Oslo, Norway Day 1

I wanted to really remember this trip because it's honestly one of those trips of a lifetime for us. We don't just go galavanting off to Europe on a whim. I'm going to do a blog post at the end of the trip on how we did the entire trip for around $2,000-$2,500 for absolutely everything (that includes both of us-airfare, room stays, trains to different countries, food, etc). I'm really excited to show y'all that. However, in the meantime I just wanted to document little memories so I can look back! :) 

I will say, yesterday was a nightmare. We love getting to airports SUPER early so we can just chill, eat the yummy airport food and hang out. We just like airports (weirdos I know but sometimes I even like when I get delayed). We left our apartment at 4:30 for a 9:30 flight. Our subway got stuck for an hour and 15 minutes because something happened with the brakes. We couldn't even get off because we were in between stops. So, we decided we didn't want to risk and got a cab NOT EVEN THINKING that it was 5 o'clock rush hour traffic on a Fri-YAY! We got to the airport at 8:30 needless to say in rough spirits. 

However, fast forward to just sleeping on the plane, reading Gone Girl, and waking in Oslo, Norway! HOLLA!!!! It was tough at first because we had NO idea what were doing, everything was in another language. We ended up walking around ALOT but found our way through the metro system to our airbnb host. Y'all, this. apartment. It's like a dream. It's a family renting out a bedroom, and it's like a modern day oasis. Pictures don't do it justice.

See THIS LINK if you wanna check it out (and side note on the budget Europe trip-this stay was $44 for the night)

I'll go through our day quickly because I just want to hit the highlights! 

  • Norwegian Cafe for sandwiches and coffee 
  • Met Airbnb host and road around in his car back to his home
  • Went to get pizza at a local pizza shop
    • She told us the weather was awful and we thought it was fine. It did turn out to be INCREDIBLY cold and windy. We ended up stopping at an H&M we saw for cheap sweaters haha! On the plus side, I got a sweater for $4.50. Like what?
  • Vigelsparken Sculpture Park
  • Walked to the water (that was LONG)
  • Drinks on the water front and walked into little shops 
  • Dinner at Peppes Pizza (but we didn't get pizza again haha) 
  • Back to airbnb host home and talked with them for a long while 
  • Out for drinks in downtown Oslo

We are JET LAGGED to say the least. We have been up for 40 hours and are going to be going to bed VERY soon!!! I wanted to share some fun facts about Norway too if you've never been

  • They are all tall, blonde and beautiful as you imagine. 
  • They are the SWEETEST, and kinda shy people. 
  • Norwegian dollars are called "NOK" or "krona" and the conversion rate is 7.67 kro for a dollar. So they will say things such as "Your check is 260" and you gasp. That's actually $37 for dinner. 
  • Oslo, Norway is known to be the most expensive city in the world. Recently their coin became worth less and the dollar has strengthened so therefore just this summer the conversion was 5 kro. We calculated this to save us $100 for just one day. 
  • They have a 25% tax on almost everything. That also adds to the expense. 
  • They don't "salt" the sidewalks so therefore there is gravel on every single place you walk. It makes it hurt to walk after awhile.
  • You ALWAY take your shoes off at the door. 
  • It's MUCH MUCH quieter and smaller than NYC (of course) but is considered the "city" which is kinda cute. It's very peaceful for us. 
  • We are 6 hours ahead of y'all so it's 6pm there and 12am here. 

On that note, I think that's it for today! GOODNIGHT! 

With love and travel, 


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