Stop Trying So Hard

We all try way too dang hard to be perfect. Chasing perfection is a term that LaraCasey uses (whom I adore), and I love that. You will never be perfect. The only perfection that we have in life lies in our Father. 

I could pick out perfections in my body, in my life, and in my business. I could sit here all day and compare myself but when I got to point B that I wanted to reach, there would just be a new Point B to achieve. 

However, in fitness, I think that people try so hard for something that really isn't as complicated as we make it. I know that it can be really hard to not form a relationship with food, but man I wish that for everyone. 

I have learned a lot of mental strength through the years. I think that it helps me with many things and I'm very thankful to have adopted this at such a young age, but I am a VERY anxious person. However, I have learned how to look at life through an outward lens. When I'm inside of a stressful moment, I step back and think about others who weren't me personally and weren't going through it, how would they view this situation? 

They would probably tell me that God was going to use it for a great good. They would tell me that I am beautiful just the way that I am. They would tell me that cake is meant to be enjoyed and family is meant to be cherished. They would tell me not to make an idol of fitness. Why don't we extend this same grace to ourselves? We should. This thought process of stepping back has literally changed my life and you can ask many of those that know me on an intimate level how drastically this has changed me.

We want to lose weight, so we chase perfection. We spend YEARS doing diet after diet only to rebound when if we would just take the process slow then we could just rest. We would never have to "diet" and we could just change small things. You shouldn't have to cut out everything in your life. If things come up, you shouldn't have to forfeit everything that you are trying to accomplish. There should be no all in or nothing at all. There should be no "diet vs gluttony." 

Again, it all comes back to the mental aspect of things. I know that many times I don't "get to eat" the things that some unhealthy people like a daily allowance of cookies and fast food that never ends. But, I do have those things in moderation. I do enjoy those things and they are more enjoyable when I do have them because I know what it means to be HAPPY and FULFILLED in my daily life.

I always get asked about cheat meals and how to approach them. For me personally, I don't even do them. I find that even that word makes me uncomfortable (everyone is different but just hear me out). I think that cheat meals makes it sound like that what you are doing during the week just epically sucks and so you must have this epicness on the weekend to get you through the next awful week. That's not what I want for anyone. I want you to enjoy your weeks enough that you don't even need that. 

Life is going to happen. It's simply inevitable. I have learned after years at this game that life ALWAYS HAPPENS. Did I expect to be in North Carolina this week and missing workouts? Uh no. Did I expect to not have my food or anything prepped? Uh no. Does that mean that I should just have a week of gluttony and start over when I return. No!!!!! There's too much back and forth. My sister in law made chili and cornbread last night and I had both and there's nothing wrong with that. If your grandmother makes cakes, have a bit or have a piece depending on your hunger. If you are going on a trip, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Our bodies tell us so much more than we give them credit for. 

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Macronutrient balance is wonderful and going to the gym and being all hardcore is wonderful. I'm hardcore, and I'm dedicated but I think that it's time we recognize the difference. It's okay to have a diet coke. It's okay to have salt. It's okay to have chocolate, pizza, fries, and it's okay to miss workouts. You've got to step on the outside and focus on the long term. If you don't adopt it as a lifestyle then it becomes a constant hatred in your life. "Oh, it's that time again. I have to torture myself on a diet" when really it should just be something that supplements your daily walk. 

Believe me when I say that I KNOW that this is easier said than done, but I would love for us all to practice stepping on the outside of our personal walks and speaking to ourselves in the grace and kindness that our best friends would speak to us. 

With love and chasing perfection, 


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