How to: Improve your Instagram Newsfeed

Hi, my name is Katie, and I like quality images. 

I know this is a weird topic but honestly I think it's important (or at least it is to me). 

It sounds awful but I've kinda "had enough" and I won't go into those details but I just can't take some of the images I was seeing every day. So, I had to start weeding them out. I went on a cleanse a few weeks back and deleted many accounts and every time I see one on my newsfeed that I don't enjoy, I unfollow. I don't mean this to be mean. I just simply want to follow creative, well done, good intention pages. Wanna know why pinterest was such a successful hit when it came out? WONDERFUL IMAGES. These were images that were created by really talented bloggers. Pinterest was created basically to give bloggers more exposure. There are so many ACTUALLY talented people out there in all aspects of things that you enjoy and I just really encourage everyone to clean up their feed as it can bring such joy (or maybe I'm just weird because I've been really excited about this post). 

Here's how I do this: 


When you look at their name, and you can't even place who they are or what their "genre" is, defollow. I'm going to sound so hateful and mean, but I'm just trying to be real with ya. ;) If you look at their name, and think EW then defollow. You don't need negativity in your heart popping up on your newsfeed. BYE FELICIA. 


Here are some examples: 

  • Do you like reading? 
  • Do you like Jesus? 
  • Do you like interior design? 
  • Fitness? This can be broken down further:
    • Healthy lifestyle (more blogger well done images)
    • Foodies
    • Runners/Triathletes
      • These pages are ENTIRELY different than the next bullet point.
    • Fitfam?
      • would probably put myself in this category and I'm trying to honestly change to healthy lifestyle but it's very hard to switch your audience. People want to see selfies. If I put up well done images, my followers aren't interested. If I put up selfies and ab pictures, BOOM! Haha. You have to know your audience. I don't bore them with my real life anymore-they simply just don't care.
      • This includes harsh images non photoshopped, mostly selfies, gym workouts, and iPhone pictures of food 
    • Nudity eh? I'm putting this under fitness because that's what they like to call it.
  • Photography?
    • Portraits
    • Nature
  • Organization? 
  • Outdoors?
    • Skiing
    • Hiking
    • Mountaineering
    • Bouldering/Rock Climbing
  • Lifestyle Bloggers?
Paul is a really great example of a foodie! He takes time and attention that he puts into his pictures. The recipes are healthy and great however the photography of his images are what appeals to me and makes me want to follow him. 

Paul is a really great example of a foodie! He takes time and attention that he puts into his pictures. The recipes are healthy and great however the photography of his images are what appeals to me and makes me want to follow him. 


I used to be like "Man, I love this page but how do I find more like it?" The only time this method wouldn't work is if you are following me because I have way too many interests. But the gold mine is if you go to that person and look at who they are following. This will show you many more pages that are very similar.

Normally, the runners will be running in their main picture. The fitfam will have a competition shot. The small business owners will have a logo like mine. Outdoor people will have mountains. You will quickly learn and so you know not to even click on pages to know if you want to follow them or not. When I click on a page, I know immediately if I want to follow them. If their images are wonderful (and I really aim for wonderful), then I follow. If they aren't, I don't. It's that simple. I normally want to follow each page for a specific reason which is why I also know that people don't want to see a lot of my real life. 

If I click on a page that's meant to be interior design and I see like iPhone bad lighting photos of their dog like five times on my first impression, I'm not going to follow them. Again, I feel I must reiterate that I'm not being mean, I just want my newsfeed to be a continual pinterest board basically. That's just me, and you may be different and that's cool too. The exception to this rule is lifestyle bloggers that I follow. I follow them because I want to follow their life therefore I want to see their child, dog, plants, etc. Haha! 

Everyone has a different "theme" to their page and I like following pages with a well stated theme. I like a page that's organized for what their topic is. If they have bright white images, I love a page that has all bright white.

Absolutely love this page!! She is an interior designer based out of NYC and her images are just immaculate. 

Absolutely love this page!! She is an interior designer based out of NYC and her images are just immaculate. 


I actually search out quality pages. I really love interior design (not that I'm good at it by any means but I love looking at it and dreaming how I will one day deck my house out when really I'll never spend the kind of money it takes but that's beside the point here). I go to pinterest and my board that I have saved for my future home. I click on the blog that's attached to the images. I find their social media sites and I click on the instagram link and I follow from there.

This is one that I just found today. You know that it's legit just by looking at this. She has almost 200K on instagram. You know her page at least has something that appeals to a big group! 


I actually find this to be the least successful. I never find good quality pages this way because everyone hashtags and there aren't like specific hashtags that people use that can narrow a search down. So, a fitness blogger from NYC might tag NYC but so would some random person visiting so that's hard to shift through. 

Lastly, I wanted to share some pages with you that have quality images for you to follow as I know it can be hard to get started. I'll break them down into categories so that you know if you would be interested. I may come back and edit this list later because there's no way this will be all inclusive. Wanna know something that I think is a shame? The fact that people hate shoutouts. I get that it can be annoying if its all dumb shoutouts but if someone truly deserves it and has an interesting page, then I wanna know about it. It's a shame that it becomes so hated on. So, I'm going to shoutout many pages. 

Healthy Lifestyle

  • nycpretty
  • sweatstretcheat
  • leangirlsclub
  • evannclingan
  • corinanielsen (she's kinda fitfam but her images are too good for that so she will go in this category)
  • giantinheels

Fitfam (these are actually good pages)

  • vmfitness
  • ladyfit
  • jai_fitness
  • jessi_jean_fitness
  • gymgirljessie
  • kiracrush
  • therippedbarbie
  • torilifts
  • passion2befit
  • megmo7
  • alexajeanfitness
  • leanna_carr
  • dallasrae

Foodies/Food Bloggers 

  • Sprouted Kitchen
  • KinFolk 
  • wholelivinglauren
  • skinnykitchen
  • neuroticmommy
  • Sammybfit
  • runningonveggies (runner also)
  • cookeatlift
  • chocolatecoveredkatie

Interior Design 

  • sarahdorseydesigns
  • houseofjadeinteriors
  • janabekdesign
  • fashionablehostess
  • hugsandpunches (she is an all around blogger but she has some awesome home ideas)

Small Business

  • emilyley
  • valmariepaper
  • twinkletwinkleliljar

Christian/Lifestyle Bloggers (not the same but I'm grouping them together)

  • Hugsandpunches
  • emilyley
  • taza
  • laracasey
  • girlmeetslife (just found her and she's such an awesome NYC blogger to follow)
  • sarajanecase (She was my wedding photographer but she's incredibly inspiring and empowering)
  • jessigreenny
  • coralncognacs
  • thetaleofanuglyhouse
  • bowsandsequins

Outdoors (I have this new obsession with nature and these pages make my heart come alive with the mountains and snow)

  • roundtheworldgirl
  • correyrichproductions
  • contagiousoutdoorsporting (this one is cool because they tag all of the people in their images so you are able to find more amazing pages)
  • jboggs32


  • sarcasminspandex
  • jennammchugh
  • angigreene
  • runtrimom
  • runnersgonnarun
  • nycrunningmama
  • ahappypace
  • heatherrosescott
  • heather_runs74
  • mileposts
  • irongirlnadia (this girl has ran 120 marathons and is 30 years old I believe #unreal)
  • run_far
  • run_emz
  • babfitrunlift
  • theathletarian
  • fitandfaithfullc
  • happytrigirl
  • ironmomkim

I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!!! 

With love and instagram, 



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