Long Time No Blog


Do I even blog? What is blogging? Am I even a blogger? 

I'm kidding but I really hate taking almost a full week off. It like stunts my topic generator that I constantly have flowing through my mind, it makes me feel really disconnected from you wonderful people, and every day I'm like "I should blog. I should blog." 

To explain why I haven't, I'll give two reasons: 

1 ) I found some "haters" last week. Yes, I know that you shouldn't let things get to you. I KNOW THIS. I know "haters going to hate". I know "if they are hating then you've made it." But, I also know that when Sandra Bullock decided to google herself one day, she spent the entire day crying, so I know I'm not alone in that you just can't help it. So, I wanted to hide. I also know that I'm not doing anything wrong, so I'm going to just keep trying to do what I'm doing and ignore it!

2 ) I'm moving so it's crazy town in NYC! For right now, we are going to be moving in with a friend in midtown. The apartment that we are hoping to get (we just applied) has super beautiful views and is really nice so I'm really excited about that. They also have a free gym. HOLLER.

LIKE IS THIS REAL LIFE? I just can't believe it sometimes.

LIKE IS THIS REAL LIFE? I just can't believe it sometimes.

Some fun news of things in the works: 

I'm going to be starting my apparel line Embrace and Empower. This is an old video post about starting this back in October when I wanted to start this and it's finally kicking off. I have a huge vision of many different items to be apart of this but just wanting to embrace women of every shape, size, color, religion and generation empowering them to feel beautiful. This is a semi previous (but not really because these are images that I created myself so they will probably look very different but I will release the final tank when available. My logo will also be in the lower right corner and the color is going to be old gold with a 91polyester/9cotton bella flowy racerback tank. They will be on sale soon!

Lastly, I have joined classpass. If you aren't familiar with class pass, it's wonderful but only offered in big cities. You get unlimited access to any class that is offered throughout the city. This week I have tried more fitness endeavors than ever before. I have done spin, yoga, hot yoga, power yoga, worlds toughest trainer, drill body fitness, personal gym time, and barre. I'm hoping to take pilates and some dance classes next week. I absolutely love it, so check it out if you have one in your city. It's such a fun way to get moving! I'm going to be doing a post on this specifically and how I felt about each individual workout soon and how I think it can benefit you depending on your goals! :) 

I promise not to be gone so long from now on! I hope you guys are having a wonderful week! 

With love, 


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