Goodbye Sybil Ludington 50K :(

This is not a post I ever want to write. I hope to never write a post like this again. I promise you, come hell or high water, this type of post will not happen again. 

However, we are not going to continue training for the ultra. *INSERT EXTREMELY SAD FACE*

But you thought today's post was supposed to be about hydration. I'll get to it, but this was weighing on my heart so I wanted to explain why. insane. And injuries.....are abundant. 

To be quite honest, it just always seems silly. We over here in the Ringley household like to complicate and add in as much to our lives as possible. We have realized the beauty of simplicity. Life is not all about how successful can you be. I'm not trying to die by age 45 because I'm so stressed out, or worse.... grey hairs (kidding). 

I will's Tanner's fault! hahahah jk jk jk! 

But, I will admit that I'm struggling because I want a race to train for. When we decided to not do the ultra, I immediately started looking up marathons. But the truth is, we aren't sure where we are going to be in the next few months and I just need to take this time to continue weight training and preparing for my first half ironman that I'm going to do in October. (prelim training will start May 17th)

The reasons we are not: 

1. Tanner herniated a disc a few years ago. Just recently, he felt a pop in his back. We thought it was the same injury. IT'S NOT! However, we are not playing any games because it seriously put him out and we don't want that. 

2. We are moving. This means SO MUCH WORK. Training for an ultra is a part time job, and trying to add a full time job plus training plus moving gets really intensely stressful. 

3. I think I have runners knee. It has gotten much better and I don't have much pain from my half, but the more I run, the worse it gets. I just probably need to rest it. 

4. We are so behind schedule now. After our vacation and then Tanner tweeking his back, he hasn't trained in 2 weeks. An ultra is serious business. We don't need to be stupid about it. Someone could get hurt. 

I wanted to still do it to be honest. I probably would but it would break Tanner's heart. This was a both of us or none of us thing. So, it's going to be a none of us thing. 

I really really wanted this for us, but now is just not the time. I hope to convince Tanner to do something like this with me again, although I'm not sure if I will be able to. Haha! We were talking today how training for an event like this or ironmans, you need stability. You need to live in a home with a regular routine and regular gym hours and regular work hours. He works 330-1130 every day, we live in the exhausting city of NYC making it extremely difficult to train (no trails whatsoever), and we are moving so everything is just all over the place. 

So, this is my blog to say, The Ringley's are chillin for a bit. Stay tuned for regular programmed entertainment of extreme athletic events. 

I'm gonna go wallow now. 


With love and {sometimes things happen},


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