of workouts planned out for you with lifting and running progressing you through the entire cycle of marathon training. There are 4 days of running and 4 days of lifting with 2 days overlapping. There is nutritional advice with macros as well as nutritional advice with electrolytes, and all the information that you will need to know leading up to and going into the race. If you are interested in my half marathon version, shoot me an email and I will set you up with that. 

I am SO thrilled that right now I'm in the stages of coaching 2 girls for customized running coaching, and will be starting to offer that soon. I wanted to have two people (obviously that I do for free) so that I can work out all of the things that I can make this the best program possible with combining both customized nutrition and running coaching.

My running with strength program is a generic program that teaches you the hybrid approach and how to lift and run at the same time. IT is a 12 week program but most of the running will be replaced with the amount of running that you are doing each week and is not specific to any sort of race goals. 

I think that's all for now! If you have any questions, please let me know but I hope this will clear things up! 

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