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So, my sweet pastor yesterday told me that he expects me to fly in again on January 10th since I'm making regular appearances now. haha! A lot of people (even my brother) were confused on this second trip. The first one was spontaneous and that's why I took a bus because I knew I was coming again in 2 weeks. This time has been planned for months. 

I'm still here and it's nice because my job is so flexible that I can do that. I have friends that just let me work from their apartment and stay with them! :) Tanner and I were in a little funk because he had to leave yesterday and I always feel bad when I get to stay places he has to leave and because we miss the city so much. We also are so very thankful for the life that we have built in North Carolina. We want to be more intentional though. I think that we get to a place that is our "settling" spot and you just get in your day to day and forget about how much adventure and beauty there is in the world. We want to experience all of that. 

Thursday night, we flew in and ironically our friend Peter landed at the airport at the same time we did so he waited for us to take a cab. Cabs are $50 and public transit is $2.50 but when it’s 10pm and you can split with friends, it’s totally worth it. The subway doesn’t go all the way to the subway so public transit is difficult and takes forever.

The boys ended up not leaving B’s apartment, and we had an adult slumber party and just stayed up and talked even though we all had to be up at 6:30am, so we slept like 4 hours. I worked a lot on Friday and had a 2.5 hour cycle but the two things we did were Bryant park and the Rockafeller. Bryant Park has a holiday market (where I got my yearly ornament), an ice skating rink and a huge tree. It’s almost as big as Rockefeller but just not famous so it’s not crowded. 

We always forget how insane Rockefeller is, but it’s always magical to be in Times Square at Christmastime. People get so annoyed at traffic, but I expect it so I just weave in and out of people, and it’s not a big deal. We were having a Tacket Christmas Sweater Party that night so we headed back to make apple cider.

The party was so fun. We played games, and drank a little. We went outside to the gazebo for a little while, and ordered late night pizza. I just love people and laughter and fun, and that’s what it was! 

Zach's face = fantastic 

Zach's face = fantastic 

On Saturday morning, we got up and went to our favorite diner, Squires. I got the egg white veggie omelet with toast. Here’s my spill about diet while traveling. I keep things the same. I have eaten oats, egg whites, and peanut butter for breakfast every day. Normally we have 3 square meals so I am able to eat a lot. I love yummy sandwiches (not burgers but like a chicken parm sandwich), so at night I order that and fries on the side. I just stop when I’m full. If we go to brunch and have drinks and a big meal, then I just have a grilled chicken salad for dinner. I, of course, am always hungry in between so I have quest bars, pop chips, and whatever is on our way somewhere. Again, I just stop when I’m full. It’s a learned art, but it’s not hard for me. It’s just second nature, but I did want to explain that. Again, stability in food is everything. You’ve got to learn that happy place of peace for yourself, and it will change your life where you don’t gorge or restrict yourself from food. After we left and before lunch, I went to the gym to lift. It was a great interim time and the city was quiet, no one was at the gym and it felt really great. My coach programs my lifts now so it was bench press and shoulders.

Anywho, I met up with the most amazing crew on Saturday for lunch. We went to this swanky restaurant called Atrio on the second floor of a hotel with couches for seats and you could look out the window over Battery Park City. It was 2.5 hours of talking ironmans and marathons and social media and just thinks that most people do NOT understand. I love every single one of these people, and finally getting to meet up and hug them face to face is amazing. Social media friends have been life changing for me. Some people think it’s weird, but those that have them understand. It’s just people that understand you on so many levels. It’s people who understand the things that you can never ever talk to anyone else about because everyone else thinks you are crazy. They just have a special place in my heart. 

Left to Right: @nycsweat @nycrunningmama @runtrimom (all totally worth your follow)

Left to Right: @nycsweat @nycrunningmama @runtrimom (all totally worth your follow)

I didn’t get home from lunch until 3:30, and then I wanted to go to Central Park. We headed up there but first stopped at Mcsworley’s which is the oldest bar in Manhattan. It’s tiny and always packed so don’t waste your time. This was our third time trying to go to this place and leaving for crowds. We headed to Central park, and it was 5pm and of course pitch black dark so we didn’t get to enjoy it. BOO!!! So, we grabbed dinner at Hi Life on the upper east side like 78th and 2nd (delicious) where I got a sandwich and fries (typical haha). We headed back to Union Square at that point to bar hop. I was with 4 other guys, and no girls. It was one of our girls birthdays, and they wanted fancy dinners and bars that you have to be “allowed” in by your dress. I was in a boot, and knew I wouldn’t get in and I wasn’t wearing heels with my stress fracture just to get into these places so I went with the guys. 

My selfies need work. I look a mess hahaha!

My selfies need work. I look a mess hahaha!

So, instead of girl time and dancing, I got boys and cigars and pubs and sports bars on Saturday night! HAA! They somehow got my grandma self to stay out until 1am. WHAT?!? I felt I had been hit by a truck on Sunday morning and not even from drinking…just exhaustion! Sunday, we had brunch plans with everyone together!

We met at Dos Caminos which if you need brunch ideas in the city, this is a GREAT one. Normally, brunch can be $20-30. This has included coffee, mimosas and bloody mary’s for $15-18. I was like NO ALCOHOL FOR ME at this point. I had coffee and a chicken quesadilla! At that point, we headed to Chelsea Market because they had this weekend pop up etsy vendor thing. I wish it was as cute as it sounds, but it was like vendors who make their own jewelry (like I felt it looked like what I made when I was a kid and this was a garage sale) and not very many actually cute things, but charging like $50 for a ring they made. We were out and about so we just went to grab coffee and hang out until church at 5. Church was amazing as usual where he gave a sermon on the majesty of God and having those awe moments. 

I want those awe moments more, and sometimes I think we have to be very intentional sometimes in order to get them. Intentional in life is SO good. Intentional means purpose and fulfillment to me, so I have some new goals going home about purpose, and finding that awe and majesty in God. I want that. Everyday.


We went to dinner last night at a place in Union Square that was playing the Panthers game. Everyone was laughing because I was like, “I JUST NEED A SALAD STAT” All the eating and drinking and brunching, I was like “Vegetables PLEASE!” so they kept saying “Get the girl some lettuce” but it was like actual fun not the “healthy shaming we think you’re insane” kind of laughter, which was SO refreshing! I also realized it was the way that I approached it. I think if we (we as in I’m assuming relatively healthy people that read my blog lol) approach it with grace and laughter ourselves that we will be shocked at the great reaction of everyone else.

Thank GOODNESS the panthers pulled out that win. I just really didn’t want them to lose this streak. I mean who does want their team to lose when they are undefeated right? Haha! But, that was for sure a nail biter. 

I’m working all day today, but tonight I’m hoping to get to Times Square for a broadway show and dinner. We are just going to do last minute tickets, and see if they have any left over. This is the CHEAPEST way to do it, but you have to have cash and have to be prepared that you might not see a show. So, if not, we will just have dinner.


Life is so much more to me than the monotony. It’s so much more than your job, but it’s about fun, travel, culture, experience, shows, friends, dinner, memories, and for me personally, the awe of God in all of that day to day stuff. 

What have you done this weekend? Anything fun? 

What were your workouts? Are y'all training for anything?

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