Triathlon Hybrid Training

This week has been a bit different than normal, so it makes it hard to stay in rhythm and routine.  I am in fact STILL in North Carolina (full discloser blog post coming soon so stay tuned) but I'll be going back to NYC this coming Tuesday or Wednesday is what I'm hoping and planning. During this week, I called the printing company and had them ship the tank tops to my mom's house so that I could get those out to you guys. I sold out within the first 24 hours, so that was exciting and then I just ordered more of course. ;)

I'm planning on doing the Beach to Battleship Half Ironman in October. This is in Wilmington, and I'm really excited about it. I think that tris are going to be something that I really love, but this is a no joke type of race, and I tend to get lazy even with marathon training thinking that I can skip certain runs and still be fine. This is going to be completely different, and I'm mapping out every single day. I have realized in the course of being into fitness that having a plan for me is definitely what I need. I'm so bad about not making one, and just planning out at the beginning of the week what I think I might do that week. I never write this down, I never even really discuss it with people. I never really do actual workout runs anymore. I'm just running for mileage. This is going to stop MONDAY! I'm training for a purpose and I want to prepare in that way. I'm going to walk you guys through each week and give updates as I go along once I begin my true training which will begin May 17!

The plan that I'm doing is only a 16 week plan so technically this is not until June 24th, but I don't swim and bike AT ALL so I want to ease into building a base with an 6 week Base Building Plan. I have bought a Kindle book called "IronFit Secrets for Half Iron Distance" and I'm hoping that this will teach me a lot as it had some great reviews on Amazon. A "competitive" triathlete will train for an average of 12.5 hours per week so let the fun begin. I won't tell you the hours of the "just finish" because that's not really my style. I want to do well if I'm going to do something. In the beginning, honestly there's not much to it. This means that I need to get my butt ready to rock and roll this coming Monday. 

I'll be honest and say that I wish I could give you an exact plan of what the next 22 weeks were going to look like, but I don't know. I am actually aiming to run a marathon on July 11th, and I want to maintain muscle so I'm going to be working out a lot. I enjoy it so that sounds like fun times to me. I'm aiming to just have one overall arm day and one leg day and these may only last 30-45 min. It's going to be tough with everything that I do, but I'm willing during this time period to sacrifice so that I can do this as it's always been a dream of mine. Normally, the first that you do in something it takes the most time then you figure out your groove and how you can do it without sacrificing as much. 

I'll tell you how I plan to do my next week, and then we will go from there? I'll come back each week with these updates. I'm going on a short bike ride here momentarily

SUNDAY-Long Run (10 MILES)

MONDAY- 3000 meter swim 

  • I'm going to have to find my groove here as well. There are many different workouts to be done in the pool, so I'll be pulling from different sources and will let you know what I end up doing.

TUESDAY-Run 6 miles tempo, Arms

WEDNESDAY-1000 meter swim, 45 min bike, 2 mile run 

Thursday-60 minutes on the bike , Short Leg Day

  • I have no idea my speed on a bike so we will just have to see and I'll probably do this on a  trainer to start 

Friday-Run 8 miles followed by 1500 meter swim


Sunday-LONG RUN (12 MILES)

This plan may not work, and I'm going to reference Alex Viada's new book The Hybrid Athlete for most of my training splits. This is NOT from his, so I really might modify as I know he's taken years and tons of research to perfect the hybrid training method. I hope you guys enjoy following along, and I hope to have this more organized and outlined in the soon future. I know I have a LARGEEEE learning curve, so I apologize to those that are not newbies and know better ways! :) 

With love and half ironmans,


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