So, when you start on your weight loss journey, we all know how this works. You want to get healthier, and with that, comes a multivitamin. There are a few things that normally go along with a diet even if they really aren't 100% necessary: 

  • Limit diet soda intake 
  • Limit sugar, salt, cholesterol intake
  • Start taking a multivitain

It's what society has shown us goes together, right? Haha! Any who, I have realized how very important a multivitamin is. While it's really super great to get your macronutrients in place for weight purposes, it's really important for long term health to look at your micronutrients. 

You won't be able to get this in your foods unless you are superwoman/man. The amount of micros that are listed on your label are just the minimum requirements to not go into deficiency but you need more than is listed. The easiest way to get all of this is just taking a simple multivitmain every day. Do I take one everyday? No. Should I? Yes. My husband saw me taking pictures of the multivitamins and he said "You better not say you take them everyday" because he knows I'm the worst at remembering! Hahaha! 

I know that we always think that we need to take them, but do you know WHY? I wanted to share what was in your typical multivitamin and why it's important for your health. 

There are SO many companies out there, and many of them just want your money so make sure that you have a reputable brand and website that you are ordering from. We always use, and I know this can even be overwhelming because there are still tons to choose from. We chose Body Strong Woman Multi High Potency based on: 

  • DOSING- The amount of each vitamin and nutrient that were included in the tablets 

You can break down your vitamins into two categories: 

  • WATER SOLUBLE VITAMINS (B-complex, B1-thiamin, B2-riboflavin, B6-pyridoxine, B9-folic acid, B12-biotin) 

I would like to go ahead and let everyone know that I did that from memory. HOLLA! Thank you brain for working for once. ;) 

Now, let's break down what's important in those vitamins. This is going to be like the shortest version you will ever find. These vitamins do FAR more than you could know and are important for many many reasons. However, I doubt that you guys want to be reading all day. If so, maybe take a multivitamin class as I'm sure there's one out there. 

  • Vitamin A-eyesight
  • Vitamin E-increasing energy (can even help with muscle fatigue whoop whoop)
  • Vitamin D-strong bones
  • Vitamin K-skin
  • Thiamin-breakdown of carbs so that they are utilized properly in the body
  • Riboflavin-helps metabolize fats, increasing energy, healthy skin, aging, nails, eyesight
  • Pyridoxine-PMS, fatigue, depression, boosting immunity
  • Folic Acid-mostly used in pregnancy for neural tube defects or cancer prevention
  • Biotin-healthy skin, hair and nails

Now, let's move into minerals. There are so many minerals it's overwhelming. I'm just going to give those that are included in my multivitamin so that we can keep this brief and why you need one. I think even from just the vitamins listed above, you can see why it's so important for your health to take one of these daily. I know we tend to not think about these things when we are younger (or at least I don't).

  • Calcium-strong bones, prevention of osteoporosis
  • Iron-prevention of anemia (only for women because of the menstrual cycle)
  • Iodine-thyroid function (needed but not made in the body)
  • Magnesium-energy, endurance and help with bowel movements
  • Zinc-growth and wound healing
  • Selenium-heart health 
  • Copper-helps reuptake of iron {impaired growth, increased risk of infections}
  • Manganese-weak bones (osteoporosis)
  • Chromium-controlling blood sugar, cholesterol, and depression
  • Potassium-heart health or used in the event of high calcium
  • Boron-building strong bones
  • Silicon-fake boobs (jk jk), weak bones and heart disease

My point of going through all of those and listing them all out was to make a point to myself and to you guys that there is almost no way that you could get all of these vitamins and minerals in things that you eat everyday. If you are able to, then I'm impressed and I'm sure there is some shake out there that promises to fulfill all of your needs but for me, I'll just stick with my multivitamin. 

I know that it can be overwhelming with knowing which one to pick. There is no right answer. You should look at how many tablets you are going to be taking a day. Mine is three, and I'm not a huge fan of that. You should look at price obviously but if it's super cheap then you know that it's probably not the best. Google the company and read reviews and you will be able to discern if you think it's reputable or not. 

With love and multivitamins,


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