Maintaining During Traveling

I think that in the health and fitness world, people view traveling with two mindsets: 

  • I must try to count macros as best as possible 
  • I'm going all out and who cares what I gain? 

I take a different approach. Honestly, in my every day life, I try to live a healthy lifestyle in the most "normal" way as possible. Because I know that this is a lifestyle for me, so I think that we put too much pressure on ourselves on what to do in that very moment and not at the big picture. We get wrapped up in "what if I gain five pounds this trip?" when I think that if we just thought about it less, we probably would do better. That's my approach. I don't think about it. So, I'm trying to make this a blog, but at the end of the day, I think that's the best advice I can give you. I've been able to master this thing called mind over matter. Whatever it is that you have to do, all you have to do is show up, and execute. Execution for this being food. My goal for everyone I work with is to find this place of peace. 

On trips, I eat when I'm hungry. I stop when I'm full. I know this is harder said than done which is why I'm writing a blog on it. Yes, there may be fries on the plate. I don't finish them. It may be lunch time and I'm not hungry because we had apple crumble and coffee so I eat at 2 instead.

Now, I'm a macro counter and I've done it longer enough that I know the nutrition in foods. Many times such as desserts and what not, I'm like "ehhh I have no idea" or the cultural food that I'm eating, I could care less and just want to enjoy. However, I know the balanced intake that I need to get. For example, we were in the airport and starving waiting on our layover. We had no food and wanted to just get something cheap. I got one of those wrapped up sandwiches from the convenient store type place (ha). I looked at the nutrition and it had like 30g fat which is a lot but it didn't have much carb comparatively, so the way that I deal with that is that I don't add chips with my meal as they are high fat. I add pretzels!!! Pretzels are fat free. 

When we went to get dessert pancakes for breakfast, I had a salad for lunch. I know my limitations. I know how to get balance without having to track every meticulous morsel and without any deprivation. And I FEEEEL good doing this. After I ate those pancakes. I had absolutely no desire to go out and have some big meal with french fries or something. That would make me feel miserable. A salad was perfect. 

Another tip would be just knowing what you have planned for the day. If I knew that Tanner and I were going to have a big dinner like we did in Amsterdam for tradition, I had a quest bar for breakfast (which keeps me full for like 10 minutes lol). We brought 2 boxes of cliff bars and 2 boxes of quest bars with us for back up! (This was only so we didn't get hungry-not to be "prepped" to count macros because I don't mean it rude but I just think that's crazy talk).

I feel as if I'm rambling because at the end of the day, the answer is this: Your body gives you more signals than you could ever give it credit for. When we are children, we don't think about these things. The inability to listen is developed through environment not nature. If you simply never thought about it, you would most likely remain the same. 

Lastly, I always like to think worst case scenario. Let's say that for 10 days, I was forced to eat complete crap with no choice. At the end of that 10 days, I had gained 10 pounds. Well, I'm still Katie. My husband still loves me. My family still loves me. My God is still faithful and well, it just doesn't matter. I know I'll jump right back into the fit life and be perfectly fine.

Love on that sweet soul of yours and don't be afraid to walk away for a minute. Your body will thank you. 

With love and peaceful eating, 


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