Building a Booty

Hey guys! I'm not going to lie. I'm blissfully busy but unbelievably busy and that's why the blog posts have been a bit sporadic. I basically spend all day every day helping clients and then I started the apparel line. Okay, enough excuses but just so you know I still love blogging with all of my little heart and soul but I'm already working like 10 hours+ a day! SHEESH! 

This blog post is really out of character for me but I really wanted to clear the air because I feel that there is A LOT of confusion on getting that booty lift that we all want. 

It's totally obtainable for everyone, but it's going to take a lot of work. However, that's like trying to grow your biceps overnight. It's not going to happen. You have to be super duper patient. I can remember taking a picture of my quads the first day I was lifting and thinking "this will be my before" and now it is! But I have been lifting 2 years to get where I am today. Your glutes are a muscle, and they are also fat. Fat distribution is going to be different for every person. Some people get wider hips when they gain weight. When I gain weight, it actually goes to my glutes. Most women gain it in their thighs and in their stomachs (great right?) 

Either way, the glutes are a muscle that you are going to have to develop. Even worse than biceps or quads, they are actually REALLY hard to target. Muscle mind connection for glutes is probably one of the most critical. Just simply doing the exercises can end up working your hip flexors or your quads or your hamstrings, and if you are doing glutes then you need to focus on the actual side glute muscle as you are doing them. 

The reason that I'm writing this blog article is not to tell you what you already know about glute workouts but rather to defend a common myth...running will give you a pancake booty. I'm sharing this picture to defend running and that is the only reason. This picture was taken in the middle of marathon training after 4 months of training and running a minimum of 30 miles per week with a peak of 50 miles per week.

The reason that there are pictures of girls while running and they have a pancake booty is that.... THEY HAD A PANCAKE BOOTY BEFORE! They were genetically born with a flat butt and then they started running. Running didn't cause that. Running is NOT going to build your booty and that's not the claim that I'm trying to make (unless you are very diligent in doing spring work) but running is going to vaporize it either. I keep going back to the bicep but it's a good example. When you started running, did you expect your bicep to grow? NO! Many people utilize running for the wrong reasons. It's a sport. It's not meant to shape and define your muscles. Your muscles are in fact going to be worked, and slowly over time you will build shape but that's what the gym and weights are for. If you are runner, GET IN THE GYM! If you are in the gym, don't be afraid to run! And not just aesthetic purposes, but because they both are a great compliment to one another!

The before and after picture is the difference between running only with ZERO nutritional knowledge and then the right is lifting and running and dieting. The second picture was taken when I was only averaging about 10-15 miles per week so it was nothing heavy by any means, but I was still in fact running. I haven't really ever stopped completely, but when I was competing I did lay off a little. The left even has a slight delt on the left arm and I have no idea why unless my beach body insanity worked my arms enough to give me that because I didn't lift haha! 

My point is this: If you want to be a runner, and you feel that you want a butt more then don't feel like you can't have your CAKE and eat it too. Oh my gosh, that's so perfect and I just made it up! For those that may not know young people lingo. Cake = booty HAHA! If you are a runner and refuse to lift, then yes you are going to remain the same but if you properly fuel your body and you get in the gym with a leg and glute day every single week then slowly over time you are going to build that muscle group.

Squats are the cliche exercise to build the glutes when in fact, they really work your quads a lot, unless you are going full range of motion which most people are not going butt to feet. To target your butt, focus on pushing through your heels as you sit complete back. Some key exercises that target the glutes are: 

  • Glute Kickbacks (you can do this with weights or you can do this with bands) 
  • Abductor Machine (If you don't sit completely down in the seat and leave your knees at 90 degrees instead of 135 and put the weight up super high, you will feel a KILLER burn in your glutes) 
  • Sumo Squats 
  • Lunges
  • Bulgarian Split Squat

If you add these in (heavy heavy) every single solitary week of training then slowly over time, your glute muscle will develop that shape that you are looking for! Nothing worth having ever came easy, so get in there and work that BOOTAYYYY! 

With love and glutes, 


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