12 Healthy Foods That are Making You...More Healthy

I don't think that anyone can tell you how good healthy eating can feel until you experience it yourself. 

I don't think anyone can tell you how good hydration feels until you do it yourself. 

I was sparked to write this because of the post this morning by "Eat This Not That" about the 12 Foods That Are Making You Fat. When I saw the title, I pretty much knew what foods would be in it, but I just really didn't like the title. It seems so negative, and just mean further perpetuating societies views that body image and body fat percentage is so important. It was shared by Shape Magazine, and I found that disheartening as a front runner and leader in the health and fitness industry that they would condone such an article. I don't mean to be controversial, but let's just go there, shall we?

As you all know, I'm a macronutrient counter so you might even be curious why I have an opinion for this. Macro counting gets a bad rep because you allow yourself to eat fun foods in moderation all within your numbers. This can lead people to believe that all we eat is crap. This is so far from the truth, but I will admit to being one that will pick bread versus fruit for a carb. I would rather eat a doughnut versus fruit with coconut oil.

The more and more time that goes on, the more I see the fallacy in this. Health is not about how much your body fat percentage is. Health is about taking care of yourself which means eating nutrient dense foods. I want to eat fruit. I want to have smoothies. I want to have every color of the rainbow and I want to give that to my kids too. I want to grow a garden, and have fresh foods every single day. I think this is so important, and many of the disease states that the general population struggles with could be helped with whole nutritious foods. I think that many times if the physicians would focus more on nutrition then there would be less medications. I know that for a fact. I feel like as a future mom I don't want to be pumping "sugar free chemical loaded" substances in my body while my little girl watches. That just shows that the importance lies within the calorie and not the nutrition. 


Knowledge is power. You need to realize that bacon and avocado both have fat and granola and bread both have carbs and sugar. In terms of weight loss, they will be processed and metabolized in relatively the same way (there are differences and I'm not stating they are the same), but in terms of diet and weight loss, it's important to know that you shouldn't restrict food groups and feel free to eat these other items freely. In fact, I eat bacon and bread quite often (sometimes daily if I have them on hand). This may be able to sustain the same weight and adipose tissue but it's important to remember all of your other organs that may be suffering from the lack of the foods that are "making you fat". There are so many vitamins and minerals that we become deficit in because we are so scared to eat them. Big magazines like this are further perpetuating this fear. It even calls protein bars "ab killers". Well, I'd like to refute that charge as I eat one every day. JUST. SAYIN. 

I want to challenge each one of my readers to change one meal this week no matter the caloric intake to be from the ground!! Some side effects I have personally recognized when I fill my nutrition with processed, artificial foods (all within my caloric goal) are:

  • lethargy 
  • constipation 
  • dehydration 
  • hunger constantly 
  • severe headaches 
  • bloat 

I know that other people feel this on a day to day basis, and they ignore it for the sake of being able to eat terrible foods. I find that very ..... interesting. Take care of yourself. You would FEEL so much better.

Yes, avocados and nuts have a calorically dense intake as per mentioned by the article. That's because they are FATS and fats have more calories per gram. That's the same case for any fat, but you still need fat and these (and coconut oil) are among the best you can feed your body.

I understand their point of the article and that is to let you know that flavored greek yogurt actually has TONS of sugar, and so does dried fruit. They are trying to spread truth, but these foods also provide good nutrition and to simply tell your audience that it's making them "fat" is entirely the wrong approach. Maybe it's me, maybe it's just the title, or maybe it's just that we are a calorie skinny driven society but either way, I wanted to express my opinion. 

With love and nutrition, 


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