My View on Plant Based Nutrition

Please remember that this is a blog. This is not meant to be taken as scientific evidence. This is giving you my opinions on what I have found, and what I am working through in my own life and diet. J People get very opinionated about these sorts of things, and I really would prefer to not be attacked. Thank you!

So, I have been posting about this more and more, and I just wanted to share a little bit about where I’m at, and just be open with you guys. My opinion is this: fad diets are SILLY. Absolutely 100% silly. They make no sense, they are not sustainable, and I get frustrated at the way that society goes after money and not true health. I’m not being some hippy but really and truly, why are we all so confused on diet? That’s because there are a million different view points out there just trying to make money off of us all.  #AMIRIGHT

We are told that we need protein for weight loss, but then we are told that too much protein is bad for our kidneys and will kill us. We are told that we should eat high fat and low carb. We are told that we should eat fruits but they have a lot of sugar? We are told to avoid meat by some, but then to eat soy? We then hear how soy is bad for us. We are told organic is the way to go, but then that’s really expensive and is it really necessary? We are told to avoid gluten (which is like avoiding nuts even though you don’t have an allergy), and we are told that there is this anti-inflammatory thing that makes foods bad for us. We are told about free radicals, and carcinogens in our food. WHAT THE HECK DO WE DO? We can’t just sit in a box, and avoid all of these foods! You are told by me that you can eat anything that you want within your macros. WHAT GIVES? Believe me, I know.

In my health and fitness journey, I have tried eating only fast food (#truelife #highschool), not eating (not recommended), binge eating (not recommended), vegetarian, vegan (both of those last like maybe a week), whole 30, beachbody shakes (is that a diet?), and now macros. Seriously, why do people trust what I have to say even? Right?

It’s all so overwhelming. It’s all so confusing. How much protein do we need? What kind of protein do we need? If you read an article that gives a definite answer, I guess I can give them a slap on the back for being confident but the fact is, recommendations are recommendations at best. No one has magical numbers of grams of protein that you should eat in order to lose weight, and to be healthy. 

We all know that many of the foods that we eat are terrible for us, but we continue to eat them. There are even many MANY diet foods that are terrible for us but we consume them because we are a vain, aesthetic obsessed culture. Where do you find that balance?

I honestly can say that I’ll be standing by macro counting until the day I die. haha. I have watched it transform the lives of so many women (and men). You can eat WHATEVER and whenever and still get the results that you want. Sustainability in diet is literally everything. My step dad would not be as healthy as he is today if it wasn’t for animal protein and chemical laden low calorie foods. He has come off of his blood pressure medication, and I personally believe will live longer because of it. He would NEVER EVER have even blinked an eye had you told him to go vegan. HAAAAA! Good joke. Neither would my mom, or my brother, or my dad, or my cousins, or my aunts, or my sister in law, or my closest friends. Macros change lives. Reverse dieting changes lives. Can I have a megaphone please? There’s just so much more to overall health than sustaining your weight through macro counting, though.

I think that for someone like my husband, and myself I just can’t stop investigating. I just can’t stop looking at all of the studies and just wondering about more, and taking it to that next level.  I eat so much processed junk because I can and I know I can while maintaining my weight, but what does that mean for long term health.


What is the implication of high carbohydrate laden reverse dieting diets? To be able to consume the amount of carbs that some eat, there is no way to do this without eating processed foods, and animal proteins. Diabetes is caused when your pancreas burns out because of just too much insulin. Diabetes is not caused by the actual fat tissue, therefore what if you are thin but yet consuming enough sugar to burn out your pancreas, then could you get type 2 diabetes after reverse dieting to this huge amounts of carbs with no cardio? I’m not saying that’s going to happen. That’s just my pharmacist brain wondering.

Fun fact: I’m writing this on the plane, and the flight attendant just walked up and said “You must be PASSIONATE about what you’re writing about because girl, you are FURIOUSLY typing! Hahahhaa!

Basically, I have become complacent with my diet. However, I’ll never be someone that places a label on myself. I never want to be someone that restricts myself from certain foods…ever. However, the evidence based research on a plant focused diet are VERY compelling. When I say plant based and plant focused, that means vegan for all of those wondering. I just think that vegan has such political implications that I don’t like to use that word. I’m not the “vegan type” if you catch my drift. But I can dig the word plant based ;) 

I don’t want to give you some definite statements about different topics because I’m far too uneducated on the matter to do so. But, I’m planning on educating myself and making a slow transition. Why continue to eat things that I know are terrible for my long-term health? That’s just silly. I never can quite comprehend how people can look at their health and never make positive changes, but I also know that not everyone is like me and that’s okay. So, I’ve been reading and I’m going to continue to read. I have read “Finding Ultra” which has a lot about plant based diets, and many athletes have made the switch. I am now reading The China Study, however when I finish I plan on reading “” which is known for it’s criticism to the China Study in INSANE detail. The beauty of that website is that the author actually DOES eat plant based. They just wanted to give everyone an objective stance on what is presented in the China Study that was biased.

We just recently found out that packaged meats cause cancer? ARE WE SHOCKED? It’s so funny how some things make it mainstream and everyone is like “OH NO!” I feel it’s silly to make rash decisions based on hype. I feel we all have to make good decisions for ourselves personally and not inflict those on others as well. I’m not shocked that bacon may cause cancer, but am I going to stop eating bacon forever? No. The percentage association with cancer is far less than smoking and lung cancer but people still smoke. It’s the same thing. You might not be able to understand it, but everyone prioritizes their health and longevity of life in a different way.

At the end of the day, I have to do something that is going to work for me long term. I’m never going to be one to make huge changes overnight, and I’m never going to be one that is going to impose these on other people. If I’m anywhere, ever, no matter if I change my entire diet, and they offer me beef, I’m gonna eat it. When my husband comes home with deer meat, I’m going to eat it. I think the huge leaps into these beliefs are just extremes, and I don’t do extremes (unless of course it’s running ultras and ironmans then I can dig extremes hehe). I think that if you make a transition then that means you have eaten meat at some point in your life, which means that you aren’t going to die if you eat it again so don’t be a food snob. LOL.

So, I feel like it’s every week, Tanner and I say “Okay we are going to start going more plant based” and then life happens. We had a great dinner of tofu and quinoa the other night, and I got very VERY sick (maybe I didn’t wash the quinoa enough) and then I was like “GUESS I’M NOT MEANT TO BE PLANT BASED!!” LOLOL!

I will expand as I grow and learn, and make changes. I will still be following macros though as I always say. I know I’ve said I’m going to be doing this for awhile, but I wanted to write a long post on it.

There is so many vitamins and minerals in all the colors of all of the different plants, and what a shame to know how I could be feeling on top of the world but instead I’m just not “wasting my time” with preparing and eating it. I want to change that. There’s a lot of BAD that comes from the processed foods and different kinds of fats and different kinds of animal proteins but I just chalk the evidence up to coo-coo hippy people, and ignore data. I know it’s a balancing act, but I also don’t really want that if every day that I eat it, I’m causing harm.

I also wonder about studies done on people like me and my husband. Of course there’s health benefits from going from Mcdonald’s every day, the typical Western diet, and obesity to vegan. DUH. But what about someone who is VERY healthy, but just not entirely plant based? Tanner and I talk about that often.

Please forgive my [all over the place] opinions and as time goes on, I will talk about more specific things on this topic (protein choices, protein data, different vitamins in certain foods, data on dairy, data on different kinds of fats, data on different kinds of sugar, and try to give you a place that you KNOW I’m going to do my best to interpret it without bias and with no agenda).

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