Simplifying Life

So, I'm pretty sure I'm like the poster child of fitting too much into my life. I tend to want to fill every day to the max and if I have a free day then I end up finding things to fill it from 5am-10pm. I honestly actually wonder how people rest because like how do people have time to work full time and get all the chores done. And it never fails, when things wind down, something else winds back up. For example, we just finished doing my taxes (which was really hard as it was my first time doing this), and now we are moving from our apartment. This seems to always happen.

While we were on our trip across Europe, we saw our relaxed everyone is. It's so different than NYC. When in the city, everyone is in such a rush every single second of every day. It's not that I notice this when I'm here. I don't even see it. However, when I leave, I see how much slower they move. When I go to North Carolina, I feel as if I could like go run some errands before the cashier even finishes my transaction it feels so slow. 

I recognized that my mind was CONSTANTLY so clogged that I didn't even know what it felt like to clear my mind. I just got done with pharmacy school, so of course I felt as if things would calm down. Well, then I started a business. I think any small business owner can relate to the fact that your mind NEVER shuts off.

I feel as if I'm complaining or typing failures in myself which maybe I'm doing, but I just wanted to tell you what I have planned to change. This is not tips that I'm trying to say I have figured out but just simply thoughts I'm having and what I plan to do.


Twenty minutes is seriously no time at all, but it makes such a difference to just zen out with your family. We just sit on the couch with no TV and do nothing and just talk to one another and play with the dogs.


I always plan on doing this, but I have made serious efforts towards it now. I have a list of things that I do in the morning and in the evening so that all of these little tasks get done daily and this way I don't end up spending Sunday afternoons that should be relaxing, just working on chores. This one basically means to get out of my head, and start focusing more on what's going on around me. I want to pay attention to details in my life such as little notes for my husband, care packages for my family, hand written letters to friends, and that sort of thing. These are the things that truly matter in life.


There is always a time and a place to say YES to an activity. This is also a way that I mentioned previously to keep motivated and it works! However, I have a long long life to live, and plenty of time to do really fun things. I don't have to do them all in the year that I graduate pharmacy school. I do want to do a half ironman in October but I'm not signing up for ANYTHING for at least 2 months (that's big for me). 


I think the best way to relax for me is to really take the focus off what I can accomplish and how much I can plug into other people. I really plan on putting the most focus on friendships for the next few months. I really want to invest in PEOPLE not my accomplishments.


I know that this seems like something else that I have signed up for but it actually is really good for me. These classes are not difficult and I'm not going to sign up for the difficult ones. It forces me to go to places that the fitness level is not super high, and therefore I can relax into workouts and just enjoy movement. I think it's going to be a BLAST to try barre, pilates, yoga of all kinds, boxing, cycling, dance lessons and boot camps! I'm thrilled to be doing this! And most of all, FRIENDSHIPS! I tend to always say "I workout alone" but this forces me out of my comfort zone and allows me to spend time with friends during fun workouts.


I haven't had to put up one yet, but I have a set mark that I will stop accepting clients. I want to be there 100% for the clients that I do have, and I never want to over extend myself. I want to be able to start new programs, and start an apparel line and I can't do any of that stuff if I'm just constantly in my email accepting new clients. I think it's really good for my mental health to step back from the hustle and bustle of building my business fast and just slowly do things in the right way, respectfully and actually put serious thought and attention to detail on graphic design as well. 

Just writing this makes my heart so happy. I want to watch TV (shocker I know), and I want to maybe even take a nap once every 6 months. I seriously don't think I have taken a nap since I've been born (this is a joke but really-I'm 100 mph every day all day). I'm excited to relax. I hope you'll take this challenge with me.

With love and the simple life, 


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