NYC Half Marathon Recap

Normally, I would think that a recap wouldn't be that eventful. This one was a different story.

I have a lot to tell about this half marathon. First and foremost, I ran one day while we were in Europe. I simply say that to show others that honestly, training is wonderful. If you are diligent with training though, it's okay to take a few days off (even a week) and you'll still be okay. You can still run your races. Life is going to happen, so you just gotta roll with the punches. 

The race start time was 7:30, and you were supposed to get there at least 30 minutes early in Central Park. I live in Battery Park on the opposite end of the island so that meant I had to wake up at 5am to be able to get fueled and make it there on time. There were TONS of people going so I had no fear of getting lost (HA!) and I was able to just follow the crowd. We were all searched which I think is great after what happened in Boston. 

I was like RIGHT on time. When I got in line, it was like 10 more minutes until we started running which is how I like it. While you stand there, all you do is get cold and your feet turn to rocks and it's boring and you're nervous so yea. haha! 

I had put my finishing time as 1:35 which was a JOKE to me. I knew I could never finish that fast, however I felt dumb because I was in line with people who could go that fast so I at least wanted to keep up in the beginning. My first mile was 7min 2 seconds. I was like WAIT WHAT? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! 

I have mapmyrun on my phone so it tells me each split time. Each mile, I was shocked. I never really think about my pace too awful much during a race. I just go! I was like doing a partial jog/sprint and I just knew I was gonna die by mile 10. HA! I knew I was going too fast, but I was just going to see how long I could keep it up. 

The first loop was central park. Tanner and I have run this loop many times on our long runs, and it sucked just as much this time too! HAHA! It's LOADED with hills, but I just focused on those around me and keeping up with them as I knew they probably knew more about what they were doing. The competitor in me could not be left in the dust! HAHA! {{Funny story-I totally read a book by it's cover. This lady like had no shirt on, and I knew she was serious. Only serious runners can not wear shirts in 40 degree weather, so I kept up with her! HAHA!}}

WOOHOO! Times Square running! Haha!! We passed Carnegie Deli and this was Walgreens that I worked at 3 years ago!

WOOHOO! Times Square running! Haha!! We passed Carnegie Deli and this was Walgreens that I worked at 3 years ago!

Mile 6-7 was in Times Square after exiting the park. This was the best part. The energy was INSANE!!! All the lights and all the people! I just couldn't stop smiling and I took a lot of videos that were just terrible so I deleted them. Haha! This is the single reason you should try to do this run because of that mile! SO COOL! I was snapping pictures and not having a care in the world and my split was 6:50! I was so shocked, but excited too obviously. I knew it was gonna get bad past 10 (it did haha). 

I would say it wasn't awful until mile 11. Remember, I'm in training for an ultra. I should be able to easily run 13 miles and I could have, but not at this speed. My body started to crash. I was so jacked up that I hadn't even taken a gu and I took it at that point. I knew it was too late! HAHA! It's so crazy how awful 2 miles can feel. The worst part is when you are not on course. I ALWAYS run the long route, so my GPS on my phone was showing that I was 0.5 mile ahead of what I actually was on the course which for time, is really really frustrating. 

We started through the Holland Tunnel which was fun, and then when we got to the other side, my GPS said "13.1 miles" and gave me my pace so I just took my phone out and stopped the GPS so I could get a real picture of what my half time was even though I wasn't at the finish. I wanted to know my true speed. 

That's not my official time though. My official time was 1:38. I know everyone is like "but that's awesome too" and I get that but it took my average pace from 7:05 to 7:30 and no matter your speed, if your average pace is decreased by 25 seconds per mile based on the fact that you ran 14 miles versus the routed 13.1 then it just stinks a little. OH WELL!!!!! I'm so proud of myself nevertheless!!!!! I'm competitive, what can I say? HAHA! 

When I hit the finish line, I really thought I might pass out. My legs were completely numb (like tingling) and I had this wave of nausea hit me and you know when you can't see, and you think "oh lord, I'm about to go." This has never happened to me before, and it should have been a sign of my day to come (which was miserable). My friends came to watch me which was absolutely so exciting for me. It seriously meant so much but they had to fight crowds to get down to me so I waited there for about 20 minutes on them to get there. They had made signs-so so cute!!!

I had this little thing called DEHYDRATION! I had drank a lot the day before, but obviously not enough and I hadn't supplemented electrolytes. I know some people may think this is stupid but honestly, I run these distances and don't do this stuff. I thought I would be fine. But normally, I don't run them at 7min miles so that was the difference. If you have never experienced severe dehydration, I wouldn't recommend it. Your gut wants water and starts to pull from everywhere. It feels like you have taken 10 laxatives. It hurts so so bad. So of course, this made me not want to eat. I wanted to go out to TJMaxx so we left, and while we were there it kept getting worse and worse. I didn't know what to do because I was out already and I was afraid to leave in fear I was going to pass out. My speech started slurring and we realized I was experiencing serious blood sugar plummeting and had to get food fast!! We got home and I got a banana in me, and like IMMEDIATELY felt better. My stomach was still in so much pain but I forced down a chocolate muffin. 

The rest of the day was terrible pain and nausea and blood diarrhea. I have learned my lesson!!! FUEL AND HYDRATION ARE SO VERY IMPORTANT AND CAN'T BE FORGOTTEN!!! 

Back to the half though, it was an incredible experience. Every race I do leaves this imprinted memory with me forever. I love it!! I officially love racing and I can't wait to do more and more!!! There is absolutely nothing like crossing that finish line! If you can get into this half, DO IT!! It's one of the best! 

With love and half marathons, 


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