Oslo Day 2 and Overnight Train

It always takes you one day to get warmed up in a place, and that's just about the amount of time we have in one place so this trip is all about figuring things out. It's been a HUGE learning curve as the last time I've even been to Europe was in 10th grade, and I was following adults blindly. 

Oslo was absolutely amazing the second day. You probably saw from facebook that we rode the metro to the very top (our airbnb host told us there was a cute restaurant at the top and boy was he right). We made our way through the snow. 


We visited Holmenkollen which is the ski jump used in the Olympics. It was surreal, and HUGE but we couldn't appreciate it fully because the visibility was awful in the blizzard they were having. It was so fun to see everyone cross country skiing and all the little kids on these fast sleds they have going down these crazy snowy hills. Even though we haven't been far, I'd say this trip to the top of the mountain will be one of my favorites! 


By the time we finished all of this it was time to go back and pack up to leave Oslo. We headed to the train station an hour early as we weren't sure what to expect. It was super easy though so we ended up reading and ate Burger King for dinner! haha! (we're so american)

Our train left at 6, and we headed to 10. These trains are never late like they would be in the US! SO STINKIN NICE! We got to Sweden (Goltberg) at 10 and left 11:40. We got to Halmstead at 12:55 in the morning. SPOILER ALERT: We ride trains at night to save money. Turns out, there is no where to sleep at the train station. HAHAA! We ended up begging a hotel manager to just let us camp out in their lobby for like 3 hours until the train station opened. We thought about asking for the continental breakfast when we left. Jk jk! Ohhhh the memories! We rode Halmstead to Kopenhaven (Copenhagen) this morning 5am-730am. We just got to our next airbnb hosts apartment where we will spend the day here. The snow flakes are the biggest I've ever seen, and we plan on having danishes in about 5 solid minutes. 

Things to Note:

  • We have a 4 country Eurail pass (Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany). That doesn't include Sweden. They tell you that you need to buy a ticket for those intermittent trains. We thought we would try NOT to do that as they are super expensive. They still let us ride ;) 
  • The conversion rate in Sweden (SEKs) to USD is 8.34. The conversion rate in Denmark is 5. From the very short moments we have been in Copenhagen, it seems to be cheaper. 
  • Our adapter is very finicky. It doesn't always want to work so that makes charging things tricky. It also doesn't have the three prong outlet so blogging may stop soon if I can't charge my computer :( :( 
  • People don't speak English as much here. The language is German. 

WHY AREN'T WE TAUGHT OTHER LANGUAGES IN SCHOOL? Every other nation is taught English. Uhhh so frustrating. We are determined for our kids to be bilingual. 

Until next time! The internet here is not the best, so I'll put up lots of pictures on these blogs later. If they aren't showing up, sorry about that. I just wanted to blog each day for like 5-10minutes!

With love and Denmark,

Katie & Tanner

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