So, the place in Amsterdam is the coolest modern day hostel I've ever witnessed (and this guy is trying to extend this into other countries) but it's called CityHub and he has everything we could ever need including an adapter for me to be able to plug in my mac and write this blog! :) The adapter that we had didn't match my three prong charger for my mac! BOO! 

Plus, the place that we stayed in Copenhagen was a sweet mom who didn't have the best internet so it was impossible to keep up! Copenhagen was so different than Oslo, so I wanted to update on that!

Copenhagen is known for this street I'm standing on (if you google it, this street comes up). There are restaurants and colorful buildings out on the water. It was COLD! And if you can't tell, my adapter also doesn't work with my straightener therefore Tanner loves the braid so I do the braid! haha! He says he wants to break my straightener so I always braid it. ;) 

Back to travels! :)... 

When we got to Copenhagen, we took showers and went out and about. We ended up as usual at first in cities walking SO MUCH! We just don't know their public transit at first and end up wandering a lot, but we ended up seeing so many beautiful buildings. Unfortunately, Copenhagen has Monday's off so almost everything was closed. Europeans don't work near as much as Americans which GOOD FOR THEM!! But, the castle we went to visit was not open! 

We ended up going to St Peters Bakery which is famous and oh my goodness, so worth it! DELICIOUS! We just basically explored then as we are doing now in Amsterdam, we can't keep going with no sleep so we come back midday before dinner to take naps. After our nap, we met our host and she told us all the local spots, so we hit up Doner Kabobs on our street (for only $5 each! SCORE!). We then headed out to the bars and had some drinks and played pool. We never do this kind of thing so this time together is so special. We just can't stop talking about our future together, building our lives together, building our family together, building a house together. We are just so excited living life together. 

Copenhagen is absolutely picturesque. It's much bigger (or feels that way) than Oslo.

The second day we went to the district where apparently there is hippy life everywhere. Apparently, drugs are openly sold on the streets and it's a crazy part of town. We didn't exactly see all that much craziness however we did stumble upon a church where we climbed to the top for only $5 and were able to have a view of the entire city. It was the SCARIEST location we have ever been. It looked SO unsteady up there, and it had a sign saying that we enter at our own risk, and that we did. We both decided we don't love heights too much! haha!

Before lunch, we decided we had a little extra time so we wanted to hit the gym at least one time while we were gone. It was about halfway through so we googled a gym, and found one! We ended up staying for almost two hours and just did an all body workout. We are currently training for an ultra (and have not run one day). The problem is this: Tanner is not going to run it without me, and I have bad runner's knee. I'm not one to complain so I'm not going to go into details, but I'm just going to do my best. We don't know if the ultra is going to happen and I may have to get an X-Ray when we return because it's pretty severe (and y'all know how much I hate that...I can't even think about it because it makes me so upset). Okay, enough about that but just so you know where we are at in training. 

Lifting session at Fitness World in Copenhagen!

Lifting session at Fitness World in Copenhagen!

We got the same wraps again for lunch. We actually bought four of them because we have been so starved on this trip! Hahaha! Europeans eat SO little!! And we are only eating 3 times per day because we eat out every meal so we feel like we are just forking out so much money. So, we load up when we find a deal! hahaha! At around 3, we headed for the train station for our LONGGGGG trek to Amsterdam (17 hours). 

We rode Copenhagen to Hamburg with a layover in Hamburg for 2 hours. Hamburg led us to Duisburg. We were in Duisburg from 2:30am - 7:30am. We had no heat for that entire time, so of course we couldn't sleep and just bundled in the back of a croissant shop. :( It was a pretty miserable night, however we did it together and we will never forget it. 

I know we sound INSANELY cheap. It's not like that because we do airbnb so our night stays are only like $40-60. It's about more than that. It's about wanting to go through the night so we can experience more of Europe in fewer days, and we both believe in being tough through some things to experience things. So, we manned up and endured. HA! I won't ever forget it. McDonalds breakfast soothed all the wounds though at 7am. #hashbrowns 

He gave me his coat as more of a blanket for me, and his toboggan for me to double up on my head. And this was the maybe 5 minutes he slept! haha! 

He gave me his coat as more of a blanket for me, and his toboggan for me to double up on my head. And this was the maybe 5 minutes he slept! haha! 

I will do a separate post about Amsterdam, but we are here now and Tanner is napping. I'm going to join him now! 

With love and traveling all over Europe, 

Katie & Tanner

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