Berlin and Trip Recap

You know those times that you do what you say you’re going to do and then you do them and you’re super excited about it? That’s how I feel about blogging while I was gone on this trip. I didn’t want it to take much time, which it didn’t, but I wanted to keep up. I am excited that I can look back at those posts forever now.

And to wrap it up, I’ll finish up with Berlin. We are actually currently sitting in Oslo airport right now, and I’m going to tell my current emotion:

  • I’m not traveling again for the next 5 years
  • Why do you have free Internet that has full signal on my phone that doesn’t work?

I’m so so very grateful for this trip but wowaweewa I’m ready to return home. This trip has taught me so much, but this trip also was traveling across five countries and traveling is never pain free. You always want it to go smoothly but the reality is that it never ever does.

By the time we got to Berlin, we were completely exhausted. I know this sounds like this is just going to be Complainer Blog 101, but it’s not. I’m just being real about our experiences. Some things to note like I did in the other countires:

  • Berlin is a MASSIVE CITY! The subway map is really confusing, no English, and you should honestly study it before you go. Of course we didn’t, and our airbnb host in Berlin wasn’t the best so we were kinda like “uhhhh hope we make it” but we eventually did.
  • Not many people speak English at all, and they seem to get really mad if you don’t know any of German. Like……really mad. I was so shocked as we were in touristy areas.
  • The alcohol is cheap so that’s nice and different than anywhere else.
  • Conversion Rate for Euros is better than it’s ever been. 1USD=1.28 Euros

We got really lucky this trip as it seems that all the countries that we went to had lost value on their coins and the dollar has finally strengthened, so therefore things were “cheaper” than they would have been. We don’t eat out much at all (like ever) and we had to eat out at least 3-4 times per day so we were a little shell shocked at how much money we were forking out, so the beauty of Germany was that we found a really cheap grocery store. At least that helped for 2 days of the trip! Haha!

Berlin reminded me the most of Italy and Greece because of all of the structures and buildings. There is so much history in Berlin. We set out to explore. Tanner wanted a brat immediately upon arrival so we grabbed that as well. Some highlights that we visited were:

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Fassenbender & Rausch Chocolate Shop 
    • All the famous buildings made out of chocolate is what impressed me the most!
  • Jewish Memorial
  • Berliner Fernsehturm (tall spire aka tv tower)
  • Parliament Building
  • French Church of Berlin (Gendarmenmarkt)
  • Berliner dom
  • Walked down the river Spree

When we looked on the map for our airbnb host, we were like “oh man that’s close.” Hahaha! NOT! Berlin is so massive that it just looked close, but it really wasn’t. It took us about an hour and a half from the center city. We thought the subway system was free for the first day, so we were just riding everywhere until we talked to someone who said that it was not in fact and that if they do random searches, we would have been fined. OOPS! Haha!

The place we stayed reminded me of what Brooklyn is to NYC. It’s right outside of the city, but the apartment was massive (and very old) probably because it was further out.

I had Tanner give me history lessons as we were walking. We talked about the Holocaust, and we talked about the history of the Berlin Wall. It’s cool to see where so much has happened, and be there standing in person. Also, every single place we went, the hosts had what we like to call "Burrito Blankets" for each one of us. Maybe this is a European thing we don't know about, but apparently it's a thing.

I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunities that I’ve been able to do in the past 10 days. I will possibly never do a trip like this ever again (who knows?) but now I can say that I’ve seen so much of the world. We were able to really spend so much time together with no distractions and really talk about how we want to mold the coming months and years of our lives based off lessons that we learned from culture, travel, and time alone. We had many days of travel with hours upon hours of just train rides, and so we talked a lot. We realize that as much as we love experiencing so much of the world, we love the simplicity of just enjoying one another and family which we can do in North Carolina so I think we will park our butts for a while.

We also really missed training and routine. I guess that’s why I have a fitness blog right? Haha! We were not able to workout much at all, and we weren’t able to eat much at all. We aren’t that cheap I promise, but food was SO so expensive (and 3 meals per day was enough). I would say we both lost at least 5lbs this week. HA! I plan to get all that back this week!

We have talked so much about our plans for training in the next month. We are so excited to finish up ultra training (ultra is April 25th and we probably won’t be “ready” but we will make it there and we will finish I’m sure haha). I think I have runner’s knee which is one of the reasons that we rested. I have no idea how it’s going to act in the coming weeks but my plan is mostly to just ignore it. You’ll probably read that sentence and think I’m crazy but yo, I paid for a race and I really don’t wanna bail out.

I feel like I’m in this weird universe right now and have come back to home a new person. A cultured new person. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

With love and world travels,


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