I get this question a lot, and I think that it's hard to put into words, but I'm going to try. I think that unfortunately, we are all born with a certain "gumption" and we all have predispositions to be one way or the other. I was predisposed to be the energizer bunny.

I also think that it helps that my parents put me in sports from a really young age (like 3 years old), I always played 3 sports in high school so I was busy year round, and if I wasn't busy about sports then I was at youth group, playing an instrument or hanging out with friends. I've been engrained to "go go go." I know that some would be like "blah blah that's not good for you" but I've had too many memories to count and I am SO INFINITELY grateful for the life that my parents sacrificed to give me. I just can't even explain how much it means to me the sacrifices my mom made financially and time to allow me to do all that I did. So, here's my thanks mom plug ;) 

But, nevertheless, when you leave for college you have to figure these things out on your own and so I had to come into my own and find my own motivation. So, that's what I want to share with you. 


Everytime you join one of those pyramid companies, they are like "Find your why!" and I giggle. They all say that though because it WORKS. When you have a reason that you are doing something (your "why") that you have formulated into thought, written it down and are acting upon that, it helps you to stay motivated. There is something about actually putting it to paper.


If you want to change your body because you just feel like you need to lose weight, I think that it typically ends in a lot of anxiety and failures. If you find a reason separate from that such as that you want to be able to play with your children more, you want to live a more healthy fulfilled life, you want to FEEL better, you want to surprise your husband when he comes home from deployment or whatever it may be. Find those external reasons that motivate you based on people that you love, and I promise it helps. 

This is my morning to do and my evening to do and it's been life changing for me at least. It's silly but it's the little things that I end up piling up and then spending hours doing. If I just tidy up every single night then it's so much easier to manage. And yes, I have to remind myself to brush my dang teeth! My mind is way too clogged sometimes! HAHA


This ALWAYS works for me. I have a continuous stream of events that I plan on signing up for. I have half marathons, marathons, sprint tris, half ironmans all planned for the following year. It may not happen, and life always happens but it will make you train. I'm in the midst of a move right now, and life is seriously so insane coming back from our trip, managing all my clients, finding a new place to live and packing up our house can feel overwhelming and if I wasn't signed up for things, even me, I would probably let training fall to the side. However, I know I have an ultra on April 25th and a half marathon Sunday so there's no excuses. I need to show up everyday so I'm ready for these.


Everyone is different which is why I put either or. I've actually come to learn that I need to stop overcommitting and maybe actually under shoot. People always say they want to run to relieve stress, but I'm the opposite, I want to get things done that I need to do and not focus on training. However, there are others that perform better under pressure and need that motivation of business to get their butts moving!


This is so huge. I have learned that half of the reason that I will always remain active now is I have this huge solid community of fit friends. I have people also that look up to me to be their inspiration so I certainly can't let them down. I really encourage you to find a running group or lifting group in your community. Join a crossfit gym even if it's expensive because you will meet people. Take classes if that helps you to be more social. All of these interactions are going to be people that hold you accountable. It's a game changer

407 active members! This group rocks!

407 active members! This group rocks!


In anything that you are trying to do, the first few weeks are always the hardest then you start getting a habit or a groove going and then it just becomes natural. You've GOT to fight for that. There's no other way around it. Yes it's hard. Yes it may suck but it WILL be worth it for whatever you are trying to accomplish. Once you get thru the first few weeks, results and habits will push you through. 

With love and motivation, 


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