Weight Loss Confusion

How many different ways are there to lose weight? Like honestly, it's such a huge industry, there are about 900 different ways. For someone who is just starting for the first time, this can be really tough. 

What would be the first steps that you take when loosing weight? You might look at Shape Magazine and they say to try these few exercises and eat whole nutritious foods and look like the model on the front of the magazine. 

Then, in today's world, you may get on Instagram. You start looking for fitness motivation and you happen upon someone who loves taking classes. They look awesome and they take classes and only eat a plant based diet.

Then, somehow you find yourself on a bodybuilder's page and you see that they eat 6 square meals per day of high protein low carb, they are ripped to shreds, and they lift weights with no cardio.

Then you find me, and you're like "okay i'm really confused!" hahaha! I thought I couldn't run and lift? hehe. 

Then you read an article and you realize that you are eating too much protein and it's bad for your kidneys and saw Forks over Knives so you go vegan. Then, you realize you are eating too much soy and that can cause cancer or something. 

You stumble upon a weight loss company and they tell you that they have this special shake or special pill or special injection that can make you lose weight really quick. NOW WE ARE TALKING, RIGHT?

Like, honestly, what gives? Where does it end?

I just wanted to share a few helpful tips as you are getting started. 


Everyone has a different approach, and different goals. That's totally okay. There are many different routes to weight loss and choosing one that you like best is important. I get so tired of people hating on different forms of exercise. Like "BRO, maybe they don't want six pack abs and big biceps, AND THAT'S OKAY!"


Honestly, can we let go of instant gratification? PLEASE. If you lose weight quickly, the chances of it staying off are really minimal. You know this. You are told this 100 times, but yet we still yearn to be that person that loses 10 pounds in 1 week and never gains it back. If you take care of yourself and your metabolism, you can be fit and healthy for the rest of your life in a very maintainable way if you are smart. 


I never tell clients they can't do a certain workout. If you wanna do spin class, you do spin class. If you wanna do a beach body program, then you go for it. If you want to run, then let's do that. The biggest thing is not the immediate weight loss. The goal is to make it sustainable and you aren't going to be able to sustain something that you hate. Find something active you enjoy whether that's skiing, hiking, tennis, yoga, spinning, or racket ball. 

The same goes for diet. If you hate eating meat, then just don't eat it. You do need protein. Protein is a good thing. But, you can find many other ways to get adequate amounts.


Yoga and fruits and veggies will produce one physique. Bodybuilding and high protein is going to produce another. When people come to me and ask that they lose weight but not look like me, I get it. I know what they want, and that's not a problem. You need to be realistic with yourself with the goals that you want to reach. 


I am a no excuses type of girl, so if you say that you want to build muscle but then you refuse to lift weights, those two just can't go hand in hand. If you want the results for your end goal, then you've got to put the work in. 

But what is the best way? You just simply want to lose weight and you don't know which option to take? My personal opinion is that you need to seek knowledge. You need to learn about the nutrition in foods, and you need to just MOVE. At the end of the day, we can make it really complicated but it pretty much comes down to: 

caloric deficit & movement

You can spin a million different ways, and these shakes can promise you this or that but the shakes work because they have a certain caloric/macro intake which is less than what you are normally intaking.

I hope this helps those that might be confused on which route they want to take. You take your route, and be happy with it. Whatever you do, it MUST be sustainable. 

With love and weight loss,


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