Weekend without an iPhone

One word = peaceful. 

I learned a lot about myself in the past three days. I'm almost glad that my dad didn't overnight my phone (when at first I was like UH) because it gave me a serious amount of time to reflect. I think this is the longest span that I've went since I started this blog as well that I didn't blog, and that actually I was not excited about. This week just got crazy with going to Shelby and so I focused 100% on keeping the girls on my team taken care of and then I knew I'd get back to blogging this week. 

I love my iPhone. It has every capability that I could ever need, but I find myself {sinfully} almost addicted to it. Even when I have things that I need to do, I find myself scrolling through instagram for no good reason just mindlessly. Many times, in the middle of scrolling through social media, I'll snap out of it and realize how much more valuable my time could be spent. 

This weekend my emails piled up. This weekend I was out of the loop on some texts with friends. But this weekend, I also spent the most quality time with my husband that I have in a long time. This weekend I was able to relax and just worry about the emails that were piling up for today. This weekend, I was able to disappear into a book for a few hours with no distractions. This weekend, I went to the gym and worked out without constantly checking instagram between sets which really actually throws me off and I was able to go to a house party and dinner with friends without worrying that my emails were getting crazier and crazier.

A good habit I started in January was getting up before the sun, reading my Bible for the 365 program of SheReadsTruth, jotting down what I read, then reading God Calling.

A good habit I started in January was getting up before the sun, reading my Bible for the 365 program of SheReadsTruth, jotting down what I read, then reading God Calling.

Ironically, I was reading in Matthew where the Lord not only makes it a choice for us to take a Sabbath but he makes it a COMMAND. We have to step back sometimes and focus on Him for one day. He knew then and he knows now that we are all VERY busy and he gets it however it doesn't make it okay to not have one day with him. So, he commands that we take a Sabbath which I'm committed to doing now. One day per week, I'm putting the phone AWAY.

I realized how much I was letting social media have such a clutch on my heart. I think that many times girls look to social media and think how they want this girls body or this and that and I preach how we should do otherwise. I firmly believe that. However, I compare myself to their following. I see pages BLOW UP overnight, and I think "what am I doing wrong?" (I'm talking like hundreds of thousands). I look through pages, and think how I really need to work on doing "this more or that more" to be able to build a name for myself better. I look to my own page and think how a certain post may not be getting very many likes, and how I guess people aren't that into what I said or posted (Now you know what I'm really thinking hahaha).

I went for a run and didn't have something to track my mileage and time. I find myself hitting a mile mark, hearing the split and thinking "uhhh I need to speed up" and it was so nice to just run 16 miles without any of those thoughts. 

The last thing I learned is a cool one to me. I learned that it's okay to have a thought and not tell someone immediately. Everything in our generation is "urgent" and everyone is constantly talking on texts. If I have a thought, I text it to a friend which then becomes a conversation. I love catching up with friends, but sometimes there is nothing to catch up on because every thought is always texted to one another. I want to resolve to stop that completely and instead of just constantly being on my phone texting people, I want to internalize thoughts more and decide if it's warranted to be talked about in more detail and then catch up in person or over the phone more.

It's not that I don't want to be connected, and that I hate social media or something like I hear people say sometimes. I've built what I have because I LOVE it. It's absolutely fun for me, however I just think that obviously there is a time and a place and my husband and my God deserve my undivided attention when they are talking to me. 

Seems to me like every time something bad happens, it's always a blessing in disguise so I'm going to keep that in mind.

With love and peaceful weekends,


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