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Hey y'all, 

With living in Manhattan, it can be difficult to get to a grocery store. We always have to make this something on our to do list. So, every weekend we set out at 8am on either Saturday or Sunday to make the trip. I don't know if it was because it's Super Bowl Sunday but normally Saturdays at 8am aren't that crowded. If you have never experienced grocery shopping in NYC, it's insane. You have to plan it out. The line wraps around the building every single time. And it was exceptionally bad yesterday. We decided to load up more than usual because we keep running out of food!!! 

When I got home, I realized that Trader Joes has some awesome food items that I always get that are so macro friendly, and so I wanted to share those with you. I know that normally in other areas, people may not always go to Trader Joes, but I think it's worth the stop if you have one. 

I honestly love this pico! It's so great for salads because it's like 10 calories per 2 tablespoons so it's a great way to add some flavor! I put 2 tablespoons pico, mustard and rice vinegar on my salads every single day! 

I actually get these at Whole Foods and they are normally near the Bakery. I've seen people use them as a base for a little low carb home made pizza but they are like the pork reign type texture but just don't have as much flavor and each "cake" is 16 calories-4g carb! HA! I love them to be honest! (Disclaimer: I eat plenty of high carb things-I just like to have these low calorie items on hand)


Excuse the awful dimly lit photography! I really want to edit these pictures, but my computer is being so weird with the editing functions!! But I wanted to share these with you guys! 

Egg white salad with chives! The macros are awesome! The entire container has 120 calories-6g F // 4g C // 14g P! So delicious too! They have another spicy flavor as well. 

This dip is awesome! This is perfect for a party (Super Bowl anyone?) I am thinking of starting a healthy brunch for the ladies in my life to introduce them to healthier options that don't taste awful and I thought this could be used in some form or fashion! In 2 tablespoons, the macros are: 2.5g F// 2g C // 1 g P ! Yum yum! 

Okay this is a show stopper!!!! I don't know about you guys but I love chicken salad and I've been wanting to make my own, but well, we all have time constraints and I just haven't gotten around to it! I am still going to make my own but until then, this is perfect! In 1/4 cup, there are 1.8g F // 1.5g C // 8.5g P !! Such a great addition to a sandwich! I LOVE this and it's made with Greek yogurt versus mayo but it still taste just as good! 

This is my new favorite EVER! These taste seriously amazing, and I could have one everyday and the reason we got 2 packs is because we pretty much have been eating one per day. They are 96% lean ground beef, and they are already pattied out so it's just perfect. We get the whole wheat buns from Trader Joes (only 18g carb, 15g fat) and have a wonderful burger! We were discussing today how they taste as good as a burger you could get from anywhere that was terrible for you. Ha! 

These two make a delicious dinner! The alexia brand has all kinds of fries but I have this thing for texture in my fries. It makes my taste buds go insane (in a good way). They sell these at Whole Foods, and they are meant to be a "healthier" version of processed fries! haha! One serving (85g) is 7g fat // 21g carb // 2g protein. The key with these is that you probably should weigh them if you are closely counting macros. The serving size says "Approximately 12 fries" but that's normally false, so you want to weigh out 85g. The nutritional label is also for when the fries are frozen (which is somewhat depressing as they weigh much less after being cooked haha). Just a few tips for that!

Anddddd, the chile lime chicken burgers are saved for last. Seriously, amazing. I know I keep saying that but let me tell you, my taste buds do not go unsatisfied in this house. I eat yummy foods every single day, and I never feel deprived. It's all about just looking a little bit harder for those foods that are healthy but still yummy! You don't have to eat unsatisfying nasty foods all the time to be healthy. One burger has 150 calories // 6g F // 3g C // 19g F! 

I hope this gives you a few more ideas so that your taste buds are a little more satisfied this week! Trader Joes did not sponsor this post hahah! ;) 

With love and food, 


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